Andrew Tate’s Wife: Did He Ever Get Married? List of His Girlfriends

August 24, 2023   | August 30, 2023  | 

    Over the years, Andrew Tate’s love life has been a constant concern among his fans, especially his wife and married life. While the exact details about his wife still remain behind the public knowledge, the former kickboxer cryptically revealed his possible marriage in some of his interviews. 

    So, who is Andrew Tate’s wife? Also, know about his girlfriends and dating life in detail.

    Key Takeaways

    • Andrew Tate is secretly in a marital relationship with his wife.
    • He is also reported to be a father of two kids.
    • Tate has dated a number of girlfriends in the past, yet confirmed his relationship officially.

    Who is Andrew Tate’s Wife? His Married Life 

    Tate seems to be secretly married to his wife now. In an interview with Piers Morgan in Jan 2023, Tate said that he “believes in love of course I believe in the marriage of course I believe in the family.”

    He further said in quite an enigmatic way,

    “If I’m not married already I will be married one day if I’m not.”

    When Morgan asked him if he “might be secretly married,” he responded, “I could be married correct.”

    So, looking at this statement, Tate may have a wife at present or may not have one.

    List Of Andrew Tate’s Girlfriends

    1. Naghel Georgiana Manuela
    2. Lori Harvey
    3. Sofiya Guliyeva
    4. Sophie

    Let’s Talk About Tate’s Girlfriends One By One

    Although Tate has never come forward to reveal his relationship status publically, the media personality has been linked to several women in the past. He was once rumored to be dating a girl named Naghel Georgiana Manuela.

    People started guessing about possible romance when Tate posted his picture together with his rumored girlfriend Naghel on his Instagram with the caption, “I fly my plane with the one woman I trust.

    Andew and Naghel in the jet
    Andrw was once said to be in a relationship with a girl named Naghel

    However, neither Tate nor Manuela has ever confirmed their relationship to the public.

    Lori Harvey

    In the past,  Lori Harvey, the adoptive daughter of Steve Harvey was also believed to be Andrew’s gf. But, no public evidence of the two being involved romantically has been found yet.

    Sofiya Guliyeva

    The TikTok star Sofiya is also believed to be Tate’s romantic partner. The rumors of them dating each other spread when Sophia featured her alleged boyfriend Tate in one of her TikTok videos with the caption “Top G & Baby G“, which got millions of views.

    Andrew's ex-gf Sofiya
    Andrew and Sofiya are said to be dating each other.

    On top of that when TikTok star Sophia openly supported Andrew despite his derogatory comment about women, the rumor about their relationship reached its peak. However, no official statement regarding their romantic affairs has surfaced in the media yet.

    Andrew’s Ex-Girlfriend Sophie Accused Him Of Horrific Abuse

    In 2023, one of Andrew’s ex-girlfriends Sophie accused him of extreme violence against her. According to her statement, she fell in love with Tate online and flew to Romania to be with him. But things turned out really horrible. She said that Andrew used to be very controlling towards her. He even slapped her and forced her into his webcam operations. In this regard, Sophie said,

    “[Tate] held me up against the wall and he slapped me really hard and followed it with ‘you w***e”

    She further claimed that she did everything for him to make him happy. But as time passed, she felt mentally and emotionally drained from the relationship and finally decided to come out to get legal help.

    As of now, all the allegations made by Sophie have been denied by Andrew, the son of Eileen Tate.

    Does Andrew Have Children? 

    In the September 2022 interview with The Times, Andrew who grew up with his two siblings Janine and Tristan Tate claimed that he has children in the double-digit count. He said,

    Double digit children. And they all adore me. “They see me as their hero and the women who have my children see me as a hero.

    He further continued,

    Everybody close to me respects me. “Nobody has ever said that what I am doing is detrimental to the boys. Or the girls.”