Ana Caso: Details About Ana de Armas Mother

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    Since Ana de Armas became famous a lot of people are curious about her parents including her mom, Ana Caso. The celebrity mother used to work for the Ministry of Education in Cuba. Besides that, Caso was married to Ramon de Armas until his death. 

    If children became well-known as a celebrity it is normal for parents to get attention from fans. Similarly, because of Ana’s much recognization in Hollywood, her mom has also been caught in the media’s limelight.

    Here today we are going to reveal many intimate details of Ana De Armas’ mom Ana Caso.

    Key Takeaways

    • Ana Caso comes from a Spanish background. Her parents migrated from northern Spain to Cuba.
    • She celebrates her birthday in January. 
    • Throughout her professional career, she majorly worked for the Human Resource Department in Cuba. 
    • She married Bank Manager, Ramon de Armas and they are proud parents of two children, Ana and Javier. 
    • Ana’s spouse passed in 2021 due to Cancer. 
    • Her daughter Ana De Armas is an award-winning actress.

    Ana Caso’s Bio: Her Early Life and Ancestry

    Ana was born to Adolfo Caso Perez and Maruja Alvarez in Cuba. Her father met Caso’s mother Maruja for the first time while visiting Guardo, a municipality in Spain. Maruja used to work as a fishmonger in this Palencia town.

    The couple married on January 16, 1954, in the church of San Juan de, Guardo. The wedding on its own was quite weird as Adolf was not present and instead, a man named Adolfo Perez Gonzalez served as a proxy groom.

    Ana's dad Adolfo and her daughter.
    Adolfo with his granddaughter Ana de Armas.

    Maruja emigrated to Cuba to be with her spouse as soon as they were married. She arrived by boat and found that her hubby was there to meet her along with music, journalists, flowers, and a large crowd of people.

    What is Ana Caso’s Nationality?

    Ana’s parents migrated from north of Spain to Cuba so she holds Cuban and Spanish nationality. Her dad was a descendant of Valverde de la Sierra.

    Ana de Armas’ Mother Worked in a Cuban Ministry

    Ana worked in the Human Resource sector in the Caribbean country’s Ministry of Education. According to her daughter, she has always dedicated herself to human resources.

    As she worked in the HR department Ana was in charge of the organized and effective management & administration of the Ministry. She worked in the department for several years.

    de Armas and Ana taking selfie.
    Ana de Armas and her mom pictured together in Havana, Cuba in 2017.

    In addition to her career, she also looked after her children’s well-being. She made sure her children get proper education and facilities.

    Ana Caso Married Life: Who was her husband?

    For several decades, Ana was married to Ramon de Armas. They both enjoyed each other company as a husband and wife. According to rumors, Ana and Ramon met during one of Ramon’s numerous jobs he held throughout his life.

    Nowadays, many people divorce from the smallest of setbacks, but Ana and her husband maintained a strong bond. They certainly are an inspiration for us all.

    Her Husband Died Due To Cancer

    Tragically, Ramon passed away due to prostate cancer in November 2021. He was in his 60s. Before his death, his kids and wife made sure he didn’t have any issues so they hired a private nurse for him and he received good care in his home.

    Ana's husband Ramon de Armas.
    Ramon posing for the picture sitting on the road in Cuba.

    His wife and children went through a difficult time after his demise. Now, the Armas family has moved on and they cherish all the beautiful moments they had together.

    Ana and Ramon Had Two Children

    They were a parent of two beautiful bundles of joy. The lovebirds became parents for the first time in 1985 when they welcomed their son Javier Caso. A couple of years on April 30, 1988, they became parents to a beautiful baby daughter Ana de Armas.

    While their son Javier is a photographer, artist, and sound recordist, their baby girl Ana is a renowned actress. Let’s talk about them one by one.

    Her daughter Ana de Armas is an Oscar-nominated actress

    Ana is a renowned Spanish-Cuban actress who started her career in 2006. She played a leading role in the Spanish romantic drama Una Rosa de Francia. After moving to Madrid, Spain she appeared in El Internado Francia drama for six seasons.

    Ana de Armas at Greece.
    Ana looked pretty in a black and white outfit holding the bag in her hand.

    What’s more, she is the first Cuban woman to receive a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress for the film Blonde.

    Her son Javier Caso was taken into custody by the Cuban Secret Police

    In 2020, while he was flying from Havana, Cuba to the US he was called by the secret police for interrogation due to his opposition to Decree 349. He was questioned by an agent who thought he might be an American agent.

    Besides, Javier is a New York-based photographer and also a freelance sound recordist.

    Ana Enjoys Spending Time with Her Daughter

    The mother-daughter duo often hangs out together. Back in 2023, they went for a quick getaway in Greece. They were photographed having a good time as Ana wore a black dress and her child was wearing a blue and white Louis Vuitton bathing suit.

    de Armas and her mom Ana Caso enjoying.
    Ana de Armas and Ana Caso enjoying their time in Greece.

    They frequently travel and have made a lot of memories together. Furthermore, the actress also shares pictures of her mother on her social media account.

    Ana de Armas’s Mom Watched Blonde Without Subtitles

    Ana who lives in Cuba was invited by her daughter to Venice to watch her 2020 film, Blonde. The film was based on the life of the late actress Marilyn Monroe. Though she doesn’t understand and speak English, she watched the entire film without subtitles.

    Her daughter stated that her mom understood everything and that there was nothing she had to explain to her.

    Ana Caso’s Net Worth

    Ana has an estimated net worth of $100,000. She has earned a decent sum of money from her previous work in the HR position at the Ministry of Education.

    Her daughter has a net worth of $6 million, whereas her son Javier earns his wealth from his profession as a photographer, artist, and sound recordist.

    Is Ana Caso On Instagram?

    Ana is active on Instagram with the username @casoana17. As of writing, she has 136 followers and 4 posts on her account.

    She made her first post on April 21, 2018. She hasn’t uploaded her picture and has just uploaded a picture of only nature-related pics on her account.


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    The last post was made on November 30, 2020, and since then she hasn’t uploaded anything to her account.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Ana Caso
    Popular Name Ana Caso
    Birth Place Cuba
    Birthday January
    Nationality Spanish
    Ethnicity Cuban-Spanish
    Father Adolfo Caso
    Mother Maruja Alvarez
    Profession Human Resource Manager
    Net Worth $100,000
    Height 5 feet
    Weight 3 inch
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color Black
    Marital Status Single
    Spouse Ramon de Armaas (deceased)
    Children Ana de Armas (Daughter) and Javier Caso (Son)