Is Louis Hofmann Dating a Girlfriend? His Relationship With Lisa Vicari

June 13, 2023   | June 14, 2023  | 

    Louis Hofmann, an actor from Germany is rumored to be dating his co-star Lisa Vicari. The two played the main characters in a supernatural series Dark on Netflix. Although Lisa wasn’t Louis Hofmann’s girlfriend in the series, the German actor had a huge crush on her. 

    But, in real life, has Louis become able to make Lisa his gf? Here is the full story of their alleged romance and Hofmann’s relationship status in 2023.

    Is Louis Hofmann Dating a Girlfriend in 2023?

    Loius, one of the most potential actors from Germany doesn’t seem to be in any official relationship with a girlfriend as of 2023. Rather, the 26 years old TV star has kept his love life entirely private from the public domain.


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    On the contrary, Hofmann was reportedly in a couple of relationships in the past.

    Was Lisa Vicari Louis Hofmann’s Girlfriend?

    No, Louis and Lisa are not a gf and bf in real life. Although there has been lots of buzz about their alleged romance, they aren’t dating each other publically. As for their romance rumors, it all began after their charismatic performances in the Netflix series Dark.

    Louis’ character Jonas Kahnwald, a high school student struggling with his father’s suicide was only Martha’s love interest in the series. In fact, the character Lisa played as Martha Nielsen was Bartosz’s girlfriend in Dark.

    Despite this fact, the two are still believed to be something in real life since neither of the parties has yet shut the speculations down. In December 2019, Louis after the end of the series came up with a lengthy Instagram post with his co-star and wrote,

    “That’s a wrap for DARK. What an intense journey this has been. Thank you to our wonderful, really wonderful crew who has been my family over the past three years.”

    He continued,

    “It’s hard saying goodbye to this world I got so used to being a part of – Winden, this whole dark complex. My heart is filled with sadness, yet I feel extremely grateful and glad to have walked this way alongside that exact crew and my really amazing fellow cast members.”

    Hofmann and his TV love interest Lisa.
    Hofmann along with his Dark co-star Lisa.

    Like Louis, his alleged partner Lisa isn’t also dating anyone publically at present.

    Louis Once Admitted That His Girlfriend Had His Instagram Password

    The promising star Hofmann who rose to fame after his role in the 2015 Danish film Land of Mine once said that his unknown partner kept his social media handles’ password. During an exclusive interview with White Lies Magazine, when the interviewer asked him, “In recent years, you have greatly reduced your social media activity. Why did you decide to withdraw from social networks?” the actor replied,

    “I always had the feeling that I must post something to entertain people. That totally unsettled me and put me under pressure. That’s why I decided to get rid of it.”

    He later revealed, “When I want to post something, my girlfriend has to sit beside me because She has the password.”

    Although Hofmann admitted him being in a relationship with someone at the time, the German actor didn’t even reveal his girl’s name or their relationship timeline.

    His Past Love Affairs and Gay Rumors With Jannik Schumann

    Like his current relationship status, there isn’t also any proper detail about his past love life. However, Louis was once rumored to be in a relationship with a German actor Jannik Schumann.

    People started speculating about their reported romance after they had a sensitive scene together in the romantic drama film Center of My World (2016). Hofmann played Phil, a gay young man in the movie who was looking for a boyfriend and met Jannik (Nicholas).

    Louis and his movie co-star Jannik.
    Louis, sharing a kiss with his co-star Schümann.

    They soon began dating and even shared several kissing scenes in the movie, leading people to believe that they were really items in real life too. However, the truth is they only did admirable work inside the reel but in real, they are just good friends.

    Who are Louis Hofmann’s Parents?

    Loius is the son of Marov (father) and Shefna Hofmann (mother). However, apart from his mom and dad’s names, there isn’t a single detail about his parents. Born on 3rd June 1997, in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, Hofmann grew up in Cologne with his brother Kevin.

    As a matter of fact, the actor used to play football at school and also wanted to be a football player in the future.

    Hofmann Initially Began Acting As A Hubby

    Yes, as mentioned above that the Black actor’s first target was to be a footballer. But, by the age of 11, Louis started acting as a hobby and promptly fell in love with it. It took almost four years for him to realize that acting is his final job.

    The first time, Louis landed his first professional role was in the TV movie Der Verlorene Vater in 2010. In the same year, the actor had two more roles in Tod in Istanbul and Danni Lowinski.

    In 2017, Louis snagged the main role of Jonas in Dark, the character that propelled him to fame. He appeared in the project until 2020. Some of his recent TV projects include Masters of the Air (2023) and All the Light We Cannot See (2023). In the latter, Louis shared the screen with Aria Mia Loberti.


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    In addition to TV series, the actor is equally active in movies too. Some of the notable films Louis has been part of are Centre of My World (2016), The White Crow (2018), Seneca – On the Creation of Earthquakes (2023), and more.

    Did Louis Hofmann delete Instagram?

    As per reports, Loius sometimes deletes his Insta and reinstall the app again. Speaking of which, in November 2021, a Twitter account under the title ‘Louis Hofmann Source’ wrote,

    “FYI: Apparently Louis’ Instagram account is deactivated…”

    But, as of now, the actor is active on Instagram with 966k followers.