Where Is Dominic Marchiano Now? Untold Facts On Linda Lovelace’s Son

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    Dominic Marchiano is the son of the former adult star Linda Lovelace with her second husband Larry Marchiano. Growing up seeing his now late mom actively involved in the anti-pornography movement, Dominic too decided to follow in his mom’s footsteps and eventually joined the Army National Guard where he manages sexual harassment charges.

    Let’s have a detailed look at his professional and personal life details.

    Key Takeaways

    • Dominic Marchiano is the son of the infamous adult star Linda Lovelace and her second husband Larry.
    • He comes from Center Moriches, New York.
    • He has a younger sister and also has a half-brother Larry Paul Marchiano.
    • He serves in the Colorado Army National Guard. He is in the Human Resources department.
    • Dominic was previously married to Stephanie Kay Johns but his current relationship status is not clear.
    • He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

    Linda Lovelace’s Son, Dominic Marchiano Is In the Colorado Army National Guard

    Dominic, the son of a former adult star, is in an armed force. He served for the Colorado Army National Guard in its human resources department. His main task is to handle the sexual harassment charges.

    Dominic is in armed force
    Dominic is in an armed outfit. Source: Facebook

    As mentioned in his LinkedIn, the star kid has been part of CORANG AGR official website of the Colorado National Guard) since February 2001. It’s been almost 23 years since he has been working here and his dad is really proud of him for what he is doing. Back in 2015, when he posted his picture in the soldier’s outfit, his dad Larry commented, “Thank you for your service son.”

    Dominic Had A Difficult Childhood Alongside His Sister

    He was born to his parents Linda and Larry in the year 1977 which makes him 47 years old in 2024. Three years later in the year 1980, he welcomed his little sister Lindsay Marchiano.

    The brother-sister duo was raised together in their hometown in Center Moriches. However, they had an extremely difficult childhood due to the financial problems their parents were facing during that time.

    Dominic has a sister and half-brother
    Dominic’s siblings. Source: Facebook

    As per the article published in Hazlitt, due to his mom taking retirement from the entertainment industry and his dad being jobless, they were absolutely dependent on the government’s welfare. So, with less money, his upbringing lacked even a primary need.

    Marchiano’s High School And Colleges

    She was in the class of 1994 of the Cherry Creek High School. Later, he joined Adams State University. Marchiano also completed his associate degree in History at Excelsior College.

    Recently, in 2021, he completed his thesis titled “Fabulous Disaster: How Nixon’s War on Drugs Increased Drug Use and Expanded the Racial Divide.”

    Dominic Marchiano’s Parents Separated When He Was 19 Year Old

    After tying the knot in the year 1976, Dominic’s parents Larry and Linda parted their ways in 1996 when he was already 19. The now ex-couple had a beautiful relationship for years and together faced several hardships that came along during their two decades of marriage. However, their marriage didn’t last.

    Dominic Marchiano As A Kid With His Parents
    Baby Dominic with his parents. Source: Facebook

    Later, the actress revealed that their separation was caused by Larry’s excessive drinking habits. He also used to verbally abuse his then-wife Linda and his children including Dominic.

    Dominic’s Mom, Once A Famous Face In Pornography Industry, Turned Activist 

    Born Linda Susan Boreman, Dominic’s mother was forced to work in the porn industry as per her narration in her autobiography Ordeal. According to her, it was her manager turned ex-husband Chuck Traynor who coerced her to be in the adult movie industry. The adult movie in which she was in was actually the film of her rape. In this regard, she once said,

    When you see the movie Deep Thr*at, you are watching me being raped. It is a crime that movie is still showing; there was a gun to my head the entire time.

    Later, she completely quit the entertainment field and actively participated in the anti-pornography movement. She was also a member of Women Against Pornography. As an activist, she actively spoke against the exploitative behavior of the Pornography industry.

    The bold activist, unfortunately, lost her life just in her early 50s. She died in a massive accident she had back on April 3, 2002. After her death, a film named Lovelace was produced based on her life story in which she was portrayed in a “new light.”

    Dominic Marchiano Loved His Mom’s Biopic Movie Lovelace; What He Said?

    Back in 2013, Dominic reached out to watch his mom’s biopic Lovelace in its premiere show. In the movie, the Deep Thr*at famed actress was portrayed by Amanda Seyfried, and watching the movie, Dominic felt extremely proud of his late mother and gave his full support to its makers.

    Talking to the Sun, Marchiano said,

    “I knew this movie was going to shed a new light on my mom’s story. I am proud of my mom and hope it will create a new awareness on the subject matter… She was a survivor… and a wonderful person.”

    Dominic, who himself is actively working against sexual harassment, also showed his belief that his mom’s biography will help audiences to educate viewers.

    Is Dominic Married Or In A Relationship?

    Dominic married his wife Stephanie Kay Johns on July 30, 1999, as per IMDb. However, going through the website My Heritage, we found that the couple got divorced only a year after they tied the knot. If that’s the case, what’s his relationship status?

    Dominic with his possible partner
    Dominic enjoying time with a lady, Source: Facebook

    Well, nothing can be said for sure. He hasn’t addressed anyone his wife or girlfriend in his socials. But based on his profile picture in August 2015, we assume that he has a partner.

    Where Does Dominic Reside? His Socials

    The celebrity child currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Talking about his social media handles, he is on Facebook under the name ‘Dominic Black’. On his only social media handles, he mostly shares his single pictures.

    What Is His Net Worth?

    Since Dominic is not a prominent media face, his net worth has not been estimated. However, being in an armed force, he must have amassed a decent amount of money. As per our speculations, he has a net amount of $500k.

    On the other hand, his late mom Linda had a net worth of $100 thousand at the time of his death in 2002.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Dominic Marchiano
    Popular Name Dominic
    Birth Place Center Moriches, New York
    Birthday 1976
    Age 48 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Larry Marchaino
    Mother Linda Lovelace
    Siblings Lindsay Marchiano
    School Cherry Creek High School
    College Adams State University and Excelsior College
    Profession HR Manager at COARNG AGR
    Net Worth $500k
    Height 5 feet and 6 inches (reportedly)
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Probably Divorced
    Spouse Stephanie Kay Johns