Lisa Vicari Boyfriend & Relationships; Her Affair with Louis Hoffman

June 16, 2023   | June 16, 2023  | 

    Lisa Vicari, a 26 years old German actress, rose to fame portraying Martha Nielsen in the Netflix series Dark. Since the series was released, rumors of her dating her Dark co-star Louis Hoffman surfaced in the media. Millions of her followers soon started getting eager to know if or not Lisa is in a relationship with Louis. 

    So, what’s the truth? Are Lisa and Louis actually dating or just a rumor? Here, we have come up with some clarity regarding Lisa’s alleged relationship with Hoffman. Also, know about the actress’  past and present love affairs, if there are any.

    Lisa Vicari’s Boyfriend In 2023; Is She In A Relationship?

    At present, Lisa doesn’t seem to be dating a boyfriend. The Munich-born actress is quite sensitive when it comes to her personal matters so, she has been silent about her relationship status ever since she became a public figure.

    Lisa Vicari
    Lisa is in the frame. Source: Instagram

    But as aforementioned, she was reported to be dating her co-star Louis Hoffman. Let’s get to know the reality.

    Did Lisa Vicari Date Her Co-Star Louis Hoffman?

    No, Lisa and Hoffman never dated each other. Despite their dating rumor, they never felt required to address the matter that was circulated all around instead the Dark co-star remains friends as if nothing has happened. Well then, how did the rumor begin?

    There’s no doubt that the romance rumor started after their fans got to see their incredible performance in the Netflix series Dark. Louis as Jonas Kahnwald played Martha’s (Lisa’s character) love interest in the series. Their moments together in the series seem to have enticed their viewers, eventually leading to dating speculations.

    Lisa Vicari with her alleged boyfriend Louis Hofmann
    Lisa and her co-star Louis. Source: Louis’ Instagram

    But, let us again tell you that the two have never been a couple off-screen. The two were last seen together when the series Dark ended in December 2019. In the meantime, Louis shared a picture together with Lisa and other team members on his Instagram and wrote a lengthy paragraph that said,

    That’s a wrap for DARK. What an intense journey this has been. Thank you to our wonderful, really wonderful crew who has been my family over the past three years. It’s hard saying goodbye to this world I got so used to being a part of – Winden, this whole dark complex.

    Is Lisa’s Alleged Boyfriend Louis Hoffman Dating Anyone?

    Well, nothing can be said at present. Like Lisa, Louis also keeps his private affairs out of the public domain, so, his current relationship status is hard to trace.

    However, some years back,  in an interview with White Lies Magazine, he talked about his girlfriend. At that time, he said that his gf has his Instagram password. Though he didn’t disclose the identity of his partner, from this, it’s sure that he has been in an affair in the past.

    Lisa’s Past Affairs

    As previously stated, Lisa is quite clever in keeping her personal life private. To date, she has never opened up about having a boyfriend in the past. So, unless, she herself doesn’t speak about her love affairs, we really can’t say anything regarding this matter.