Are Maddie Phillips’s Parents Still Alive? Her Family, Dating Life & Marriage Plans

September 27, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Ever wondered about Maddie Phillips‘s family? Like most of us, we’re sure she’s extremely close to her parents. But, because the Canadian actress hardly shares about them, it makes one wonder if her father and mother are alive. If yes, where are they today?

    Over and above that, has Maddie thought of expanding her family? As in, is she dating anyone that she would love to marry someday? Let’s take a peek below to find out about her family life and dating life together!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Maddie Phillips’s parents are living in Perth, Australia. They moved there when their daughter was 10 years old.
    • Her father is a businessman, while her mother is a homemaker.
    • She is the only child of her parents.
    • She is currently presumed single.
    • Fans previously shipped actor, Rory Sapes with her. Unfortunately, they never dated in person and only had good chemistry on-screen.
    • She does not have plans to marry to this date.

    Maddie’s Mom and Dad Reside In Perth, Australia

    The parents of the Ghost Wars star are alive, healthy, and currently settled in Australia. When Phillips was 10 years old, her folks decided it was time to move to a different country. They chose the city of Perth in the Land Down Under.

    Furthermore, we’ve heard that Maddie’s mother is from Australia. In fact, many members from the maternal side of her family, including her grandparents, uncles, and aunts are from Perth. Given this fact, her father is presumed to be a Canadian national.

    Having said that, we do think her mom and dad are still living in Australia. As of 2024, they’ve settled down in the country for almost 2 decades.

    Mr. & Mrs. Phillips Had A Well-Settled Life In Canada Before They Moved Away

    Long before her parents lived in Australia, they lived in Canada. They had a lovely home in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is also the place where Phillips was born.

    Talking more about them, their daughter, Madeline Rachel Phillips hardly talks about her family. Due to this reason, even their names are unknown. However, we do know that Mr. Phillips is a businessman while Mrs. Phillips is a homemaker.

    Additionally, we also believe that they got married around the 1990s. Since their actress daughter was born on 6th September 1994, this even seems like a likely possibility.

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    Did Phillips’s Parents Have Other Children Besides Her?

    We do not think that the actress from Undercover Cheerleader has any siblings. Due to her staying quiet on this topic, it is rumored that Maddie Phillips is the single child of her parents.

    Maddie and her Gen V co-star Chance Perdomo are the same when it comes to not talking about their private life.

    In 2020, Maddie Phillips got her first lead role in a Netflix show
    Phillips is one of the twin sisters, of Sterling Wesley in “Teenage Bounty Hunters”

    Besides, she moved to Australia to be closer to half the side of her family. This means she was not always alone. Madeline must have had many cousins with whom she shares many childhood memories.

    What Is Up With Maddie Phillips’s Dating Life?

    In 2023, the Netflix star is enjoying her single life. Phillips seems to enjoy a lot of silence when it comes to her love life.


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    Moreover, unlike celebrities who flaunt their boyfriend or girlfriend on social media, Maddie likes to lay low. If you take a look at her Instagram, you’ll find only two posts available; neither hinting at her having a boyfriend. From this, it is pretty obvious that she is not dating anyone.

    On the other hand, the secrecy can also fuel suspicion. Perhaps, Maddie is in an affair but does not want to share it with her fans just yet. Or even, her partner might not love the attention.

    Either way, it is her personal life. And thus, it seems pointless to have our noses in her business.

    Summerland Actors Speculated To Be Together; Madeline & Rory Saper

    On-screen romance leading to an off-screen relationship is nothing new to the showbiz fanatics. In some cases, the co-stars even get married in real life. However, is this also the case with Maddie and her colleague, Rory Saper?

    Maddie was rumored to be dating her co-actor, Rory Saper
    The “Summerland” co-stars – they have an amazing on-screen chemistry

    The two stars appeared together in the 2020 comedy/drama, Summerland. In the film, Phillips plays the role of Stacey, while Saper is Oliver. People who’ve watched it will know well that they showcase great chemistry on the screen. But, as sad as it is, they have never dated each other in real life.

    On the contrary, people want to believe otherwise. Since Rory recently posted a picture of her on his Instagram, many of their fans are adamant about believing that the two stars are together.


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    Alas, sorry to burst your bubble. The co-actors only share a good bond of friendship and nothing more.

    Maddie Phillips Is Very Busy To Have Marriage Plans

    The 29-year-old got her big break not so long ago. She landed her first-ever lead role in the Netflix show, Teenage Bounty Hunters in 2020. Since then, Maddie has been fully focusing on her work.

    To further add, she has not made wedding plans just yet. In addition to her staying busy with work, Madeline is believed to be in her “staying single” era. Currently, the actress does not seem to have any guy who she likes enough to commit.

    That being said, we believe tying the knot for Madeline Phillips can wait.