Gabriel Basso Girlfriend, Wife, Marriage

June 22, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    For those wondering what’s going on in actor, Gabriel Basso’s love life, it’s your lucky day. In this article, we will be exploring who the young actor’s girlfriend might be, or if he is married or not. Over and above this, we bring you the truth about his relationship with The Night Agent co-star, Luciane Buchanan.

    So, let’s read the article below to find out everything about Basso’s current love interest!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Gabriel Basso is single currently; he neither has a girlfriend nor a wife.
    • He and his colleague, Luciane Buchanan are very good friends over lovers.
    • The actor has a 2-year-old daughter, however, he has not revealed the name of his daughter.
    • He is incredibly focused on making his career which makes it quiet hard for him to go on the dating scene.

    Is Gabriel dating his Co-Star, Luciane Buchanan?

    Unfortunately, no, the co-stars are not dating in real life. In the new Netflix series, The Night Agent, the two actors respectively play the role of Peter and Rose. Peter, an FBI agent, and Rose, a girl he is assigned to protect, go on adventures together and seem to have great chemistry on screen.

    Truth be told, the chemistry is only limited to our screens. As a matter of fact, in real life, Gabriel and Luciane Buchanan are the best of friends. So, it is safe to say that nothing romantic is going on between them.

    Gabriel Basso and his co-star
    Basso and Buchanan while filming “The Night Agent”

    Now, talking more about their friendship, Basso and Buchanan often seem to push each other into adventures in real life. For instance, during the promotion of their show, they shared a story of how Gabriel convinced Luciane to go bungee jumping with him before they began filming. Likewise, the friendly pair is known for their thrill-seeking relationship in The Night Agent as well.

    Although they are not dating, it is good to see our two favorite and up-and-coming actors together as friends. Hopefully, their bond grows even fonder in the days to come. Perhaps, it will escalate into love as well? We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Who Is Gabriel Basso’s Girlfriend?

    Well, it might be shocking, but Gabriel Basso does not have a girlfriend as of 2023. Because of his desire to keep things private, it is very hard for us to dig out any information related to his personal life. To be more specific, the actor hardly ever talks about his love interests in public.

    So, even if he did have someone special, it would have been next to impossible to know who she is or how they began dating.

    Moreover, Basso is a handsome young man. He might have a long list of lovers behind him. Even more so, with his raising acting career, he has become one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. Hence, in no time, there might come a woman who might sweep him off his feet as well.

    The Night Agent Actor Gabriel’s Wife

    The star from Super 8 is not married yet so there’s no question about having a spouse. Currently, the 28-year-old is hell-bent to reach the top of his career. With the growing fame, Basso might not have enough time to commit to a marriage currently.

    In addition to this, he might also be taking his time to know what things he wants in his life. So, we guess, it will take some time before the actor finally decides to walk down the aisle with his better half. Hopefully, that day will arrive soon!

    Basso Has A Daughter; Who is his baby’s momma?

    Somewhere around 2020, the Big C actor shared a cute picture of himself with a beautiful baby girl. Turns out, the child in the picture is his own daughter. Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns, her name or age are not revealed yet.

    Nevertheless, the actor never fails to flaunt his gorgeous child on his social media time and again.

    Gabriel and his little girl
    The actor is pictured with his toddler.

    Most recently, he shared a glimpse of her with the caption,

    “A glimpse into the pit of insanity. If you live in the midst of chaos your thinking becomes chaotic and disorganized. Indeed. That is my ultimate secret to remaining inhumanly tense and on edge. Always keep yourself guessing so that your enemies and rivals wont have any idea what your next move will be. Always wear your gi. And always possess wrist control when addressing a toddler.”

    By the looks of it, Basso might be a single dad to his little daughter. So, it is highly likely that he might have adopted her or taken over custody from a previous partner or they both share joint custody of the little one. 

    What Are Gabriel Basso’s Plans For Marriage?

    There is not a single piece of news that might hint at Basso’s future plans for marriage. So, as we mentioned earlier, he might be fully focusing all his energy on work right now and not thinking about settling down quite yet. Additionally, starring in his very first Netflix show has also opened a lot of doors for Gabriel. Hence, it is likely that he will be committing to his career for now.

    Gabriel Basso
    The handsome actor is not in a relationship with anyone.

    On the other hand, we do hope he finds the love of his life soon. But, until he does, his fans have to wait patiently.


    What is Gabriel Basso’s relationship status in 2023?

    Basso is possibly single in 2023.

    Is he and his co-star, Luciane Buchanan dating in real life?

    No, the co-stars are not dating but are very good friends.

    Who is the mother of his daughter?

    He has kept the true identity of the mother of his daughter hidden from the media.