What Happened To Matt Rife’s Biological Father? His Ethnicity, Family Details, Siblings

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    American comedian Matthew Steven Rife, popularly known as Matt Rife has become the talk of the town, generating significant attention from the crowd due to his recent news of dating Jessica Lord. As the comedian is drastically gaining fame, questions about his biological father, ethnicity, and family background have also been at an all-time high.

    So, we have brought you this article to answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity about his parents, siblings, and many more.

    Key Takeaways

    • Matt’s biological father deceased when the comedian was one and a half years old.
    • His mother April remarried when Rife was 5 years old.
    • After the loss of his father at a young age, his grandfather was a fatherly figure to him.
    • He lost his grandfather in the year 2022.
    • Rife has three older step-sisters and one younger half-sister.
    • Matt is an American and his ethnicity is White Caucasian.

    What Happened To Matt Rife’s Biological Father?

    Matt lost his biological father Micheal Eric Gutzke around the young age of 1. In 2022, the comedian revealed that his father took his own life due to depression in a sit-down with Bret Kreischer.

    Matt posted this picture on Instagram in Father's day
    Matt’s father holding him, when he was an infant

    Despite the tragic incident, we can see the comedian making jokes about him not having a father. Further, Rife also seemed comfortable talking about his late dad. Even though Matt seems to be carefree and open in nature, the comedian also has a loving side to himself, as in 2020, he posted a picture dedicated to his late daddy on the occasion of Father’s Day.

    Matt Rife’s Mother Remarried After His Father’s Death

    After Micheal’s death, April Rife, Matt’s mother married her current husband who Matt claims did not have a great connection with. Although her remarriage could not fill the spot of Rife’s father, she is really supportive of her son. She can be seen sharing posts related to her son on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

    Matt's mother April remarried after her first spouse died
    Matt and his mom April together

    Similarly, Matt is quite close to his mother and has also mentioned her as the greatest mom on earth in one of his Instagram posts.

    Rife’s Grandfather Was a Fatherly Figure To Him After His Dad’s Passing

    Growing up with a single mom, Rife never felt the absence of his father as his grandfather Steven Rife filled the role of a fatherly figure in his life. Further, in an interview with Numero, the comedian revealed that he was really close to his grandpa. He further added that he used to spend every single weekend with his grandfather and used to live with him and his mother for the first five years of his life.

    Matt even added that he chose to be with Steven instead of going out with friends. He recalled his bond with his grandfather while watching movies featuring stars like Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Jim Carrey. Rife added that the films he used to watch were crucial in developing his current sense of comedy.

    Matt Lost a Father For The Second Time

    In November 2022, Matt experienced one of the most tragic moments in his life, the passing of his beloved grandfather. Later, in the same interview with Numero, Rife revealed that his grandpa was to visit Austin for his special show. The star also added Steven was really excited to come to see him.

    He made a tattoo as a remembrance of his granddad
    Matt with his grandfather Steven and the star’s tribute tattoo to him

    Unfortunately, the old man lost his life just two weeks before the special. Matt also mentioned that it was one of the lowest moments of his life and was considering giving up on the special. Ultimately, he decided to do the special as a tribute to the man who inspired and encouraged him to pursue stand-up, his grandfather Steven Rife. He also named the show after his grandad and his middle name ‘Steven’.

    Furthermore, Matt has made a tattoo of John Lennon as he was his grandfather’s favorite artist. The comedian also posted a picture with a heartfelt caption describing his love and admiration for his grandfather.

    The caption stated,

    This morning I lost my best friend in the entire world. My grandpa Steve
    The greatest man I’ve ever known. I’ve never loved someone so much. If I’ve ever made you laugh- it’s because of him. Growing up without a dad, he was my father figure. He taught me every single thing I know and gave his entire life for me.

    He ended the caption by writing,

    “I love you papaw.”

    Does Rife Have Any Siblings?

    Matt has three older step-sisters and one younger half-sister. Despite not being related by blood, he still considers them all his sisters.

    However, Rife has yet to disclose any information related to his sisters or stepfather. Even though he shares about his mom, girlfriends, and grandfather on social media, the comedian seems to be quite reserved about his other family members.

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    His Younger Sister Is a Mother of Two

    Although Rife has kept information about his family private, we found some news about his younger sister Taylor through April’s posts on social media. Recently, she posted a picture of Matt and Taylor Ann Frazier on Facebook where we can clearly see that his sister is pregnant. Further, she mentioned her being born four and a half years after Matt and confirmed that this was her second baby girl.

    Rife's sister is pregnant with her second child
    Matt and his half-younger sister Taylor

    What Is Matt Rife’s Ethnicity?

    Some sources claim that Matt’s ethnicity is White-Caucasian. The term Caucasian is used to refer to people of European descent or individuals with primarily European ancestry. Similarly, his surname Rife was first found in Savoy (French: Savoie) in the Rhône-Alpes region of the French Alps. Additionally, his biological father’s surname Gutzke is predominantly found in America.

    Besides, his nationality is American.

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