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    Luciane Buchanan’s love life has been a major curiosity among her fans since the actress landed the main role in the Netflix action thriller The Night Agent. Especially, most of her fans wonder if Luciane is married to a husband. Besides, there are also rumors that Buchanan is dating her co-star Gabriel Basso. 

    Let’s find out all the truth about her personal life and Luciane’s relationship status in 2023.

    Does Luciane Buchanan Have a Husband?

    No, The Night Agent star Luciane doesn’t have a husband at present. The 29-year-old actress rather seems to be fully determined to progress her booming acting career. So, Buchanan might not have enough time to commit to a matrimonial relationship with anyone.

    Furthermore, as Luciane is completely occupied with her profession, the actress even hasn’t shown a single gesture towards her wedding plans in the future. So, it will take some time before the actress decides to settle down with her husband.

    Luciane Buchanan’s Boyfriend in 2023

    Buchanan isn’t publically dating a boyfriend as of 2023. Like her marriage plans, the actress has also remained quite confidential when it comes to her dating life. She has yet to share a single photo of her partner on her Instagram.

    Besides, considering Buchanan’s age who is in her late 20s, it is also quite possible the actress had had a couple of boyfriends in the past. However, until and unless Buchanan herself hasn’t opened up about her love life, we couldn’t say anything.

    So, all in all, the 29 years old TV star has kept every minor and major detail of her romantic life off the grid of the media.

    Is Luciane Buchanan Dating Gabriel Basso?

    No, Luciane isn’t dating Gabriel Basso. People began speculating about their possible romance after the two played girlfriend and boyfriend in the thriller TV series The Night Agent. Buchanan plays the role of Rose Larking, a cybersecurity entrepreneur while her TV beau Basso stars as Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent in the series.

    luciane and basso's kissing scene
    Luciane and Gabriel on the set of The Bight Agent.

    Luciane and Gabriel shared great chemistry in the series, leading many to believe the two are also something in real life too. Nevertheless, they are just close friends in real life.

    Being close colleagues to each other, they often embark together on adventures. They also went bungee jumping before Night Agent’s filming. It was Basso who convinced Buchanan to go to the bungee.

    buchanan and basso
    Buchanan and her TV boyfriend Basso.

    Besides, like Luciane, her TV bf Basso isn’t also in any kind of relationship at present. But, the actor is the father of a daughter. He first posted his baby’s photo in May 2021 but has yet to reveal her name or the mother of his daughter.


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    Luciane Buchanan Movies and TV Shows

    Born and raised in Auckland with her mixed parents, Buchanan first studied acting at the Auckland Performing Arts Centre. As for her acting debut, the actress snagged her first role in the TV film Belly in 2011. She later popularly worked on Filthy Rich (2016-17) and The New Legends of Monkey (2018-20).

    In 2021, Buchanan appeared in three TV series, Sweet Tooth, Mr. Corman, and The Panthers. Her most recent and popular television series is The Night Agent, where the actress has starred in 10 episodes so far. She has also worked in a couple of movies like Stary, The Tank, and more.