What is Austin Williams’ Net Worth? Full Bio

September 17, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Austin Williams, most famously known through his mother Stacey Dash, is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and reportedly a model.

    Did you know Austin was nearly aborted by his mother? What is Williams doing now? Know everything about the star kid including his blooming relationship with his girlfriend.

    Key Takeaways

    • Austin is a businessman better known as the son of Stacey Dash.
    • He was nearly aborted by his mother.
    • He is now dating an American model, Sophie Mudd.
    • Williams has a net worth of $1 million.

    What is Austin Williams’ Net Worth?

    Austin’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2024. He accumulates his fortune from his business named AKITA DAO. Furthermore, his modeling career also plays a vital role in his earnings. 

    Williams in a sharp look
    Austin is also popularly known as Austin Dash.

    Talking about his real- estate, the social media influencer is the proud owner of a luxurious home. He has flaunted his property on his social media as well.

    Austin’s Parents’ Net Worth

    Austin’s mother Stacey’s wealth is estimated to be around $100k. On the other hand, Austin’s father Christopher’s fortune is around $400k.

    Who is Austin Williams?

    Austin, also known as Austin Dash, is an entrepreneur and social media personality. He runs a business named AKITA DAO, which helps guide the future of the ecosystem.

    Austin with his mask on in a parking lot.
    Austin is Stacey’s eldest child.

    In the same manner, Dash reportedly engaged in modeling too. He reportedly appeared in several modeling campaigns for several brands.  One of them being, Kid Dangerous.

    Who is Austin Williams’ Girlfriend?

    Williams is currently rumored to be dating Sophie Mudd. His alleged girlfriend is a famous model in the US. She is also a social media personality with over 3 million followers. 

    Austin William's girlfriend Sophie Mudd
    Sophie has a massively larger Instagram following than her boyfriend Austin.

    When Did Austin and His Gf Sophie Begin Dating?

    Austin and Sophie are reported to have been dating since 2017, even though a definite date hasn’t been determined. Like many lovebirds, the two haven’t discussed much about their relationship in public

    However, they are often found expressing their love on social media, especially Sophie.

    Austin posing with his girlfriend Sophie
    Austin often expresses his love for his bae on his social media.

    Austin and his bae Sophie seem to be very much in love and are serious about their relationship. Even, Sophie mentioned her partner Austin as her “Future Baby Daddy”, in one of her social media posts.

    Besides, the couple prefers spending as much time together. They often take vacations together and are seen to have traveled to places like Malibu, Tokyo, Montana, Santa Clarita, California, Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles, etc.

    Williams and Sophie Met in Malibu

    Williams who is 8 years older than his love Sophie, met Sophie in Malibu. The two soon began dating.

    Besides, as a loving boyfriend, Williams once also dedicated to Mudd an entire album named Malibu. It included the adventures and the mesmerizing time the couple spent in Malibu.

    Are Austin and Sophie Still Together?

    The enduring couple is still together and has been going strong in their love life. To clarify, Austin posted tons of pictures celebrating his birthday with the love of his life Sophie, on his 33rd birthday in July 2023.

    Austin and Sophie taking a mirror selfie
    Austin reportedly got Sophie a pet dog.

    So, it is quite clear the two are still head over heels for one another.

    When Was Williams Born? His Ethnicity

    He was born on July 11, 1990. As of 2024, the star kid is 34 years old.

    Williams belongs to American nationality and has a mixed ethnic background. He is of African-American and Mexican descent from his mother’s side and is of African-American, English, Welsh, Irish, Finnish, Italian, and Portuguese descent from his dad’s side.

    Details On Austin Williams’ Parents

    His mom Stacey is an actress, author, and former Fox News commentator. She is better known for her work in movies like Moving, Mo’ Money, and Renaissance Man as well.

    Stacey with daughter Lola and son Austin
    Williams has a loving relationship with his mother and sister.

    On the other hand, his father Christopher is a singer and actor. He is most famous for his works like “I’m Dreaming” and “Promises, Promises.”

    His dad and mom were never married despite being in an 8-year relationship from 1984 to 1992. After Williams’ parents broke up, his mother married 4 times (Brian Lovell, James Maby, Emmanuel Xuereb, and Jeffrey Marty) but all ended with a divorce.

    How is Austin Related to Ella Fitzgerald?

    Austin doesn’t just belong to famous parents, his famous roots go way beyond. Austin is the great-nephew of Ella Fitzgerald, a jazz legend.

    He is related to the jazz dignitary from his father Christopher’s side of the family.

    Does Austin Williams Have a Step-sister?

    His step-sister is Lola Lovell. She was born in 2003 and is 11 years younger than her step-brother Austin.

    Furthermore, Lovell prefers to stay away from media reach and is a budding ballerina.

    Austin Was Nearly Aborted By His Mom

    Williams’ mother Stacey mentioned in her book There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservatism that the actress nearly aborted her son Austin.

    Austin with his mother Stacey
    Austin is more popular as Austin Dash, taking his mother’s surname.

    Stacey revealed that when she was pregnant with Austin, she was into drugs and wanted to take her life. So, she decided to abort Austin and nearly did.

    However, she trusted God’s words and kept him. And they are grateful now.

    Austin On Social Media

    Austin has 9,775 followers on Instagram. He is often found posting about his special events and sometimes his day-to-day in his Instagram feeds and stories.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Austin Dash Williams
    Popular Name Austin Williams/Austin Dash
    Birth Place United States
    Birthday July 11, 1990
    Age 34 years
    Zodiac Cancer
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Christopher Williams
    Mother Stacey Dash
    Siblings Lola Lovell
    Profession Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, Model(Reportedly)
    Net Worth $1 million
    Eye Color Brown
    Sexuality Staright
    Relationship Status Dating
    Partner Sophie Mudd
    Partner Sophie Mudd