Tristan Tate’s Wife: Did He Get Married? His Girlfriend And Relationship

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    Tristan Tate, the brother of the infamous, Andrew Tate, is no less than his brother, however, is quieter. With little to no social media presence, it is hard to know much about the younger Tate sibling. To be more specific, unlike his big bro, does Tristan have a wife? We are well aware that it’s somewhat of a mystery.

    If you’ve been following him for long, you’ll also know that the entrepreneur is a father.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Tristan isn’t married as of 2023.
    • He was previously in a relationship with Bianca Dragusanu, a Romanian TV personality.
    • His former gf Bianca cheated on his ex-husband with Tristan and lost her TV show.
    • He also linked with another Romanian personality, Cristina Pazurati. They have a daughter together.
    • He has another kid with a woman who is still a mystery. His second child was born while the Tate was arrested in early 2023.
    • Tate is possibly dating the model, Abigail Tyson, in 2023.

    Tristan Tate’s Wife; Is He Married?

    Unfortunately, Tristan doesn’t seem to have a wife yet. Truth be told, the Luton native is happy to be living a commitment-free life, away from the hassle of having a wife. Besides, the media personality, along with his bro, is busy forcing women to perform in adult videos than settle down with a life partner – he’s too into his notorious yet glamor-filled lifestyle!

    Despite having to say that, it’s no secret that the man has had more than just a few women come and go from his life. Although he isn’t as vocal as Andrew, Tristan has, on multiple occasions, revealed about his personal life; more specifically, his dating life.

    So, even if he does not have a spouse at the moment, he’s had a fair share of girlfriends. Continue reading to find out about them.

    Tristan Tate’s Ex-Girlfriend Bianca Dragusanu

    For almost 4 years, the former kickboxer was in a romantic love affair with the beautiful Romanian TV presenter, Bianca Dragusanu. As reports confirm, their relationship began in 2014 but ended in 2018. The reason for their separation is, however, unknown.

    Businessman, Tristan dated the Romanian TV star, Bianca
    The ex-lovers, Tristan and Bianca pictured together

    Like her ex-boyfriend, Bianca is a huge social media and TV personality. Before dating him, she had her very own program on television, I Want You Close to Me. Along with this, she is also an entrepreneur and a successful model. So far, Dragusanu has modeled with big-shot brands like Cavalli, Dorce & Gabbana, and Armani.

    Coming back to talking about their relationship, the ex-lovebirds were quite open about dating each other. Almost everyone who followed them knew that Tate and Bianca were in love and even lived together. From time to time, they also posted cute photos of each other from their romantic getaways on their respective social media handles.

    Was Bianca’s Show Canceled Because of Her Notorious Boyfriend, Tristan?

    To some extent, yes, the journalist did lose her show because of her then-boyfriend – how did that happen? According to the sources, Bianca was a married woman when she met her new lover, Tristan. She was formally married to Victor Slav, the host of Beauty on the Edge. The husband-wife duo got married in 2013 but were facing a lot of ups and downs. Furthermore, in 2014, she came across her future bf Tate and was caught cheating on her ex-hubby – that’s when things went south for Bianca.

    Because of the whole scandal of her cheating, the model-cum-journalist was highly criticized. Over and above this, the image and reputation that she worked so hard to build were brought down. Eventually, she also lost her TV show, I Want You Close to Me.

    Did Tristan Tate Ever Marry Cristina Pazurati, His Former Girlfriend?

    Tate did date Cristina Pazurati, however, the two were never married. Just like Bianca, Cristina is also known well for her social media presence and for dating one of the infamous Tate brothers.

    Tristan Tate's girlfriend, Cristina Pazurati is a Romanian model
    Tate’s not-so-famous girlfriend, Cristina

    But, unlike his ex-lover, Tristan was more careful and secretive about his relationship with Cristina. Even more so, many thought that their being together was just a rumor and nothing else. Nevertheless, we’re here to clear this confusion – they dated! Although the timeline is a bit off, the two might have gotten together after Tate’s breakup with Bianca.

    Currently, they are far from being lovers. As a matter of fact, the two broke things off quite a while back. But, regardless of the breakup, they’re still very close to each other; there’s a reason for that.

    Tate and His Ex-Gf Cristina Have a Child Together

    The only thing that brought Tristan closer to his ex is the kid that he had with her. As of 2023, the former lovers seem to be co-parents to their daughter.

    In the course of his relationship with Pazurati, the ex-couple became parents to a beautiful baby girl. However, due to privacy concerns, the businessman hardly talks about his little girl. She was only introduced to the world for the first time in December 2022 while visiting Dubai with her parents.

    Trsitan Tate has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Cristina
    Tate’s daughter whom he shares with a former lover Pazurati

    Furthermore, according to her mother, she is the “first and only child” that her ex-partner Tate has. When people assumed the businessman had his first child with his other girlfriend, Abigail Tyson, Cristina was furious. Canceling all the rumors, she said,

    “I don’t think he has a child with her because he has a child with me, POINT! It’s his first and only child!”

    Tate Missed The Birth Of His 2nd Child; Who Is The Baby’s Mama?

    We’re here to clear a doubt that his daughter with former gf Christina is not his only kid. He also has another kid with a woman whose identity is unknown.

    In late January 2023, Tristan and his big bro were arrested for charges of human trafficking, rape, and organized crime. Now, while he was spending time in prison, a woman he knocked up was giving birth to his kid. Surprisingly enough, he was well aware of this situation and used it to his own advantage.

    Having missed his kid’s birth, Tate, the brother of Janine Tate appealed for an early release so he could meet his 3-week-old baby. Moreover, with the help of his lawyer, Tina Glandin his appeal was approved and he became a free man.

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    Who is Tristan Tate’s Girlfriend in 2023?

    Currently, in 2023, Tate is rumored to be dating the model, Abigail Tyson. Although the kickboxer is yet to confirm this rumor, The US Sun already called Tyson his “model girlfriend”. Further flames into this are also added by a few of Abigail’s posts on Instagram. Scrolling through her feed, you’ll find a number of posts of her all cozied up with her alleged boyfriend Tate.

    Tate's model girlfriend Abigail who he might be dating currently
    Tristan and Abigail in a single frame together

    On top of this, many also believe that she might be the mystery woman Tate had his second child with, in late January 2023. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

    Further, Tyson’s house was raided by police following the investigation against Tristan and Andrew for trafficking. All of these, with the addition of a few other pieces of news point at Tristan dating Abigail in 2023.