Everything is Good Between Ezekiel Martin and His Parents. In fact great!

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    Ezekiel Martin, Tisha Campbell, and Duane Martin’s youngest son live a life worthy of dreams. But here’s an even more interesting catch, the 14-year-old middle-schooler has a cute crush!

    We have gathered all the information on Tisha Campbell’s son. Let’s explore everything about the star kid from his birth to his current whereabouts!

    Key Takeaways

    • Ezekiel is Tisha and Duane’s youngest child.
    • Ezekiel’s parents shared his custody after they divorced.
    • He is currently a middle schooler.

    Ezekiel Martin Was a Big Baby For His Age

    Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin’s gorgeous second child, Ezekiel was born on September 8, 2009. He is a resident of LA, California.

    Ezekiel Martin is the youngest son of the Martin Family,
    Growing up, Ezekiel was a healthy and happy baby.

    Ezekiel, born to his then 40-year-old mom Tisha, surprised everyone at birth. He came out to be unusually a big baby weighing about 9 lbs., 9 oz, and was 23 inches in height.

    Furthermore, Ezekiel’s mother Tisha even proudly revealed that he was wearing clothes of 3 months old as an infant!

    His Parents Threw a Big Shower Before His Birth

    From the baby shower to preparation for bringing Ezekiel into the world, the Martin family made sure he got the best of everything so obviously, Ezekiel is a blessed child.

    Taking about the famous baby shower for Tisha’s second child, well, it was a French Cirque Du Bebe-themed function. More than 180 family and friends were gathered to bless Ezekiel before his birth.

    Likewise, the Martin family made sure that not just them but, Ezekiel’s brother Xen was reassured about having him in the Martin household.

    Curious About What Ezekiel Means?

    Ever thought the name Ezekiel to be so unique? It seems like the Martin family, took a generous amount of time to come up with a name for their special boy.

    Turns out Ezekiel means ” Strength of God”. Apparently, his parents are often found expressing their love and praising Ezekiel as if he really has the strength of God.

    On the same note, his full name is Ezekiel Czar Martin. Likewise, Ezekiel’s nickname is as beautiful as his name. He is popular among his family and friends as Zeke.

    Ezekiel Was Born Into Stardom

    Zeke’s mother, Tisha Campbell is an actress, singer, and dancer. She has a big name for her work in TV shows and movies like “Martin“(1992-1997) and “My Wife and Kids“(2001-2005) The Protector (2011), Dr. Ken(2015-2017), Outmatched(2002), and Uncoupled(2002).

    Inspired by her experience with her son Xen, who is Autistic, she also founded the non-profit organization, Colored My Mind which raises awareness of childhood autism.

    Ex-couple Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin
    The couple has been separated for almost 5 years.

    Likewise, Zeke’s father Duane  Martin is famous for his features in Rim (1994), All of Us (2003-2007), Real Husbands of Hollywood (2013-2016), The Seat Filter(2004), L.A.’s Finest(2019-2020), Out All Night (1992-1993), and White Men Can’t Jump(1992), Woo(1998), etc. 

    Ezekiel Martin’s Parents Divorced after 20 years of Marriage

    It came down as a shock to the world when it was revealed that Tisha and Duane’s marriage broke because of financial matters. It was reported that Campbell accused Martin of mishandling her money.

    On their separation, Tisha expressed her sadness and said,

    “After 27 years of being together and two amazing children, it pains me to announce that I’ve filed for divorce.”

    Tisha announced separation in February 2018, but they were officially separated on Dec 24, 2016. The ex-couple had married on 17th August 1996.

    Ezekiel goes to Dad on Father’s Day and Mom on Mother’s Day

    After Tisha and Duane’s separation, they got joint custody of their son. Likewise, both parents will split their expenses for Ezekiel, including the cost of his education, health care, etc.

    Furthermore, it is reported that Tisha will have Ezekiel on Mother’s Day and Duane will have him on Father’s Day. In the same way, the exes will share Zeke’s custody by alternating between odd and even years for holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    Tisha is Obsessed With Her Son

    Tisha is mostly seen referring to Ezekiel as her reason to smile. And we really agree! When Tisha was pregnant with him, she told People that she was absolutely enjoying her pregnancy even though she was having a little hard time with the symptoms. So, evidently, from pregnancy to raising up Zeke she has been loving it.

    Ezekiel with mom, Tisha
    Ezekiel has a fun nature, and makes her mother ‘laugh’.

    On Zeke’s 13th birthday, Ezekiel’s mom posted:

    “I can’t believe you’re THIRTEEN! You’ve always been naturally funny and even more kind. You’ve grown to be a person of integrity and an independent thinker. I’m so incredibly proud of the man you’re becoming but I gotta admit…. I miss this little baby too! “

    Zeke is Spoilt by His Father

    Guess who Duane refers to as ‘Joy’? You are right! It’s his youngest son Ezekiel.

    Duane is often seen having a good time with his son, from traveling to wishing him on his milestones, he is a father, who is always there for his son.

    On Dec 28, 2021, Duane posted a photo of Ezekiel inside of a private jet. Senior Martin, clearly expressed his unconditional love toward his son. And evidently, he values the time he gets with his son.


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    Ezekiel Shares Amazing Chemistry with His Elder Brother Xen Martin

    Ezekiel absolutely loves his older bro and Xen Martin also makes sure Ezekiel gets all the brotherly love.  In fact, Xen had bonded with Ezekiel even before his birth, making conversations with him while he was in Tisha’s belly.

    Ezekiel Martin with elder brother Xen Martin
    Tisa Campbell says her two sons, Xen(left) and Ezekiel(right) are her best friends.

    Born on August 8, 2001.  Xen was diagnosed with autism. However,  his condition has gotten a lot better. In fact, Ezekiel’s brother also has a driver’s license, and evidently, his mother Tisha is proud of him.

    Xen graduated his high school and is currently studying at Moorpark College in California.

    Ezekiel Martin Might Have a School Crush

    On August 21, 2019, Duane wished little Martin for his first day of school. The proud father was even hinting something cute saying;

    “Happy First Day of School Zeke 🕺🏽. I think there is a “SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH” in the works too.”


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    Likewise, upon finishing his primary school, Ezekiel started his middle school on August 16, 2021. After his proud Papa, this was time for his  Mamma to wish him for his new milestone. She posted saying;

    “first day of middle school!!!! My baby’s not a baby anymore! Dropping him off and watching him walk in to get his own locker for the first time and change classes mad me a little melancholy but proud. “

    So, we can assume that he is still completing middle school. In the same manner,  Ezekiel is definitely on his way to being a high-schooler too.

    Not Sure About Body-building But You Might Definitely see Ezekiel Martin on Your Screens

    Ezekiel already has powerful acting genes from his Momma and Papa. Furthermore, his mother Tisa was working on Rita Rocks, while she was pregnant with Ezekiel, so he definitely has carried some of his mom’s genes.

    Ezekiel and Tisha together
    Ezekiel is 8 years younger than elder brother Xen.

    To your surprise, this young 14-year-old teen even started learning acting when he was 8. Reportedly,  he often visited his mother on the sets to observe and learn.

    Now, we are much more certain that we can see him on screens! Aren’t we?

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Ezekiel Czar Martin
    Popular Name Ezekiel Martin
    Birth Place L.A
    Birthday September 8, 2009
    Age 14 years
    Zodiac Virgo
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity African-American
    Father Duane Martin
    Mother Tisha Campbell
    Siblings 1 Brother (Xen Martin)
    Height 5 feet 3 inches
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Black