Is Killian Scott Married? His Wife, & Girlfriend: Full Bio

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    Killian Scott, also known as Cillian Damien Murphy, has fans wondering about his married life and relationship status in general. Well, does he have a wife or a girlfriend? We have the answers to these queries right here.

    In addition, we will also take a look at his life and find details about both his personal and professional life.

    Key Takeaways

    • He was born in 1985 to his Irish parents in Limerick, Ireland.
    • Killian’s parents have a total of six children including him and he is the youngest of them all.
    • Although he has been in the spotlight for years, he barely talks about his love life or significant other in general.
    • He changed his name, so people would not mistake him for another Irish actor, Cillian Murphy.
    • The handsome bloke hasn’t found the one he wants to marry.

    Is Killian Scott Married? Does He Have A Wife?

    Killian Scott has not tied the knot yet. His fans find the fact that his love life isn’t as successful as his acting career astonishing since he is a charming and attractive man.

    Besides, the Jack Taylor star is secretive when it comes to his personal affairs so people can’t tell if he is single or not. You can say, he is one of those actors who rarely talks about his life behind closed doors, just like how many other prominent actors in the industry does.

    Scott Admits His Character In Love/Hate Has a Better Love Story Than Him

    In an interview with Irish Mirror, he mentioned that his character Tommy in the program Love/Hate has a better love life than him. He said:

     “I don’t get much female attention but I find people might perhaps be attracted to the character. But when they meet me in real life, they are quite disappointed. It’s very disconcerting for them.”

    Killian for Love/Hate as Tommy
    Killian as Tommy in Love/Hate.

    Though Tommy is a womanizer in the show and is surrounded by women most of the time, it is difficult for Killian to flirt with women in real life. Nevertheless, we do not believe his statement that girls are disappointed when they met him, after all, he is one of the most handsome and eligible man to marry.

    Killian Scott’s Girlfriend Preference

    In an interview with Glamour, when asked about his preference for a partner, Scott mentioned that his type would be a member of the Spice Girls. Moreover, he also expressed that he would be delighted if his partner had watched Sinead O’Connor‘s captivating performance of “Mandinka” at the 1989 Grammys on YouTube.

    He enthusiastically described it as the most incredible and awe-inspiring thing he has ever witnessed or heard. In addition to that, when asked if he likes Rom-coms, Killian replied with a yes. He further added that his favorite movies in this particular genre are “Four Weddings”, “Notting Hill”, and “Love Actually”.

    Here’s hoping that Killian soon finds a partner with whom he can binge-watch these romantic shows.

    What Is His Biggest Romantic Fail?

    According to Killian, his most significant romantic failure was attempting to lip-synch to “Freak Me” by Another Level while dancing with a girl when he was 17.

    He considers this moment both his most romantic gesture and his worst mistake. What a lad!

    Killian Scott’s Early Life and Family

    The actor was born as the youngest child to his father, Henry Murphy, and his mother, on July 6, 1985, in Kilmallock, Limerick, Ireland. Killian’s parents gave birth to five other children before him and he grew up with his siblings in Sandymount, Dublin.

    Killian in black suit pointing gun in Dublin Murders
    Killian on the set of Dublin Murders.

    He doesn’t answer personal questions about his family so the only siblings we know are Eoghan Murphy, who is a former politician, and Colin Murphy, who is a playwright and newspaper columnist.

    Moreover, we also know that his father used to work as a barrister and wrote fiction books. He is now retired and resides in Spain. Meanwhile, his late grandfather, Russell Murphy used to be an accountant. Unfortunately, he died in 1984 and it was revealed that he spent the earning of a few of his clients.

    His Educational Background

    Scott went to a local school on Ailesbury Road. He then studied at St. Michael’s College and earned his Bachelor’s degree in English and Philosophy from University College Dublin before making a significant transition to pursue his passion for drama.

    Further, taking his academic journey to the next level, he decided to relocate to London to enroll in the prestigious Drama Centre.

    His Sister Is His Favorite Family Member

    During the above-mentioned Glamour interview, Killian was asked about his favorite family member. To this question, he enthusiastically responded by saying:

    “My sister! She had to deal with five brothers, so she’s my hero. And she looked after me when my parents were being distracted by the others. And she made me realize Grease is a work of genius. I could go on…”

    Further, he is very protective of all his other family members too. He claims that his parents are the only heroes he has.

    Killian’s Brother Inspired Him To Be An Actor

    Scott was interested in acting ever since he was young and one of his biggest influences to make it his career was his brother Eoghan.

    Actor Killian Scott with politician brother Eoghan Murphy
    Killian with his brother Eoghan.

    Moreover, Eoghan, performed in ‘Hamlet’, a play written by William Shakespeare when they were in school and Killian was very moved by it. Hence, he followed the path of films and acting.

    Additionally, his English teacher, Martin Kelly, and his sixth-year head, Gary Coakley also motivated and inspired him.

    Scott Changed His Stage Name

    When Scott started his career, he changed his name from Cillian Damien Murphy to Killian Scott. The reason is, his name is the same as another widely popular Irish actor Cillian Murphy.

    Moreover, due to the similarity between their names and choice of work, he wanted a name for himself and not be mistaken for Cillian, who was already successful in the industry at that time.

    He changed the C in his name to K and used Scott as his last name to honor his great-grandmother, whose surname was Scott after she married a man named Thomas Scott.

    His Acting Career Is A Success

    He made his acting debut in the movie Creatures of Knowledge as Matt but he used to do theatrical before that. Further, his role in Love/Hate as Tommy Daly (2010-2014) was a huge success which made him famous in Ireland.

    Following his breakthrough work, he secured the leading role in Traders and it aired in 2015. With that, he also secured more leading roles in movies, Damnation (2017), and Dublin Murders (2019).

    Furthermore, he has been in movies such as Black Ice (2013), ’71 (2014), The Commuter (2018), and so on.

    He Is A Member Of The MCU

    Killian recently joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he is going to take on the role of Pagon. Killian’s first Marvel miniseries ‘Secret Invasion’ was released on June 21st, 2023 and he is already rising with it. In the series, he worked alongside Don Cheadle, Emilia Clarke, and Samuel Adewunmi.

    Further, the 37-year-old’s career is desirable to many other Irish actors, especially after being a part of the MCU now.

    What Is His Net Worth?

    Killian’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He earns this hefty sum from his successful career as an actor.

    Killian Does Not Believe In Astrology

    He is not a big believer in astrology. However, he acknowledges that the act of believing itself can be a powerful force. According to him:

    “If a person believes…well, it’s amazing what we can convince ourselves of. Just look at the placebo effect. I don’t believe in astrology, but equally, I don’t really know what I believe in.”

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Cillian Damien Murphy
    Popular Name Killian Scott
    Birth Place Sandymount, Ireland
    Birthday July 6, 1985
    Age 38 years
    Nationality Irish
    Ethnicity Irish/Caucasian
    Father Henry