What Was Lloyd Bridges Net Worth At The Time Of His Death?

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    Lloyd Bridges’ net worth was as high as $15 million as of 2024. The late American actor starred in several television shows and made appearances in over 150 full-length movies, which was the major source of his earnings.

    Bridges is most remembered for playing Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt, the most popular TV show in the United States in 1958. So, today, we bring you news about the famous actor Lloyd’s career earnings.

    Key Takeaways

    • The renowned American actor Lloyd Bridges owned $15 million at the time of his passing.
    • In the 1950s, following his union with Dorothy Bridges, he purchased a house in Malibu.
    • His parents were successful businesspeople who ran a theater and worked in the hotel industry.
    • Bridges was nominated after his passing and was one of the six recipients of the Lone Sailor Award, given to former Coast Guard members who go on to have successful careers in the private sector.

    What Was Lloyd Bridges’ Net Worth?

    At the time of his death, Lloyd was the owner of $15 million in net worth. He amassed his wealth through his acting career and his investment in real estate. Lloyd has appeared in more than 150 feature films all his acting career.

    He sadly died on March 10, 1998, due to natural causes at the age of 85.

    Lloyd Bridges Real Estate Investments

    After his marriage to his only wife, Dorothy Bridges, he bought a home in Malibu in the 1950s. After his death, the house was inherited by his children. His house could be worth $4 to $6 million today. It is reported that the house is now given in rent by the siblings for an average of $16,000 per month.

    Due to the special tax law in California, the siblings only have to pay $5,700 a year in property taxes. The special tax law in California is known as Proposition 13.

    His Movies Were A Hit At The Box Office

    Box-office hits mean it was everyone’s favorite. Lloyd has a couple of box hits that were fan favorites. The movie that made the most at the box office was Hot Shots! He played Adm. Thomas “Tug” Benson in the movie which was released in 1991, the movie made $68.8M. Likewise, his movie Honey, I Blew Up the Kid where he played Clifford Sterling made $58.7M at the box office.

    Another hit movie of his that was remarkable at the box office was Hot Shot! Part Deux that made $38.6M. Joe Versus the Volcano where he played the role of Grayanamore made $39.1M, and Blown Away made $30.1M at the box office. Even his lowest-rated movie Jane Austen’s Mafia made $19.9M at the box office.

    Lloyd Bridges Early Life

    Bridges was born on January 15, 1913, in San Leandro, California. He was born to Harrier Evelyn and Lloyd Vernet Bridges. His parents were business people, they were involved in the hotel business and also owned a movie theatre.

    Lloyd Bridges' got his name from his dad
    Lloyd Bridges’ full name was Lloyd Vernet Bridges, Jr

    He is known to have graduated from his secondary studies at Petaluma High School in 1930. Lloyd is also an alumnus of UCLA. He was also a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at UCLA.

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    Lloyd was once blacklisted.

    Lloyd had once admitted to being a member of the Actor’s Laboratory Theatre. He admitted this to the House Un-America Activities Committee in the 1950s. Lloyd however regained his position after serving as a cooperative witness.

    He was given a Lone Sailor Award

    One of the six recipients of the Lone Sailor Award, given to former Coast Guard members who go on to have prosperous careers in the civilian world, Bridges was nominated posthumously. Beau and Jeff, two of his sons, who had also enlisted in the Coast Guard, were also given awards.

    Beau Bridges son of Lloyd accepting the Lone Sailor Award
    Beau Bridges accepting the Lone Sailor Award for the Bridges family