Is Phyllis Diller’s Daughter Sally Diller Still Alive? Where’s She?

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    Sally Diller lives a life away from mainstream media and has gone AWOL for a long time. Her brother Perry has also no pictures or anything of the sort of his sister. Sally is known to the world as the daughter of Phyllis Diller, a marvelous comedian. 

    This article is everything you need to know about the celebrity child who now profusely lives her own secretive life. 

    Sally Diller; Living a Life away from Mainstream Media

    She was born in November 1944 to Phyliss Diller and Sherwood Anderson Diller. She has been a private person ever since, so much so that people do not know anything about her life. Her siblings and her family are the only things that are known about her.

    She has four siblings Peter, Suzanne, Stephanie, and Perry out of which two are no more in this world. Diller is not even present on social media and is not even seen on her brother Perry’s Facebook. She has succeeded in keeping her life away from every part so lives a secluded life.

     Phyllis Diller was the Mother of Sally Diller

    American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, singer, and visual artist Phyllis Ada Diller is most remembered for her outrageous stage presence, self-deprecating humor, crazy hair and wardrobe, and loud, cackling laughter.

    Sally Diller's mother Phyllis carrying a chicken
    Sally Diller’s mother was a renowned comedian who was loved by many.

    Diller was one of the first American women comedians to achieve widespread recognition. In addition to that, Diller starred in over 40 motion pictures, her first being Splendor in the Grass (1961). She had several appearances and appeared in a lot of television shows.

    Following that, Phyllis even had a brief sitcom and variety show of her own. She starred in eleven seasons of The Bold and the Beautiful, as well as Night Gallery, The Muppet Show, The Love Boat, Cybill, and Boston Legal. Her voice acting credits include Thelma Griffin in Family Guy, Granny Neutron in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the Monster’s Wife in Mad Monster Party, and the Queen in A Bug’s Life.

    Sally Diller’s Dad Helped Her Mother Reach The Height of Her Career: Their Love Story 

    Sherwood Anderson was the man she met and later married. Together, they started a family that eventually consisted of five children. In the early 1950s, Ms. Diller decided to work as an advertising copywriter for a local newspaper to augment her husband’s inconsistent income when they were living in northern California.

    She turned out to be an expert. After that, she got a job writing content for a radio station, and Sherwood and her coworkers kept pushing her to take her humor to the stage.

    Following her participation in several sketches in a small-scale production, Ms. Diller (37 at the time) decided to pursue solo employment in the nightclub scene. She began her two-week engagement as a stand-in at San Francisco’s Purple Onion on March 7, 1955.

    The two were not a forever dream, they had divorced in 1965 just after Phyllis left Los Angeles.

    Sally’s mother went through two divorce 

    Actor Warde Donovan, whom Phyllis wed on October 7, 1965, was her second husband. Three months later, she filed for divorce after learning that he was an alcoholic and bisexual. Nevertheless, they got back together the day before the divorce was set to go into effect. In 1975, she filed for divorce, however.

    She was in a relationship with Robert P. Hastings from 1985 up until his death in 1996. She referred to him as the love of her life in an interview from 2000, noting that he respected her independence.

    Sally Diller’s Mother Phyllis Died In 2012

    As Diller approached her 80th birthday in 1997, she started to experience several health issues. Her heart stopped while she was in the hospital in 1999.

    After receiving a pacemaker, she experienced a severe medication side effect that left her immobile. She was able to regain her ability to walk with physical therapy. As she became closer to 90 years old, Diller stopped performing stand-up comedy.

    Sally Diller's mother when she was young
    Phyllis Diller is said to have passed away with a smile on her face

    She broke her back and had to postpone her 90th birthday celebration appearance on The Tonight Show. As part of a panel of comedians, Diller gave her farewell interview on May 15, 2012, after earning the “Lifetime Achievement” award from her hometown of Lima, Ohio.

    On August 20, 2012, Diller passed away from heart failure in the early hours of the morning in her Brentwood neighborhood home in Los Angeles. She was 95 years old. Her ashes were dispersed over the sea after her cremation.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Sally Diller
    Birth Place USA
    Birthday November 1944
    Age 79 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Father Sherwood Anderson Diller
    Mother Phyllis Diller
    Siblings Peter, Suzanne, Stephanie, Perry
    Net Worth $250,000