Suri Cruise’s Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating In 2023? Her Love Life

September 5, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Tom Cruise’s daughter, Suri Cruise looks beautiful than ever as she’s just turned 17 in 2023. With her growing age, fans all around are going crazy, wondering about the star kid’s love life. Many can’t help but wonder if Suri has a boyfriend (or not) today. So, does she?

    Well, look no further, because the following article has all the answers you’ve been looking for.

    Key Takeaways

    • Suri Cruise does not have a boyfriend in 2023.
    • Her dating life is off the radar to this very day.
    • She is 17 years old and all set to live her life on her own terms.

    Suri Cruise’s Boyfriend In 2023

    Katie Holmes’s darling little daughter Suri does not seem to have a boyfriend in the current day and age. If she was, and the relationship was out and about, we’re sure reporters all over the world would be writing a piece on it. Alas, that’s not the case.

    Ex-spouses, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's daughter Suri Holmes
    The “most famous baby” in the arms of her mother, Katie, pictured with her estranged dad, Tom

    On the other hand, the young girl does not seem like the type to be very active on social media. She also hardly ever attends public gatherings and is fond of her quiet life. So, even if Suri did have a boyfriend, it would be next to impossible to dig out information about him.

    Nevertheless, as she’s turned 18 years old, we hope that we soon get to find out more about her love life. But, until then, we have to give young Cruise all the time she needs before she makes her huge debut in the dating game as a star kid.

    What Is Tom Cruise’s Daughter Suri Cruise’s Dating Life Like?

    As we mentioned earlier, she’s a quiet kid. Although the spotlight hit her when she was extremely young, after her parents’ high-profile divorce, her mother has kept Cruise on the low. Furthermore, because of Cruise’s zero social media presence, it is even hard to find basic facts about her, including her hobbies, let alone her love life.

    Having said that, it is not necessary that she’s not enjoyed some teen romance – Suri must have! After all, she’s always been an epitome of beauty and we’re sure guys have fallen for her at some point. However, it’s just that the fans are kept in the dark for now.

    Is Young Suri Allowed To Even Have A Boyfriend Yet?

    Since the Internet knows very less about her love life, there’s a possibility that Suri is not allowed yet to have a boyfriend. But again, this is just our assumption and nothing more.

    Suri Cruise does not have a boyfriend in 2023 and enjoys time with her mother
    Katie Holmes and Suri – the mother-daughter duo are extremely loved by the paps!

    Suri turned 17 on the 18th of April 2023. She’s just a teenager still at school, applying to colleges as she’s set to graduate soon. Now, because she’s still young, it is a likely possibility that her mother has not allowed her to have a full-fledged relationship just yet. Perhaps, the Dawson’s Creek actress is waiting till her daughter turns 18 to let her have that freedom.

    Furthermore, Cruise soon will move to college. She might even start living on her own in the near future. Hence, when that time comes, we do have a high chance of getting to know more about the star kid’s love life.

    Suri Cruise’s Sexual Orientation; Is She Straight?

    In addition to her love life, Suri’s sexual orientation is a mystery as well. But, most of the fans do believe that she’s straight. On the other hand, Cruise is still very young and has a lot to explore in her life, including her orientation.

    She’s not old enough to know exactly who she is and what she wants from a partner. Hence, it will take some years before we know for sure if she’s heterosexual or homosexual. Until then, to be on the safer side, it is preferred that she’s into guys.

    The World’s “Most Famous Baby” Is All Grown Up And Ready To Leave The Nest

    That’s right, from the world’s “most famous baby” to a somewhat famous teen, Suri Cruise has grown up. Nowadays, she’s spotted roaming around in Manhattan with her friends, wearing a full face of makeup and hip clothes.

    Suri Cruise is 17 years in age in 2023 and looks all grown up
    Young Cruise enjoying her time, roaming around NYC with a friend

    Furthermore, in June 2023, The US Sun spotted her in a knee-length skirt and a tank top and called her “a full-blown adult”. If take a look at the pictures the paps took, you’ll know that they aren’t wrong. Suri indeed looks very mature for her age and is the spitting image of her mother, Katie Holmes.

    Additionally, she’s also beginning to follow in the footsteps of her actor parents. In Holmes’s 2022 romantic comedy, Alone Together, Cruise sang a cover of Blue Moon in the opening credits. When asked why she chose her daughter, Katie replied,

    “I always want the highest level of talent. So I asked her.”

    That’s not all, Suri who has a net worth of $500k has also started to take much interest in her mom’s work as well. During the pandemic, she binge-watched Dawson’s Creek, her mother’s debut series. It was an awkward yet proud moment for her mom!

    Once and for all, Suri is slowly yet shockingly growing into an amazing young woman. We just hope that in the days to come, we get to know her more, and keep up with her love life.