Is Aria Mia Loberti Blind? Her Parents, Age, Boyfriend

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    Aria Mia Loberti is a newcomer American actress best known for starring as Marie-Laure Leblanc in Netflix’s All the Light We Cannot See. Further, Loberti is also a well-recognized human rights advocate who represented the U.S. and women with disabilities at the U.N. International Human Rights Summit and was named a U.N. Outstanding Youth in February 2016.

    Just in her 20s, Aria has come a long way, from advocacy to landing into the lead role in Netflix’s adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. But, reached to this level was a complete challenge for her with a rare genetic eye condition called achromatopsia.

    Besides her professional life, what about her love life? Aria seems to be single in the dating game now.

    How Old Is Aria Mia Loberti? Her Parents 

    As of 2023, Aria is 29 years old. She was born to her parents Audrey Loberti and Paul Loberti in March 1994 in Johnston, Rhode Island. However, other details about her father and mom are hard to locate.

    Aria Was Born With The Eye Condition Achromatopsia

    Being born with a rare genetic eye condition Achromatopsia, the 29 years old Loberti is blind since her birth. Back in March 2018, while giving a speech on TED X Talks on the topic of “The Power of Solidarity and Silence”, the actress opened up about her blindness and said,

    I was born very rare genetic eye condition called achromatopsia. This basically means that I am completely color blind, am very nearsighted, and am quite light-sensitive. So that in bright lights like these, or in outdoor lighting, without my dark glasses, I am completely blind and sometimes it’s excruciating.

    Young Aria Mia
    Young Aria Mia. Source: Her Instagram

    As a visually impaired individual, Loberti takes guidance from her guide dog named Ingrid for an easy life.

    Aria Mia Loberti Had A Difficult Childhood

    Growing up with a disability was absolutely complicated for Aria, especially when she started going to school. The Johnston native narrated the challenges that she faced in her early schooling days in a TED talk. She told,

    “My early years of elementary school were challenging, “My needs were not met in the classroom, even though they were protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act and by my Individualized Education Plan. As a result, I would experience debilitating fatigue and frustration.

    She further said,

    One of the more dramatic turns was in second and third grade when I would be shut alone and isolated in a room during recess. I was not allowed to go outside on a playground with the other children because I was considered a liability. So this was challenging.

    But when Aria and her parents spoke against the school’s rule, the school administration formulated a plan so that she could receive her right to education.

    In the TED talk, Loberti also said that she was homeschooled from the middle of her third grade to senior high school due to her blindness but the journey for her turned absolutely amazing.

    Aria Loberti Is Ph.D. Student; Her Excellent Educational Background

    At present, Aria is doing Ph.D. in ancient rhetoric at Pennsylvania State University. She started her doctoral studies in the year 2021. Looking at her educational history, she first went to Winsor Hill Elementary School.

    From third grade to senior high school, she was homeschooled. Later, she enrolled at the University of Rhode Island and graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with three majors- Philosophy, Communication Studies, and political science and minors in Ancient Greek language and Rhetoric in 2020.

    Aria Mia in her graduation day
    Aria Mia on her graduation day with her guide dog. Source: Her Instagram

    Further, she did her master’s in ancient rhetoric at Royal Holloway, University of London on a Fullbright Scholarship and graduated with distinction in 2021.

    Aria Mia Loberti Is A Newcomer Actress; Debuted With Netflix’s All the Light We Cannot See

    Aria is in the leading role of Marie-Laure Leblanc in the upcoming Netflix drama mini-series All the Light We Cannot See. She would appear in the series along with Andrea Deck and Louis Hofmann.

    She won her first breakout role back in 2021 over thousands of other actresses. After she was officially signed for the series, she announced the good news on her Instagram with a long caption.

    In fact, her character Marie too is blind just like she is in her real life and the series is set to release its first episodes on November 2, 2023. As per IMDb.

    Aria Had Never Acted Before; How Did She Get An Iconic Role In The Series?

    The team of the series All The Light We Cannot See was in a global search for blind or low-vision actresses. During that time, Aria got to know about the search from her former childhood teacher and went on to audition and eventually won the lead role.

    Probably living all her life with blindness led her to perform a blind character naturally.

    Loberti Is An Advocator For Disability Equity

    From a very young age, Aria was a fearless speaker who advocated for herself and other people who were disabled like her. In this respect, she once told,

    “Looking back, I realize storytelling and performing were always a part of me. I think having to advocate for myself from a very, very young age instilled in me that storytellers have a lot of power.”

    Her public speaking power and her advocacy for disabilities have led her to several large forums like TEDx, Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters Foundation United Nations, UN Women, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and others.

    Aria Mia as a UNICEF supporter
    Aria Mia in a UNICEF t-shirt. Source: Her Instagram

    Besides, she is also actively involved in other social causes like climate change and child rights to education. In 2022, while visiting Kosovo with UNICEF, she strongly stated,

    “Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, everyone deserves an education, “As someone who had to tirelessly advocate for myself and, when I was in grade school, my own educational access, I feel a personal responsibility to join UNICEF in their relentless efforts to ensure that children globally have that same basic right and have the power to have a voice in their community.

    The URI alumna often coordinates with UNICEF.USA and works for social causes as already stated before. Apart from being an actress and advocator, she also serves as an ambassador for the organization Guide Dogs for the Blind.

    Is Aria Mia Loberti Dating A Boyfriend At Present?

    Mia doesn’t have a boyfriend at present. So far, Aria has never openly talked about her love life. And her social media handles also don’t give any clue about it. It seems like she is currently occupied with her study and her promising career.

    However, we can not ignore the possibility that the girl in her late 20s might be in love or married to a husband. Maybe, she likes to keep it private.

    Loberti Is a Trained Ballet Dancer; Her Other Interest

    The Rhode Island native was trained in Ballet as a child. On October 2, 2018, on World Ballet Day, she shared her childhood picture (where she appears doing ballet) on her Instagram.

    Aria Mia Loberti doing ballet
    Aria Mia doing ballet in the street and her dog is at her side. Source: Her Instagram

    Apart from dancing, she has an interest in music as well. With the fact that ballet dance doesn’t exist without music, she really admires it.

    Aria Mia Is On Instagram

    She is hugely active on Instagram with 3664 followers. On her Insta page, she mostly shares both her personal life and professional life. Further, Aria is on Facebook with 241 followers.

    Similarly, the emerging actress has a Twitter account.

    Aria Mia Loberti’s Net Worth

    Aria is reported to have a net worth between $500k to $800k as of 2023. Her net amount is expected to rise dramatically once the mini-series All the Light We Cannot See got released on Netflix.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Aria Mia Loberti
    Popular Name Aria
    Birth Place Johnston, Rhode Island
    Birthday March 1994
    Age 30 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Father Paul Loberti
    Mother Audrey Loberti
    Profession Actress
    Net Worth $500k-$800k
    Height 5′ 3½
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Dark Brown
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Single