Garrett Myles Bridges Birth & Death Was Just Few Month Apart: What’s The Reason?

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    Garrett Myles Bridges was the second son of Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Bridges, who didn’t live long enough for the world to know who he truly could have been and what talents he could have had. Garrett grew into prominence after being known as a son of the Bridges family whom everyone cherished.

    So, how did he die? And how did his mother cope with the tremendous loss? Stay with us till the end as we answer all your questions.

    Key Takeaways

    • Lloyd Bridges’ son, Garrett tragically passed away almost two months after his birth.
    • His cause of death was Sudden Infant Death syndrome.
    • He was born into a family that loved acting.
    • His mother was a well-known writer and performer, just like his father.
    • He has three siblings Beau, Jeff, and Cindy, who are all actors.

    Garrett Myles Bridges Death Was Very Sudden

    Garrett, the son of Lloyd Bridges, sadly died only 2 months after his birth due to Sudden Infant Death syndrome. He was born on June 14, 1948, and died on August 3, 1948.

    He was found under the covers of his bed by his mother Dorothy Bridges. Soon after, Garrett was taken to the hospital but failed to survive.

    Garrett Myles Bridges’ Father Lloyd Was In The Navy Before Hollywood

    Myles’ father was Lloyd, an American actor who was famous for all his works in the Hollywood industry. When he was alive, he had acted in 150 feature films.

    He was one of the most celebrated actors back in the 90’s. On top of being a successful actor, Lloyd also served in the US Navy during World War II. He sadly passed away on March 10, 1998, leaving behind three other children besides Garrett.

    Garrett’s Mother Dorothy Bridges Provided Her Kids Her Life Journal

    Even after losing a child, she never stopped giving all her children the love they deserved. She would write their lives from her point of view in a little journal and give them to each of her kids when they turned 21. She passed away at the very same residence she raised all her children in, on February 16, 2009.

    Garret Myles Bridges' parents smile while chatting.
    Garrett Myles Bridges’ parents Lloyd and Dorothy were college sweethearts

    Garrett’s mother was none other than Dorothy Bridges, a renowned writer and an actress just like her husband. Dorothy was known for her acting in Finders Keepers (1921), Sea Hunt (1958), and See You in the Morning (1989).

    Garrett Myles Had Three Other Siblings

    Garrett Myles lives through his 3 other siblings: Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges, and Cindy Bridges. All of his siblings are accomplished actors. The family of Lloyd was an iconic family in Hollywood with everyone in an acting career. However, Cindy Bridges is no longer in an acting career and currently lives her life away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

    Beau Bridges

    Garrett’s older brother, Beau Bridges is an American actor. He is a three-time Emmy, two-time Golden Globe, and one-time Grammy Award winner, he is also a two-time Screen Actors Guild Award Nominee.

    He was born on December 9, 1941, as Lloyd Vernet “Beau” Bridges III.

    Garrett Myles Bridges's brother, Beau Bridges, in an id shoot.
    Beau Bridges is the oldest son of the Bridges family

    Just as successful as he is in his professional life, Beau is also not behind when it comes to having a perfect family. He is married to Wendy Treece and they have 5 children. At the age of 82, Beau is also already a grandfather.

    Jeff Bridges

    Jeff has also been in the entertainment industry for a long time. He has won numerous honors throughout a career spanning more than seven decades, including three BAFTA Award nominations, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

    Garrett Myles Bridges' brother. Jeff Bridges during a photoshoot.
    Jeff Bridges is a versatile actor and is loved by many

    His career aside, Jeff was born on December 9, 1949, just a year after his brother died as an infant. He has been married to Susan Geston and has three children with her.

    Cindy Bridges

    Cindy was born in 1950, and she is the youngest Bridges sibling. She also had an acting career which lasted for a short time. Her best-known credits are Meeting Daddy (2000), The Lloyd Bridges Show (1962), and The Loner (1965).

    Garrett Myles Bridges's sister, Cindy, at an event.
    Cindy Bridges is the youngest child of the Bridges family

    Talking about her personal life, Cindy was previously married to her ex-husband, Eric M. Jany but soon divorced.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Garrett Myles Bridges
    Birthday June 14, 1948
    Death August 3, 1948
    Death Cause Sudden Infant Death syndrome
    Age 0 year
    Father LLoyd Bridges
    Mother Dorothy Bridges
    Siblings Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges, and Cindy Bridges