Ana de Armas’ Father Ramón de Armas and His Bio

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    Renowned Spanish-Cuban actress Ana de Armas’s father Ramón de Armas had a series of jobs who used to work as a bank manager, teacher, and more. With his dedication to his career, his daughter has also placed a high value on her career.

    Ana de gained huge recognition following her work on the Spanish teen drama thriller El Internado. Further, the actress was also nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the biopic Blonde (2022).

    As soon as Armas emerged as one of the leading actresses in the industry, it is obvious that many people started becoming curious to know about her parents, especially her father Ramón

    Key Takeaways:

    • Ramón de Armas is a citizen of Cuba.
    • He studied at Soviet University.
    • He had a successful married life with his wife Ana Caso.
    • Armas was diagnosed with prostate cancer and died at 66.

    Ramón de Armas Was a Cuban

    Ramón was actually from Havana, Cuba, and held Cuban nationality. After the birth of her daughter, Armas moved to Santa Cruz del Norte for work along with his wife Ana.

    For his studies, the celebrity dad went to Russia and studied philosophy at a Soviet University.

    Ramón de Had Multiple Jobs

    As mentioned, Ramón de was a multi-job holder who worked as a bank manager, deputy mayor of his town Havana, teacher, and school principal. During his professional career, Armas made significant contributions in different fields.

    In every position in the working field, Ana de’s father worked with full dedication.

    Ramon with his daughter during her childhood days.
    Ramón’s daughter Ana de wished him a happy Father’s Day through her Instagram account.

    Also, his perseverance and determination for the job served as an inspiration to many people including his son and daughter who has established themselves as renowned personality.

    Who Was Ramón de Armas Married To?

    Ramón married Ana Caso who worked at the human resource department at the Cuban Ministry of Education. The former couple had a son named Javier Caso and a daughter named Ana de Armas.

    Needless to say, the husband and wife shared a strong bond and were supportive of each other. Since their marriage, Ramón’s wife was there in all his highs and lows. Besides their immense love, they both had huge respect for each other’s profession so the couple could have spent their married life happily.

    Surprisingly enough, Ana was there to look after her hubby till his last breath.

    Ramón And His Wife Ana Were Proud Parents of Two Children

    The former duo was parents to two kids; a daughter Ana de Armas and a son Javier Caso. Interestingly, both of their children were named after their mother Ana Caso; their daughter Ana shared her mother’s first name while Javier has his mom’s last name.

    Ramon's daughter and son were named after their mother Ana Caso.
    Ramón’s daughter Ana during her Oscar 2023 and his son captured a picture during his hunger strike.

    Besides, both of their children are well-established in their careers. While their daughter Ana de is a renowned actress with multiple movies and TV credits, their son Javier is a New York-based photographer.

    He Was a Supportive Father

    Despite having a number of jobs, Ramón always made sure to be present for the success of his kids’ professional careers. Ana de who is proud of her Cuban descent made the decision to leave the country for a better opportunity at 18. She merely had 200 euros in her pocket.

    She later recalled her father and mother’s immense support while leaving her country for Hollywood,

    “So before I even turned 18, I told my parents that [moving abroad] was going to happen.”

    The actress further said of her parents,

    “They’ve been so supportive, I was lucky. But it was me going into the unknown. I was just like, ‘This is what I’m going to do with my life.’ I put myself in their shoes and realize now what they were thinking, and how terrifying it must have been.”

    Ramón Once Met American Actor Robert De Niro

    The renowned Hollywood actor Robert De Niro once surprised Ramón with his surprise visit to work. As De Niro is close to his daughter, the actor told her that he will be visiting Cuba and will meet her family.

    The Cuban-born actress recalled,

    “He told me, ‘I may be going to Cuba soon. If I do, I’ll say hello to your family”

    Armas who shared the screen with De Niro on her first movie Hands of Stone (2016) further stated that he “even asked me for their phone number.”

    Ramon met actor Robert de Niro.
    Ramón got a chance to meet Robert because of his daughter.

    As soon as the actor met Ana de’s family, her dad called her and said ‘Robert De Niro just came to visit me at work.’

    What Happened To Ramón de Armas? His Cause of Death

    Ramón died in November 2021 in his 60s due to prostate cancer. For his better treatment, his wife and kids even hired a nurse at home to look after him. Sadly enough, their effort couldn’t be successful after his untimely passing.

    During his demise, his son Javier wasn’t able to attend his funeral as he was out of the States.

    His Net Worth

    Ramón had an estimated net worth of $100,000. His main source of income was from his career as a bank manager and teacher. On the other hand, his daughter Ana de has a successful career with a net worth of $6 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Ramón de Armas
    Birth Place Cuba
    Death November 2021
    Death Cause Prostate Cancer
    Nationality Cuban
    Ethnicity Mixed
    College Soviet University
    Profession Bank manager, teacher and deputy mayor
    Net Worth $100,000
    Height 5feet 8 inches
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color Light Brown
    Spouse Ana Caso
    Children Javier Caso(son) and Ana de Armas(daughter)