Who Is Maggie Lindemann Boyfriend In 2023? List Of All Her Relationships & Sexuality

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    Maggie Lindemann is an American singer-songwriter famous for her single Pretty Girl. Not only for her singing, but Maggie also came into the news for sharing raunchy pictures on her social media. The beautiful Dallas, Texas, native is someone who everyone wants to date so questions regarding her current relationship status are often in the news.

    Maggie famously dated fellow social media star and PRETTYMUCH star Brandon Arreaga. But as of now, the pair is not in a relationship anymore. So what caused their breakup? Since separating from Brandon, who is Maggie Lindemann’s Boyfriend in 2023?

    Here today let’s talk all about the singer’s past relationships and sexuality.

    Who is Maggie Lindemann’s Boyfriend in 2023?

    We are sure many of you are still not over the shock that our favorite pair Maggie and Brandon are no longer together. But fret not guys as currently Maggie is in a new relationship and seems like you will also like the current guy she is with.

    So currently, Maggie is in a relationship with NBA star Jordan Clarkson. The duo is dating since the summer of 2022, typically from September 2022. Initially, the pair didn’t announce their relationship like any other couple, sharing it on the internet and whatnot. What they did was, just appear in the public together and that’s it.

    Maggie Lindemann with her NBA Boyfriend
    Maggie and Jordan at an event.

    Now if you go check out their Instagram account, you won’t find any pictures of the two. But that doesn’t mean they are not in a relationship. In fact, Maggie is quite vocal about her newfound love. She has talked about her Filipino-American bf on several occasions and from the looks of it, he seems to be the nicest guy she has ever dated.

    Moreover, since making their relationship public, the lovebirds have appeared in a handful of events together. From going to NBA matches to attending several fashion events together, the pair is truly enjoying their time together.

    Previously, Jordan was rumored to be dating Ally Rossel, Lonzo Ball’s ex-girlfriend. Furthermore, Clarkson has a daughter named Callie with his ex-partner, Ashlee Roberson.

    Maggie Says Her Boyfriend Jordan is Supper Supportive

    In this day and age, where loyalty has just become a word, Lindemann is considerably lucky to have a partner like Clarkson by her side. Back in September 2022, Maggie sat down with PEOPLE magazine and talked about her newly released album, SUCKERPUNCH.

    Maggie with her new boyfriend Jordan
    Jordan and Maggie are dating since 2022.

    While mentioning how the album’s promotion is going on, Maggie said,

    “He literally comes to all my s—. It’s crazy because I’ll be like, ‘I’m going here,’ and he’s like, ‘Oh, cool. When? I’m going to book a flight. It’s been great. He’s super supportive.”

    Surely, upon reading the above statement you can tell Jordan is like the perfect boyfriend, no pun intended. However, in this world of celebrities where a break-up is just a term, we sure hope their relationship goes as steadily as possible, but we don’t wanna jinx it.

    How Did Maggie Lindeman Meet Her Boyfriend Jordan Clarkson?

    Their relationship didn’t start in a conventional way. Maggie revealed how their early romance blossomed during her appearance at the Drinks with Johnny. It all began when Maggie came across a picture of Jordan that was posted by a fashion outlet on Instagram. At the time, she just liked what she saw, but didn’t follow him yet on Instagram.

    Then a week or so later, Maggie came across the Utah Jazz point guard, at a party. The Pretty Girl hitmaker didn’t mention what happened between the two at the party but she did start following him on Instagram after that. Immediately after Maggie started following him on his Instagram account, Jordan gave her a follow back.

    Interestingly, on the same day, they followed each other on social media, and the pair met in person. In the same interview with Johnny, she, however, clarified that by going out she mean ‘a normal meeting’ not like going on a date.

    Maggie Lindeman Famously Dated Brandon Arreaga

    It was back in 2019 when Maggie and Brandon first announced their relationship. Around the time, the pair used to share a lot of photos of themselves on their respective social media account.

    Maggie with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Arreaga
    Maggie became famous for dating Brandon.

    After making their relationship official in July 2019, the duo started sharing a lot with each other that had goals written all over it. They used to share a lot of beautiful photos with each other. At the time of their dating, the lovebirds seemed like one of those couples that might just go all the way.

    Unfortunately, the former flames, after dating for around three years, decided to call it quits. They broke up in April of 2022. In an interview with Zach Sang, she revealed that they ended on a really good term with each other.

    When asked if her album SUCKERPUNCH addresses Maggie and Brandon’s relationship she said, ‘no,’ which came as a surprise considering their 3-year-long affair. It’s because she had written the full album before their separation. Nevertheless, the album did contain a lot of references from the time Maggie felt ‘lost’ all the while she was dating Brandon.

    What is Maggie Lindeman Sexuality?

    It was back in 2016 when Maggie announced that she is bisexual. Around that time, she has just started her career in the music industry and wasn’t a big name.

    She popped into Periscope to talk to her fans about her sexuality. In the video, she said,

    “I just wanted to tell you guys that I DO like girls,” Maggie said as she began to tear up. “Oh my god. I am not going to cry. Because that is f****** some p**** s***. And I am not like, going to do that.”

    Additionally, she told,

    “So, yeah. Pretty much, I have liked girls my entire life since literally I was f****** five. I have always looked at girls.”

    After she made this announcement, a lot of people became confused that she likes only girls. But later on, she cleared the air that she likes girls but also likes boys at the same time.

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