Is Derek Luh Dating A Girlfriend? Full Bio

September 28, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Derek Luh, a rising name in the Hollywood industry, has been stealing the hearts of many with his eccentric role of Jordan Li in Gen V. But stealing hearts isn’t comparable to having his own heart stolen.

    So, amidst his growing popularity, especially among female audiences, has the actor reserved his love for a girlfriend? Let’s talk about everything regarding the actor’s life, from his dating background to his unfortunate struggle with depression.

    Key Takeaways

    • Derek is not dating anyone as of 2024.
    • He was rumored to be in a relationship with singer Maggie Lindemann.
    • His father, Danny Luh, passed away in 2018.
    • Derek was first introduced to rap by his uncle.
    • He boasts a net worth of $1 million.
    • Derek almost lost his life to depression in 2016.

    Is Derek Luh Dating A Girlfriend? Rumors With Maggie Lindemann

    Derek is currently single and has been tight-lipped about anything regarding his personal life. That being said, there were rumors of the rapper being together with singer Maggie Lindemann in 2017.

    The rumors started when a fan posted a picture of the two in a Halloween costume, striking an intimate pose.

    Derek Luh and Maggie Lindemann in Halloween costumes.
    Derek and Maggie were rumored to be dating in 2017.

    However, the talks soon dwindled down with no follow-ups on the picture. Derek and Maggie also did not comment on the subject.

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    Derek Luh Grew Up in Santa Clarita, California

    The actor was born Derek James Luh on June 24, 1992, in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California. He grew up in a relatively happy family where his parents raised him with his sister, Delany Eva Luh.

    His mother has been in the sales ever since Derek remembers. On the other hand, his father, Daniel Yu-teh Luh, used to run a computer hardware manufacturing company called Cosmic Sales Inc.

    His Father Passed Away in 2018

    Derek’s father, Danny, passed away on January 11, 2018, “suddenly and unexpectedly” as per the GoFundMe set up for his memorial. His memorial service was held at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California.

    Derek Luh takes a picture with his father and his sister.
    Derek’s father died in 2018.

    He Has Six Races Mixed In His Blood

    Derek is of mixed ethnicity and has six known races in his blood. His father was a mix of Irish, Italian, and Chinese, while his mother is of Irish, Scottish, and Native American heritage.

    His First Rap Influence Was His Uncle

    Derek got his first taste of rap music through his uncle who used to be in a band, playing guitars and drums. He was the first one to introduce Derek to big rap names like Biggie, Jay-Z, Beasty Boy, and Eminem. His uncle was also the one who got him his very first album, “The Slim Shady LP” by Eminem.

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    Derek Started Tinkering With Music When He Was 16

    It was his junior year in high school when Derek bought a microphone and set up a computer with an MBOX interface as he began writing raps and songs at the age of 16. He experimented with pre-made beats on YouTube and just played around with music as a simple hobby.

    However, Derek never took it seriously until 2013, when he moved to LA and met a guy who saw potential in him. Soon enough, he found the opportunity to release his first song, “Blow It Out” with rapper-record producer, Dizzy Wright, in March 2014. The attention he got from that was enough to make Derek love music more.

    After that, he would go on to release six albums, his latest being “Socks And Slides EP,” released in 2020.

    Derek’s Net Worth

    Derek has a net worth of $1 million from his endeavors as an actor and rapper. On top of that, the actor also earns enough from his involvement in brand sponsors like Lacoste, Diesel, and Armani Exchange.

    His roles in TV shows like Gen V (2023), Shining Vale (2022), Runaways (2019), and All Rise (2021), have also brought him a sizable fortune. In the series Gen V he starred alongside upcoming stars like Chance Perdomo and Maddie Phillips.

    He Almost Ended His Own Life: Depression Played A Huge Part

    It was in 2016 that Derek found himself in a dark place mentally. He was depressed and often sought solace in smoking weed and drinking alcohol to escape his troubles.

    Derek talked about this side of his life in an interview on the YouTube channel, Sidewalk Talks.

    He was so mentally drained that the singer even thought of committing suicide at one point. Fortunately, he found the strength to climb out of that hole. In his song, “Here,” Derek shows his vulnerable side as he talks about the time he was struggling and the lyrics openly speak of his wanting to end his life at one point.

    “Should’ve died at 21, well I’m here…I was taught to never run. Mama, please wipe your tears get to see you another morning, “Son, I’m glad you’re still here.”

    His mother makes an appearance in the song with a call recording that has her spilling words of love for her son and her pride over the fact that he is overcoming his struggles.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Derek James Luh
    Popular Name Derek Luh
    Birth Place Valencia, Santa Clarita, California
    Birthday June 24, 1992
    Age 32 years
    Zodiac Cancer
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Daniel Yu-teh Luh
    Siblings Delany Eva Luh
    Profession Actor
    Net Worth $1 Million
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Relationship Status Single