Carolyn Murphy’s Ex-Husband Jake Schroeder Was Drug Addicted

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    Jake Schroeder is popularly known as model Carolyn Murphy’s ex-husband. Jake became a notable figure due to his association with Carolyn, a highly regarded and popular model in the fashion industry.

    Their marriage eventually came to an end and it led them to share the joint custody of their child too. So, what is Jake doing nowadays? Has Murphy’s ex re-married? Find out all the details here!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Jake is the ex-husband of Estee Lauder model Carolyn.
    • The former couple married for almost three years before separating.
    • Together, they have a daughter named Dylan Blue.
    • Carolyn has custody of their daughter and Schroeder has visiting rights.
    • Jake tried selling his ex-wife’s adult tape without her consent and consequently served time in jail.

    Who Is Jake Schroeder?

    Schroeder, known as the former husband of model Carolyn Murphy, has a diverse background encompassing both entrepreneurship and surfing. His passion for surfing has been a prominent aspect of his life.

    Jake and his ex-wife, Carolyn's young photo
    Jake married his ex-wife and got divorced after two years.

    In addition to his involvement in these two distinct areas, other details about his career are hard to locate.

    When Did Jake Schroeder Marry His Ex-Wife Carolyn Murphy?

    Jake and Carolyn exchanged vows in 1999, marking the beginning of their marital journey. Their love story originated from an encounter at Schroeder’s surf shop in Hawaii while Carolyn was enjoying a vacation. The connection they formed during this encounter eventually led to their dating.

    After approximately nine months of dating, the couple took their relationship to the next level and decided to get married. They embarked on a honeymoon to Barbados, where they spent a memorable 17 days together.

    Moreover, Murphy revealed that during their marriage, their mornings would commence as early as 5 a.m., as they would embark on adventures such as surfing, fishing, or embarking on horseback riding expeditions in picturesque locations.

    They Got Divorced After Almost Three Years Of Marriage

    Following nearly three years of marriage, the pair decided to separate and subsequently divorced in 2002. The exact reasons for their divorce were not publicly disclosed, leaving the details surrounding the dissolution of their marriage to speculation.

    Jake and Carolyn got divorced.
    Jake and Carolyn’s divorce was not peaceful.

    Further, the separation process between Jake and Carolyn was reportedly marked by intense emotions, including custody battles and the division of assets.

    In addition to that, despite the difficulties surrounding their divorce, it is known that Schroeder received a settlement of $1 million, which included both cash and real estate.

    Moreover, after their divorce, the surfer dude remained single, and Carolyn started dating rockstar Brandon Boyd the same year. Their relationship lasted about four years before parting ways.

    The Former Couple Have A Daughter Together

    Schroeder and his then-wife Murphy are the parents of a daughter named Dylan Blue, born on December 28, 2000. Despite having a supermodel mother, Dylan has chosen not to pursue a career in modeling and has shown no interest in the industry.

    After their divorce, custody of Dylan was awarded to Carolyn. However, it seems that Jake maintains a visitation schedule to spend time with his daughter.

    Jake and his family.
    The Schroder family before parting ways.

    According to the arrangement, Schroder has the opportunity to see his daughter every other weekend, as well as for three months during the summer and on holidays during even-numbered years.

    Carolyn Does Not Allow Jake To See His Kid

    Jake Schroeder has accused his ex-wife, Carolyn, of preventing him from seeing their daughter, despite the custody agreement that grants him visitation rights every other weekend. Frustrated by the situation, Jake resorted to calling Murphy a derogatory term, “snobby little b*tch”, expressing his disappointment and anguish.

    Jake has a daughter.
    Jake’s daughter is in her twenties now.

    According to a close friend of Schroeder’s, who spoke to PageSix, Carolyn has been denying him access to their child. He said,

    “She’s not letting him(Jake) see his kid. She’s pretty much telling him he’s only a sperm donor, not a father. All he wants to do is see Dylan.”

    In response to the accusation, the model herself has not provided a statement or clarification regarding the situation. However, her agent, Ivan Bart, defended her and asserted that she is an exceptional mother. Bart explained that Murphy’s schedule revolves around her daughter.

    Jake Tried To Sell Murphy’s Adult Film Tape

    In a distressing turn of events, Schroeder attempted to sell a nonconsensual adult tape featuring his ex-wife Carolyn Murphy. The two-hour-long tape was reportedly filmed during their honeymoon in 1999 and Jake’s actions regarding its distribution led to significant legal consequences.

    Jake Was Arrested For His Actions

    In January 2006, Jake was arrested and charged with extortion for his attempt to sell the explicit tape. However, as the legal proceedings unfolded, he ultimately pled guilty to the lesser charge of grand theft, resulting in the extortion charges being dropped.

    Additionally, as per David Gingras, Schroeder’s attorney, there was no wrongdoing on Jake’s part. He put forward a hypothesis stating that Carolyn falsely accused Jake of extortion to avoid the potential loss in a civil court confrontation.

    Carolyn is a model.
    Schroeder tried selling his ex-partner’s explicit video.

    Moreover, due to his involvement in the incident, Schroeder faced a period of incarceration. He spent five days in jail before being released on bail thanks to the payment made by the Internet Commerce group. Also, it is worth noting that the bail amount was initially set at $500k but was later reduced to $33k.

    Initially, he was ordered to serve 90 days in jail and received a five-year probationary period. However, his probation was violated on multiple occasions, leading to further legal consequences. As a result, Jake was required to serve three years in prison, reflecting the seriousness of his violations.

    Schroeder Became Homeless After His Arrest

    Following his release, Jake’s life took a drastic turn as he found himself without a permanent residence. He became homeless and resorted to living in his car with his two dogs, facing the hardships that come with such circumstances.

    He Has A History Of Drug Abuse And Fraud

    Jake has had an issue of struggling with substance abuse over a period of time. Furthermore, his involvement in criminal activities extends beyond drug abuse.

    He has also been found guilty of committing fraud by writing checks that were unable to be processed due to insufficient funds in his account.

    Where Is Carolyn Murphy’s ex-husband Jake Schroeder Now?

    He currently resides somewhere in the United States. After his divorce from his first wife, Schroeder entered into a new marital relationship with an unidentified woman.

    Moreover, it is presumed that he is currently leading a lifestyle free from substance abuse, indicating that he has made a conscious decision to abstain from the consumption of drugs or alcohol.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Jake Schroeder
    Birth Place United States
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Profession Surfer
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Male
    Marital Status Un-Married
    Relationship Status Single
    Spouse Carolyn Murphy
    Children Dylan Blue (daughter)