Is Emilia Clarke Related To Jason Clarke?

July 6, 2023   | July 18, 2023  | 

    In the 2015 movie Terminator Genisys, actress Emilia Clarke ironically played the mother role of actor Jason Clarke. Since then, there have been a lot of concerns regarding Emilia and Jason’s relationship. Due to their exact surnames, people often wondered if Emilia and Jason related to each other. So, are they? 

    Let’s find the truth here!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Terminator Genisys co-actors, Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke aren’t related to each other. They just have their surname and profession in common.
    • While Emilia is a British citizen of mixed descent, Jason is an Australian native and has English ancestry.
    • Emilia’s parents are Peter Clarke, a theatre sound engineer, and Jennifer Susan Clarke, a businesswoman. And Jason’s parents Kenny Clarke and Marlene Kate were indulged in Sheep rearing.

    Is Emilia Clarke Related To Jason Clarke?

    No, Emilia and Jason are not related at all. Neither they are married to each other nor have any blood relation so, the two actors have no connection at all.

    The only common thing between the two actors is that they have exactly the same surname and work in the film fraternity. It’s the reason why their fans often ought to think if they are relatives.

    But, let us clarify for you that they come from completely different backgrounds and are not personally connected to each other.

    To support our statement that Emilia and Jason have no connection, we provide you a proof in the following part. Have a look.

    Emilia Is British, While Jason Is Australian

    The 36 years old actress Emilia is British. Born on 23 October 1986 in London, she spent most of her early life in Oxfordshire. From her education to pursuing her career in movies, she did several odd jobs in her native country.

    Jason and Emilia aren't related to each other
    Jason at the bright frame and Emilia at the left

    In contrast, Jason was born on 17 July 1969 in Winton, Queensland, Australia, and thus is an Australian citizen. Brought up in his hometown of Winton, he first worked for Australian series and movies and then stepped into the American entertainment industry.

    Jason And Emilia Have Different Parents

    Both the actors come from completely different backgrounds. While Jason is the son of a common sheep rearer, Emilia is the daughter of a sound engineer.

    Jason’s father Kenny Clarke was a sheep rearer in South Australia and his mom Marlene Kate was her husband’s helper in rearing. Since both Jason’s parents were from a backward community, they even didn’t understand when their son Jason put his desire to become an actor. They were fully unaware of all these acting, films, and theatre.

    But just the opposite, Emilia’s parents were well aware of all the technological advancement and modernity. Her father Peter was a theatre sound engineer from the city of England, Wolverhampton. Likewise, her mother Jennifer Susan Clarke was a businesswoman. She also serves the position of vice president for marketing at the global management firm.

    Emilia Clarke’s Mixed Ethnical Background Distinct Her From Jason

    The Games of Thrones actress Emilia is of mixed descent. An English actress belongs to English, German, and Welsh ethnic background. Further, she also has Indian ancestry from her mother’s side. Her maternal grandmother’s biological dad was Indian.

    But talking about Jason’s race, he is English. Both his parents are Australian natives with English ancestry.