Brandon Boyd Wife: Married To Any Of His Girlfriend? His Love Life

July 3, 2023   | July 14, 2023  | 

    Incubus’ Brandon Boyd has not married yet, however, being in multiple high-profile relationships in the past, his viewer often gets confused if he married any of his ex-girlfriends. Lately, the rumor about him getting married to Sarah Hay is equally prominent in the media.

    Here, we have some detailed information regarding Brandon’s love life. To know, stick with us till the end.

    Key Takeaways

    • Brandon is yet to get married. But he has had quite a few girlfriends in the past.
    • Though Brandon doesn’t share much about his love life, he is currently in a relationship with an actress and retired ballerina Sarah Hay.
    • In the past, he dated model and actress Caroline Murphy, Baelyn Neff, and Jo-Bourne-Taylor.
    • His list of rumored partners includes Jessica Miller, Arci Munoz, and Lisa Snowdon

    Brandon Boyd’s Wife: Did He Get Married To Any Of His Girlfriends?

    Well, Brandon doesn’t have a wife as of 2023. The 47 years old singer has had a number of affairs over the years.

    But unfortunately, his relationships never lasted. As of today, he is unmarried. Further, he doesn’t seem to have any plans of tying the knot anytime soon since the songwriter hasn’t discussed it in the media.

    Nevertheless, in recent times, he has been consistently linked with an American actress and ballerina Sarah Hay. So, what’s the truth?

    Brandon Boyd And Sarah Hay; Planning to marry?

    Well, as per the information we get, Brandon is currently in a relationship with Sarah. On May 17, 2023, his rumored partner uploaded a short clip on her Instagram in which both of them seems to enjoy their moments together. She captioned the pic,

    I have never been more in my life…

    It looks like the couple started dating each other in 2020. In March 2020, Sarah shared her partially nude picture on her Instagram and tagged the image with Boyd’s Insta, hinting that the two are close to each other.

    Brandon with his girlfriend Sarah
    Brandon and his girlfriend Sarah. Source: BFA

    On September 2021, while having an exclusive talk with Metro, Brandon addressed Sarah as his lover and said,

     “I don’t remember who told me about your art, oh, my girlfriend Sarah (recently retired ballerina and actress Sarah Hay) recommended that I look at your work.” The heart then coos, “Oh Sarah, you’re my best friend!”

    However, the duo seems to be reserved in expressing their love in the public domain as their together post is very rarely seen on their socials leading to the assumption that the two have separated.

    But based on our research, they are still together. Lately, they are co-ordinating in several projects as well.

    Brandon Boyd’s Relationship With Carolyn Murphy

    Brandon’s most publicized relationship was with the renowned American model Carolyn Murphy. The now-former duo started seeing each other in 2002, the same year Murphy divorced her then-husband Jake Schroeder. They later moved in together along with Carolyn’s daughter from her previous marriage, Dylan.

    While talking about his bonding with Carolyn, Boyd once told that he has always been captivated by women. In this regard, he stated,

    “Just when I think I’m understanding women, I’m challenged. When I’m with the guys, I can dude out, but I’m fascinated by women.”

    Brandon with his former partner Carolyn
    Brandon and his ex-girlfriend Carolyn

    But unfortunately, their relationship lasted for just four years. They split up for good in the year 2006.

    Boyd’s Love Life; How Many Partners He Have Had So Far?

    As far as the media is informed, he has dated at least four women in the past. Let’s get to know his other girlfriends.

    In addition to Carolyn, Brandon dated the American actress Baelyn Neff. There was even a rumor that Boyd and Neff exchanged vows but the two were in a relationship for a shorter period and later separated.

    Further, the Rock singer also had an affair with the English actress Jo-Bourne-Taylor but their courtship remained shorter due to the differences in beliefs and ways of living life, media reported.

    Brandon Boyd’s Rumored Girlfriend

    Over the years, Brandon is rumored to have been in a relationship with some other media personalities as well. He has been linked with an actress and models like;

    • Jessica Miller (Lars Ulrich Ex-Wife)
    • Arci Munoz
    • Lisa Snowdon

    Till today, non of them neither has addressed the matter nor has confirmed it.