Truth About Randall Cobb Eyes: Does He Have Blue Eyes Or Wears Contacts?

January 17, 2023   | June 14, 2023  | 

    If you know Randall Cobb, you are probably already in love with his eyes. Well, to those who are unaware, Cobb is an American football wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers of the NFL.

    Now moving on to the major subject, the NFL player is loved in the media as much for his gorgeous pair of eyes as he is loved for his performance. In fact, the question about Randall Cobb’s eye color is the most asked be it in his interviews or any other public appearance.

    Well, in this article, we are going to answer all the questions surrounding his eyes. Stay tuned.

    What Is Randall Cobb’s Eyes Color? Is It Blue, Green, Or Hazel?

    To clear all the confusion Randall, the husband of Aiyda Ghahramani has hazel green eyes, which he inherits from his grandmother. They look immensely beautiful exactly like his granny as he revealed in one of his interviews.

    Ever since his debut in NFL in 2011, there had been a lot of confusion surrounding the color of his eyes. While some considered it to be blue, others thought it to be green, & some hazel.

    Does He Were Contact Lense Or Are They Natural?

    Randall Cobb’s eyes are completely natural. Some people in the past thought he wore blue or green contact lenses but that is completely untrue.

    Randall Cobb With Beautiful Eyes Stands With His Wife Aiyda Ghahramani
    Randall Cobb With Beautiful Eyes Stands With His Wife Aiyda Ghahramani

    In fact, the Green Bay Packers star has never worn contact lenses. However, he wears glasses at present.

    Randall Cobb Tweeted That He Had Bad Eyesight

    Back in July 2020, Cobb tweeted stating that he had weak eyesight. The interesting thing is that he had not realized that he had weak vision until that point.

    In his tweet, he stated that he had been suffering from the issue for 30 years without even realizing that he had the problem. He wrote,

    I didn’t realize how bad my eyes are until I just put on my first pair of glasses… sheesh! I made it almost 30 yrs without them!

    Check out the tweet here.

    Considering his weak vision, he has performed pretty well as a player.

    Randall Cobb Hazel Green Eyes Are Often Discussed

    As we said earlier, Cobb’s eyes are a major topic in almost all his interviews. And one of such interview was during his appearance in The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, where the interviewer shifted the conversation to his beautiful eyes every now and then.

    The radio show host Stugotz started the conversation by saying,

    Randall, that game against Georgia, I’ll get to your eyes in just a second here, but that game against Georgia–

    As he was about to continue, the other host of the show Le Batard interrupted by saying,

    He does have beautiful eyes. He does have beautiful eyes. They’re the best, aren’t they? I could gaze into them — they’re like lagoons.

    He continued,

    I could gaze into them for an entire press conference.