Where Is Linda Lovelace’s Ex-Husband, Larry Marchiano Now? Is He Still Alive?

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    Larry Marchiano is the second husband of the late American pornographic actress Linda Lovelace who is known for her role in the 1972 hardcore film Deep Throat. The couple was married for two decades before calling it quits in the year 1996.

    Six years after their divorce, Larry’s ex-wife died tragically in Denver. Though she is no longer alive, people still seem curious about her married life, especially with her long-time husband Larry. So, where is Linda’s ex-husband now? Is he still alive?

    Let’s get to know about him in detail.

    Is Larry Marchiano Still Alive? His Current Whereabouts 

    Yes, Linda’s ex-husband Larry is still alive. Since the ex-celebrity husband has hardly been seen interacting with the media lately, there has been wide concern if he is no longer alive.

    Larry is still alive
    Larry at his present day. Source: Facebook

    But the fact is that he has been living a content life with his family in Denver, Colorado. Marchiano even has survived cancer. Back in 2017, beneath his birthday post, he himself left a comment where he stated that he survived cancer. His statement reads,

    I believe because I’ve lived through the cancer procedure a lot of people happy I’m so very grateful for everybody!!!!!!’

    When Was Larry Marchiano Born? His Early Life

    Larry was born to his parents Natale and Mary Kay on April 15, 1948, which makes him 76 years old in 2023. As per his Facebook information, he is originally from Brooklyn, New York.

    While growing up in his hometown, Marchiano attended Bellport High School near his residence. He later enrolled at New York University in the year 1968.

    He Grew Up With His Three Siblings

    Larry was the third-born child of his parents. He grew up with two older brothers Nicky and Nat Marchaino. Further, he has a younger sister Maryann Marchiano who was born almost 9 years after his birth.

    Larry grew up with three siblings
    Larry with his parents and siblings. Source: Facebook

    Sadly, his older brother Nicky passed away decades ago. On November 6, 2013, he shared an image of his late brother on his Facebook and asked his viewers to share a story about him. Beneath the post, one of his Facebook friends Peggy wrote,

     Nicky Marchiano was the best Lead Guitarist on Long Island He was a great friend! I have many stories about him!! We lost him so young, but he left his mark on this world, so funny and talented! He was loved by sooooo many!!

    What Does Larry Marchiano Do For A Living?

    Well, Larry has been living a retired life since the year 2005. In fact, while he was still married to his ex-wife Linda, he was living on welfare after his business went bankrupt.

    Before, he was a cable installer who later started his own business of drywall in Long Island. But sadly, his business didn’t go well and he with his family shifted to Colorado where they depended on the government allowance. In between, he tried a construction job as well but couldn’t take it for longer.

    Larry Marchiano Was Married To Linda Lovelace

    Larry and his ex-wife got married in the year 1976. However, they decided to part ways after 20 years of their marital relationship. The now ex-couple first met in Florida while Larry was working as a cable TV Lineman.

    They later became friends and it was when Larry showed his interest in helping to sort out Linda’s financial problems. In the course of helping, the two fell into a big scam which they eventually survived.

    Even after their marriage, they faced many ups and downs including Linda’s several health problems. However, their love for each other never faded. Back in 1980, with the Washington Post, Larry while talking about their financial entanglement stated,

    “The first thing you do is stand by your wife and let her know you love her.”

    Larry was married to an adult star Linda
    Larry with his late ex-wife Linda and son

    Nevertheless, the grace in their marital life didn’t last. The pair got divorced in 1996. In The Other Hollywood, an oral story of Linda, she accused Larry of being overly drunk and occasionally abusive towards her and their children.

    Before Larry, Linda was married to an American actor and businessman Chuck Traynor.

    Ex-wife Linda Died In 2002 

    On April 22, 2002, Larry’s former spouse Linda, who was on life support after her tragic accident, passed away in her residence in Denver, Colorado. The adult star had a massive automobile accident on April 3 of the same year which left her with trauma and internal injuries. It was only 18 days after she passed away.

    Marchiano was still by her side when she died. Talking about his late ex-partner, he stated,

    “Everyone might know her as something else, but we knew her as mom and as Linda,” “We divorced five years ago, but she was still my best friend.”

    What Is Marchiano’s Current Relationship Status? 

    Going through his Facebook, Marchiano, even in his 70s, is happily in a relationship with a lady named Kathy. Back on April 1, 2014, he shared an image with his beloved and wrote, “With my Kathy.”

    Larry is in a relationship as per his Facebook information
    Larry with his new partner Kathy. Source: Facebook

    Kathy is a registered nurse at Denver Health Medical Centre.

    Larry Marchiano Is A Father And Grandfather

    At present, Marchiano has a big family full of children and grandchildren. Talking about his children first, he is the father of Dominic Marchaino (b. 1977) and a daughter Lindsay Marchiano (b. 1980) whom he had with the late actress Linda. The Brooklyn native also has one more son Larry Paul Marchiano, probably with his first relationship.

    Further, he has a bunch of grandchildren whose names are Nuck Marchiano, Aj Alvitre, Gage Marchiano, Liz Marchiano, and Olivia Marchiano.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Larry Marchiano
    Popular Name Larry
    Birth Place Brooklyn, New York
    Birthday April 15, 1948
    Age 76 years
    Zodiac Aries
    Nationality British
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Natale Marchiano
    Mother MaryKay Marchiano
    Siblings Nicky Nat and Maryann Marchiano
    School Bellport High School
    College New York University
    Profession Cable Installer
    Net Worth $100k
    Height 5 feet and 6 inches (reportedly)
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color White
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Divorced
    Relationship Status In a relationship
    Partner Kathy
    Partner Kathy
    Spouse Linda Lovelace
    Children Dominic, Lindsay and Larry Paul Marchiano