Who Is Anya Chalotra Dating? Is She Married? Rumors Of Her Husband And Boyfriend

July 12, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    As season 3 of The Witcher hit the screens, a lot of you are curious to know who is Anya Chalotra dating. To be more specific, her love life and boyfriend have been the real talk of the town these days. Has Anya already married her boyfriend or plans to marry him soon?

    Well, all the answers are here!

    Key Takeaways

    • Anya Chalotra is dating the British actor, Josh Dylan since 2020. Her boyfriend is known for his role in the movie, Allied.
    • Dylan accidentally revealed that the actor is dating the actress in June 2020 during an interview. They worked together on the drama, Queens.
    • They have been living together in a flat in East London.
    • Before Josh, Anya dated a Honduran writer and journalist, Juan F. Sanchez.

    Who Is Anya Chalotra Dating?

    Currently, “Yennefer” from The Witcher is dating her boyfriend, Josh Dylan. As a matter of fact, the duo is reported to have been together since early 2020. However, nothing much is known about their love affair.

    On the contrary, Anya and Josh do make public appearances together time and again. Even more so, the couple also posts pictures of each other on their social media.

    Anya's boyfriend shared a picture of her
    Johs shared this photo of his girlfriend on his Insta.

    While Chalotra seems to keep things off the radar, her boyfriend on the other hand loves to show her off. For instance, on 29th June 2023, he posted a picture of them together on his Insta story with the caption, “Witcher 3 out today! So proud of @anyachalotra”. Likewise, he also has a picture of her on his feed with her screen name as the caption.

    Her Boyfriend, Josh Dylan Is Also An Actor

    Unlike Anya, who entered the world of entertainment not long ago, her boyfriend has been in this business for quite some time. Moreover, he is a British actor who is known for his debut in the 2016 movie, Allied. In the film, he portrayed the role of Captain Adam Hunter.

    Anya Chalotra's partner since 2020, Josh Dylan
    The “Allied” actor has been in the industry for quite some time.

    Besides this, he is also well known for his part in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, along with his acting credits in The End of the F***g World, and Nought and Crosses.

    How Did Anya Meet Josh? A Timeline Of Their Dating Life

    Because of the secrecy, they have maintained so far, it is hard to pinpoint how exactly the two love birds met. To this date, it is only known that Chalotra and Dylan have been in each other’s lives since 2020. Apart from this, more intimate details of their relationship have not been made public yet.

    "The Witcher" actress, Anya with her long-term boyfriend
    Chalotra and Dylan, the happy couple

    Nevertheless, in June 2020, Dylan indirectly hinted at him and Anya being together. Furthermore, while talking about his job as a producer of the short drama, Queens, he addressed the actress as his girlfriend.

    Apparently, the pair were working side by side on this project. So, perhaps, they met and fell in love in the process. That is a likely possibility! Not to forget, Chalotra’s brother, Arun Chalotra was also featured in the drama.

    Josh’s “accidental confirmation” of his affair with Anya went viral on Twitter as well. A fan page for the Wanderlust actress by the name, @bestofanyac posted a recording of the interview online. This, in turn, made fans go crazy. While some of them were left in awe, many of them were very happy to see their favorite actors in love.

    Does Anya Have any Plans on Getting Married Soon?

    Chalotra who has an Indian and English family background has not mentioned anything about her wedding plans. However, the lovebirds have leveled up in their relationship by moving in together. Sources have confirmed that Chalotra and her partner have been living together for some months. They live in a beautiful flat in East London.

    Judging from how their relationship is going so far, it wouldn’t be long before they tie the knot. Besides, as of 2023, Anya and Josh have been together for almost 3 years. The young love birds still have a lot of time to figure things out, especially regarding marrying.

    Lovers, Anya and Josh in a cute selfie
    The love birds on a vacation – Chalotra with her partner, Dylan

    Over and above this, both of them might also be busy with their individual careers at the moment. So, it is possible that it will take them a few years on deciding when to get married.

    Meet Anya’s Ex-Boyfriend, a Honduran Writer

    Before dating her actor boyfriend, Chalotra was dating a Honduran writer/journalist, Juan F. Sanchez. As the sources claim, they had a long-term relationship which ended before she came across Dylan. Furthermore, they broke up because of the differences in their religious values, among other things.

    Just like with Josh, she kept her relationship with Juan a secret as well.