Matt Rife’s Net Worth Revealed: Exploring the Wealth of the Rising Star (2023)

July 14, 2023   | December 14, 2023  | 

    Matt Rife has grown himself as one of the industry’s most famous comedians and actors. In fact, he has even seen a drastic rise in his net worth primarily after the release of Matthew Steven Rife. Further, his roles in numerous movies and shows have also influenced his fortune.

    Well, this article is the breakdown of his earnings from his comedy, movies, & TV works. Also, know if he has any other income sources.

    What Is Matt Rife’s Net Worth In 2023?

    As of 2023, Rife has a total net worth of a whopping $5 million. Matt initially came from a poor family. It is a fact of prestige for such a person to achieve such success in life in his late twenties itself. He has been in the field of television for nearly 13 years and has been shining since then.

    He started his professional life just at the age of 15. In television, he is making his way through observational comedies, satire, sketch comedy, and many more.

    Summary of His Earnings

    Net Worth (2023)$5 Million
    Annual Salary As A Comedian$0.5 Million To $1 Million
    Youtube Earnings$2.5K-40.4K per month
    As An Instagram Influencer$10,000 per post
    Business$50k to $70k (Annual)

    What Is Matt Rife’s Salary As A Comedian?

    Although Matt has been in the field of media for a very long time, it has not been long since he got into popularity. Presently, his annual earning is estimated at somewhere around 0.5 million to $1 million.

    Rife also regularly performs live standup comedies which is also a big support to his economy. Similarly, the tour ticket cost range from $72 to the highest of $8927.


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    Along with his actual profession as a standup comedian, Matt simultaneously engaged in the line of movies and TV shows. His latest project, North of the 10 released in 2022.

    How Did Matt Start His Career?

    Rife started his career at a very young age. It was not an easy journey for him to be established in the television industry as he is today.

    The 27 years old comedian is best known for his self-produced comedy specials, Only Fans. The self-production turned out to be the best decision for Rife’s career ahead.

    Not only as a standup comedian, but Matt also engaged himself in the film industry. He appeared on MTV’s The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars. Along with it he also discovered his interest in paranormal activities and also got featured in a YouTube channel as an investigator.

    Matt Rife Also Adds To His Net Worth Through Social Media

    Along with movies & comedy events, Rife, the son of Micheal Eric Gutzke also adds to his fortune through social media. He has 885K subscribers on his YouTube channel and makes $2.5k-40.4k per month through his videos there.

    Similarly, Matt also continuously collaborates for different promotional posts on Instagram and charges up to $10,000 for each. Along with it, he is also regularly posting reels from his comedy shows that get millions of views and likes.

    Similarly, he is also active in TikTok as well. One of his most popular videos has nearly 57 million views and the highest-liked one has 9.3 million likes. Rife is widely trending in TikTok with 13.7 million followers.

    Matt Also Handels A Business Venture

    He has been very clever to use his occupation as a source of income using several unique techniques. At present, he also runs his merchandising business.

    Matt Rife Owns A Clothing Business
    Matt Rife Owns A Clothing Business

    Rife sells different apparel and clothing through his business account. He has included t-shirts, vests, jackets, hats, and many more for sale. Rife’s apparel ranges from $10-$65 and is a very profitable field for him.

    Matt is living a lavish life but also working hard to increase his income day by day.

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    Rife Matt’s Income Sources

    We have listed down his major income sources.

    • Comedy specials
    • Live Standup comedy shows and tours
    • Movies and Television shows
    • Social Media Influencer
    • Business Merchandise

    Hope we will get to hear much more about his financial progress in the coming years.