Who Is Ana de Armas’ Brother Javier Caso: Full Bio

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    Ana de Armas’s brother Javier Caso is a photographer. Caso made headlines in 2020 when he was interrogated by Cuban police due to his opposition to Decree 349. Secret Service agents questioned him and suspected him of being an American agent.

    So today we will find out all about Javier Caso’s activism background, parents, relationship, and professional background.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Javier was born and raised in Havana.
    • He is a New York-based photographer.
    • He is the older brother of renowned Spanish actress Ana de Armas. His nickname is Tato. 
    • The photographer is of Spanish descent from his mother’s side. He uses his mother’s surname, Caso.
    • Javier’s mom’s name is Ana Caso and his dad’s name was Ramon de Armas, a teacher
    • In addition to his profession as a photographer, he is also involved in political activism. 
    • Talking about his relationship, he is single. 

    Who Is Javier Caso?

    Javier is a freelance photographer, sound recordist, and artist. Since 2015 he has shown his work in galleries. His debut show was in Studio 8 Gallery in Havana, Cuba.

    As a sound recordist, he has experience in all kinds of productions for film and television.

    Javier Caso during his work.
    Javier at the film set on September 23, 2021, at Zen Space.

    His work has been featured in festivals like Sundance, Tribeca Film Festivals, Human Rights Watch Film Festivals, and BAMcinemaFest.

    He is an Award-winning Photographer

    The photographer had natural artistic and creative skills from a young age. His photographs have been featured in different exhibitions and campaigns throughout North America.

    He received the Portrait of Humanity shortlist award in 2019. The project was a partnership between Magnum Photos and the British Journal of Photography.

    Caso is an ardent Political Activist

    Caso balances his profession with political activism, criticizing the situation in Cuba through his Facebook account and appealing for freedom for all Cuban artists.

    Javier involved in political Activism.
    Javier(right) holding the freedom for political prisoners in Cuba banner.

    He shows his involvement by spreading messages that call for freedom and demand an end to violence and repression. Javier is an active opponent of the regime in his country.

    He Went on a Hunger Strike In 2021

    The photographer went on a hunger strike to support Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara in May 2021. Thousands of his countrymen joined Caso in supporting him during his strike. He ended his strike four days later.

    Ana’s hermano prefers expressing himself through creative actions and social media rather than speaking to the media or interviewing.

    Javier Caso Bio: Details on his Parents

    The celebrity sibling was born in 1985, in Havana, Cuba, as the oldest and the only son between Ana Caso and Ramon de Armas. He alongside his sister Ana spent his early childhood in Santa Cruz del Norte.

    Caso’s dad was a bank manager, school principal, teacher, and the town’s deputy mayor. He studied philosophy at a Soviet University. Ana worked at the Cuban Ministry of Education in the Human Resources Department of Cuba.

    Javier Caso with Parents and sister
    Top right Javier’s sister Ana and father Ramon and down his mother Ana and sister pictured together.

    His dad passed away due to prostate cancer in his 60s. While he was fighting cancer Javier and his sister paid for his treatment. Because of his parents’ support, Javier has led a successful career.

    Javier Caso Nationality

    Javier holds Cuban nationality and belongs to the Spanish descent from his mother’s side. His maternal grandparents were Cuban migrants from Spain.

    Javier’s Childhood With His Sister

    Javier and his sibling Ana de Armas grew up in the small town of Santa Cruz del Norte. The brother and sister struggled throughout their childhood.

    They had to limit their meals, didn’t have much money, and went without fuel or electricity. Ana used to wear shorts made out of her brother’s old pants that she had cut due to her family’s financial condition.

    Javier and Ana's childhood picture.
    Javier and Ana pictured in front of cake during their childhood.

    Despite the fact siblings have struggled a lot at a young age that struggle led them on the path of success. Javier and Ana are leading a happy life today as their hard work has paid off.

    Ana is now a well-known actress and has received many awards for her performance. In fact, she even received an Oscar nomination for her role in the movie, Blonde (2022).

    How is the relationship between Ana and Javier now?

    Whenever Javier is in the US, he is often visiting his sister. What’s more, both of them are frequently spotted together going on walks or shopping or sometimes dining out.

    Moreover, Javier and Ana have an adorable white dog, Elvis. The brother and sister were spotted with their white dog Elvis on a walk through Los Angeles’ Venice neighborhood in 2020.

    Javier and Anna were spotted during their morning walk.
    Javier and Ana wearing a mask while taking a morning stroll with their dog.

    Caso was dressed casually in a navy blue T-shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers. On the other hand, Ana was dressed short-sleeved sack dress with diamond-shaped gold designs.

    Who Is Javier Caso Dating?

    Javier is not dating anyone. Going through his social media profile, we can see that he only shares about activism and helping others out. Not once have we seen him give a glimpse of his dating life. Apart from his sister, he hasn’t shared pictures of any girls on his social media.

    Nevertheless, we cannot judge if he is really single just based on his Facebook or Instagram account. Maybe the photographer is dating secretly and doesn’t want the world to know about it, who knows?

    Whatever the case may be, we hope Ana welcomes her future sister-in-law with open arms.

    Javier Caso’s Net Worth

    Javier has an estimated net worth of $1 million. His main income source is his career as a photographer and an artist.

    Although he makes a good living from his work and skills, the specifics of his income have not been disclosed.

    Meanwhile, his sister Ana has a huge overall wealth of $6 million.

    Cuban Special Police interrogated Javier over Decree 349

    In January 2020, when he was at the Cuban airport to board a flight to the US, Caso was called by Cuban police for interrogation. It was due to his connections to independent artist Lynn Cruz who is subject to government surveillance for their opposition to Decree 349.

    The police officer enquired about his interactions with Lynn and whether or not they were co-workers. He was warned not to help the Spanish artist Cruz financially by going to her exhibitions and sharing some of her art on his social media.

    Also, he was also questioned about his interactions with the director Miguel Diaz-Canel. When all was said and done, the police officers cautioned him against hanging out with Lynn and her husband, Miguel, as doing so would put him at risk of becoming engaged in a crime against his country.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Javier Caso
    Birth Place Havana, Cuba
    Birthday 1985
    Age 39 years
    Nationality Cuban
    Ethnicity Cuban-Spanish
    Father Ramon de Armas
    Mother Ana Caso
    Siblings Ana de Armas (Sister)
    Profession Photographer, Sound Recordist and Artist
    Net Worth $1 million
    Height 5 feet 9 inches
    Weight 65-70kg
    Eye Color Light Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Relationship Status Single