Anya Chalotra’s Parents, Family, Ethnicity

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    You might know who Anya Chalotra is from The Witcher. But, did you know Chalotra comes from a mixed family background? Yes, that’s right, “Yennefer” from the 2019 Netflix show has parents from vastly different lineages. With that in mind, who are her mom and dad?

    In this article, we will be talking about nothing but Chalotra’s extraordinary family life and ethnic background. So, to know more, dig in the article below!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Anya is the daughter of her parents, Madan Chalotra and April Chalotra. Her father is an Indian man, while her mother is a British lady.
    • She grew up with her two siblings – Reeya, her older sister, and Arun, her younger brother.
    • By birth, her ethnicity is a mixture of Kashmiri Indian and English. However, the actress was raised as a Hindu.
    • She visited India for the first time in 2019 with her father and fell in love with her roots.
    • Growing up, Anya was fond of Bollywood movies. She would learn Hindi songs and sing for her family.

    Who Are Anya Chalotra’s Parents?

    Chalotra is the daughter of Madan Chalotra and April Chalotra on 21st July 1995. Her father and mother welcomed their second daughter in their home in Wolverhampton, England.

    Now, as their name suggests, the actress’s dad is of Hindu origin. He migrated all the way from India to the UK when he was young. On the other hand, her mother is an English lady. Despite the cultural differences her parents possess, they came together as one and formed a happy, well-settled family in England.

    Actress, Anya has an Indian father and a British mother
    Chalotra and her parents pictured emotional at her sister’s wedding

    Both Anya’s father and mother have supported her unconditionally in her journey as an actress. In fact, they are always first in line to cheer for their daughter during the release of any of her works. Furthermore, they also appear time and again with their daughter in public events.

    Her Dad Is a Businessman

    While nothing much is known about Mrs. Chalotra, Mr. Chalotra, on the other hand, owns his own business. According to his Linkedin profile, he is the owner of C&A Flooring Ltd. located in Wolverhampton, England.

    Anya Chalotra’s Family Background

    As mentioned already, The Witcher actress’s parents have very different backgrounds. Her father, Madan spent most of his childhood in India, typically in Punjab. Later on, in his youth, he migrated to England and built a life for himself there.

    Since Anya was born and raised in Wolverhampton, she did not know much about her family in India growing up. Regardless of this, she is always very keen to know more about where her culture comes from and who her relatives are.

    Likewise, her mother, April was born and raised in the UK. Growing up, Chalotra has always been closer to her mother’s side of the family. At present, Chalotra’s mom and dad reside in Wolverhampton, England.

    The Actress Grew Up With Two Siblings

    Anya, 27 wasn’t alone growing up. She shares her unique lineage with two other siblings. Moreover, she has an older sister, Reeya Chalotra and a younger brother, Arun Chalotra; making her the middle child.

    Chalotra has a sister, Reeya and a brother, Arun
    The British-Indian actress Anya with her family on her sister, Reeya’s wedding

    Unlike her younger sister, Reeya likes to lay low. So sadly, we do not know what she is up to with her life these days. However, we do know that she has already settled down with her husband. The pictures from her wedding can be found all over the Internet!

    On the other hand, her brother Arun is into acting like his big sis. As a matter of fact, he has featured in the short drama, Queens produced by his sister and her boyfriend, Josh Dylan.

    What Is Anya Chalotra’s Ethnicity?

    Talking about her ethnicity, Anya is part-Kashmiri Indian and part-English. To be more specific, her father possesses the Saryara cast from Kashmir in India, while her mother is a British Caucasian woman.

    Having mixed races can be a bit confusing. Considering this, her parents jointly decided on raising Anya as a Hindu. Moreover, she possesses the nationality of the UK.

    Anya Visited India In 2019; What Was Her Experience Like?

    With the intention to know more about her family overseas, Anya accompanied her dad to India in 2019. It was her first time visiting the land her father came from. The father-daughter duo traveled to Pathankot in Punjab to visit some of his family members.

    Visiting India absolutely changed her whole outlook on life. Explaining her whole experience, Chalotra remembered how all of her relatives from Pathankot were “up to date” with her and her family’s life in the UK during an interview with Vogue India. Moreover, she said,

    He got to show me Pathankot, where so many of my aunties and cousins still live. They’ve been keeping up to date with our lives and we stay abreast of theirs. Even though we’d never met, we became so close so soon. It was everything I had expected Indian culture to be—where your cousins are actually like your siblings.”

    Further, at the same time, they also visited Jaipur, Rajasthan. To pay tribute to Rajasthan, Anya posted a beautiful photo of an old man with a Ravan Hatta, a folk instrument in his hand.


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    In the days to come, the young actress plans on visiting India more often. Upon her return, she also began taking Hindi lessons to be more fluent when she visits next time.

    The Wanderlust Star Is Fond Of Bollywood

    Although Chalotra just recently started taking Hindi classes, she has always been fond of Bollywood. As a matter of fact, during an interview, she explained how she grew up watching Bollywood movies. Over and above this, she also learned some popular Hindi songs growing up and performed for her family at gatherings.

    The British actress, Chalotra grew up watching Bollywood films in England
    The gorgeous, Anya Chalotra clad in her Indian attire

    Furthermore, in her official statement, she said,

    “There was a song from every cult movie—Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…Kal Ho Naa HoMain Hoon NaVeer-Zaara—that I learned and performed for my family at some point.”

    Since her dad was very far from his homeland to introduce his culture to his kids, Anya, and her siblings found a way to learn at least some things about it i.e., through movies!

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Anya Chalotra
    Popular Name Anya Chalotra
    Birth Place Wolverhampton, England
    Birthday July 21, 1995
    Age 28 years
    Nationality British
    Ethnicity Kashmiri Indian and English
    Father Madan Chalotra
    Mother April Chalotra
    Siblings Reeya Chalotra and Arun Chalotra
    School St. Dominic's Grammar School
    College London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art & Guildhall School of Music and Drama
    Profession Actress
    Net Worth $4 million
    Height 5'6"
    Weight 52 kg
    Eye Color Hazel Green
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Taken
    Partner Josh Dylan
    Partner Josh Dylan