Who Is LoLa Lovell? All About Stacey Dash’s Daughter

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    Lola Lovella is recognized as the younger child and only daughter of famous actor Stacey Dash. In her mother’s words, Lola is a beautiful, kind, smart, and strong girl. 

    If you don’t know much about Lola’s life, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Here we bring you everything you need you know about Lola, additionally with never-released information.

    Key Takeaways

    • LoLa Lovell is a star kid who is better known as the daughter of Stacey Dash.
    • Even though, sources identify Brian Lovell as Lola’s father, Lola is, in fact, James Maby’s daughter.
    • She is a Film and English student at Wesleyan University.
    • Her mother is a 4-time divorcee who was married to Brian Lovell, James Maby, Emmanuel Xuereb, and Jeffrey Marty.

    Who is Lola Lovell? All About Stacey Dash’s Daughter

    Lovell is an Event Staff and Digital Design Common Member at Wesleyan University. Before being affiliated with her university, Lovell worked at Bon Appetit as a weshop cashier. She has also worked as a host at Melrose Place LA.

    Lola is a Film and English student
    Lola is Stacey’s only daughter.

    However, Lovell hasn’t yet started her professional career. But, her mother Stacey, once revealed that her daughter is an aspiring Ballerina. Looking at her academic pursuits, it seems like Lovell is pursuing her passion.

    Lola Lovell’s College and Birth Details

    She currently studies at Wesleyan University and is a Film and English student. She joined the college in Sep 2021 and will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in May 2025. 

    Similarly, Lola got her high school diploma from Campbell Hall.

    Besides, as for her date of birth, the star daughter was born to her mother Stacey, and father James Maby on June 22, 2003.

    Who is Lola’s mother?

    Her mother Stacey Dash is a famous Hollywood actor and entertainer. She rose to fame featuring in one of the greatest hits of all time Clueless (1995).

    Lola Lovell with mother Stacey Dash
    Stacey often expresses her love towards her daughter through social media and regards her as her blessing

    Dash was in the headlines for reasons other than her work, especially her multiple marriages.

    Who is Lola Lovell’s Father?

    Her father is James Maby. Her dad is the CEO of an international sports branding firm, Sports Logistics Ltd. Even though James is Lola’s real father, some sources seem to be regarding Brian Lovell as Lola’s father. Furthermore, speculation about whose daughter Lola really is has always been around the corner.

    However, Lovell’s Instagram profile makes it clear that James is her father. She has named herself in her Instagram profile “Lola Maby”.

    Lola with her real father James
    Lola’s father is a businessman and a multi-millionaire.

    Lovell’s Parent’s Relationship

    Her real parents Stacey and James got married in 2005. They are reported to have the shortest marriage, about 10 months long.

    Sources say they got separated in 2006. Both her parents were in the news for having been in several relationships. Before Lola’s mother was married to her real father James, Stacey was in a relationship with her alleged father Brian.

    How Is Lola’s Relationship With Her Mother?

    Lovella shares a beautiful relationship with her mother Stacey. In fact, her mother’s social media profile quite evidently shows the love and warm relationship the mother-daughter duo share.

    The doting mother Stacey never forgets her daughter on special occasions and celebrations including birthdays and they are often seen together.

    Likewise, even in her interviews, the actress usually expresses her gratitude and love towards her kids. In fact, like every other loving mother would do, Dash describes Lola as a “beautiful, smart, strong, and kind girl”.

    Does LoLa Lovell have a sibling?

    Lola doesn’t have a sibling from her own parents. However, the celebrity daughter has step-brothers from both her parents.

    Austin Williams with Lola Lovell
    Lola is 13 years younger than Austin.

    One of her step-brothers is Austin Williams. He is an entrepreneur and reportedly a model. Austin is Stacey’s son from her relationship with famous singer Christopher Williams.

    Lola is Austin’s baby step-sister. And let us tell you, their love for one another won’t let you doubt if they are not their own siblings.

    Likewise, Lovell reportedly has a stepbrother from her father’s side. Her other step-brother’s name is Markus Maby who is from her father’s relationship with Kem Henskin.

    Lola’s Life Coming From a Distorted Family

    She came from a distorted family, where her parents got separated early and her mother has had a troublesome life.

    However, it is a warm surprise to report that Lovell has been instilled with wonderful values and morale.

    Dash, with her children Austin Williams and Lola Lovell
    The Dash family is often together in celebrations and festivities.

    Firstly, Lola has a great relationship with her mother and her step-brother Austin. They love each other immensely and support each other like their pillars.

    In the same essence, her mother, Stacey is often found revealing how her children have given her wisdom and shown her worth in life. So, her mother counts her children as a blessing and a reason to live.

    Does Lola Lovell Have a Boyfriend?

    She isn’t dating anyone publically right now. So far, there hasn’t been any report about Lola’s relationship and romantic life. Even the details of her love life cannot be ascertained from her social media.

    Nevertheless, her Instagram post on 30 Oct 2022 with Gravin Brangham suggests that they could be dating. However, there are not many details about this speculation.

    What is Her Net Worth?

    As Lola hasn’t yet started her professional career, there isn’t any estimation of her net worth. On the other hand, her mother Stacey has a fortune of $100k.

    Social Media Profile

    Even though not much has been revealed about Stacey’s daughter Lola, her social media profiles suggest a lot about her personality. She goes on Instagram by the name @lolamaby and has 2050 followers.

    Looking through her profile, Lovell is a fun-loving person. She is mostly around her friends and loves to travel.

    Similarly, her social media profile suggests that she is quite active on social issues. She is currently fighting for abortion rights and showing her activism at a young age.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Lola Lovell
    Popular Name Lola Lovell
    Birth Place United States
    Birthday May 10, 2003
    Age 21 years
    Zodiac Taurus
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity African-American and Mexican descent
    Father Brian Lovell
    Mother Stacey Dash
    Siblings Austin Williams
    Height 5 feet 4 inches
    Eye Color Blue
    Hair Color Dark brown
    Sexuality Straight