Why is Maggie Lindemann famous? 7 Interesting Facts

January 5, 2023   | January 5, 2023  | 

    Maggie Lindemann is an American singer-songwriter who became immensely famous for her breakthrough single ‘Pretty Girl.’ Following her hit debut, she transitioned towards pop punk and alternative rock genres with the release of her debut, EP, Paranoia (2021).

    Since then, Maggie has been slowly but steadily rising through the ranks of the singing world. However, every singer has that special something that makes them famous and the same can be said about Maggie. What makes her so special? Why is Maggie Lindemann famous?

    Here today let’s find out in addition to seven interesting facts about Maggie Lindemann.

    7) Maggie was interested in singing from the beginning

    If someone is a famous singer, then there is no doubt that you were keen on singing from the get-go. Born on July 21, 1998, in Dallas, Texas to Barton Duane and Susan Denise Lindemann, Maggie always felt a sense of belongingness whenever she used to sing.

    As we mentioned above, Lindemann always wanted to be a singer. At just the age of 4, she joined a local church choir. This really helped her hone her singing skills earlier on in her life.

    Maggie Lindemann seven interesting facts
    Maggie joined a local church choir at the age of 11.

    Then as soon as she turned 11, she started writing her own music. Right after she became a teenager, she started sharing recordings of her singing on the now-defunct social media app, Keek. She gained a lot of fame in the app in addition to other social media accounts. This really helped her at the beginning of her singing career.

    6) She was discovered for singing bad

    Well, this might come as a shock to many of you but yes, Maggie’s talent for singing was discovered thanks to her bad singing ability, however purposefully.

    It was back in 2014 when one of Maggie’s fans posted an old video on YouTube of her singing the national anthem but in a purposefully bad way.

    Although Lindemann didn’t have any kind of intention from the video whatsoever, a Sony Music marketing strategist was able to discover her potential. Regardless of how she butchered the song, the executive believed she has potential and asked her to become her manager, which she immediately accepted.

    5) She moved to Los Angeles from Boerne, Texas to pursue music

    It is the same old story of many singers or actors or rappers, in order to make a big name for themselves, they move to a bigger city. Similarly, Maggie also moved to the capital city of entertainers, Los Angeles, California. She moved to the west coast at the age of 16.

    In an interview with PhoenixMag, when asked about how she took such a big decision with ease, she said,

    “Gosh it was so easy, I don’t really have many friends, they weren’t real nice to me in school.”

    4) Maggie draws inspiration from artists whom she calls ‘anti-popstars’

    From the beginning of her career, Lindemann was a unique personality. Her lyrics are not only inspirational but also relatable. According to her, she is inspired by artists like Banks, Spooky Black, and Lorde. In an interview with Coveteur, she also Maggie also said she loves Lana Del Ray’s music due to her lyrics being brilliant.

    Maggie Lindemann SUCKERPUNCH
    Maggie first launched her career through her single, ‘Pretty Girl.’

    She said, “I love Lana Del Rey. Ugh, just everything she is about, her style, her sound… everything. I love that she can be so mainstream but at the same time, she is so different. She’s not even on the radio, yet she’s so successful. She has that carefree attitude. She doesn’t feel mainstream, and her music never gets old.”

    3) She wanted to become a Nurse

    In an interview with Phoenix Mag, the SUCKERPUNCH singer said, she wanted to become a pediatric oncology nurse. However, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t interested in music at all. She was but like we all have that second opinion, it was just like that.

    She stated, “Kind of what I was set towards, but I always had a feeling that I wasn’t going to go to college and have a normal job.”

    2) Maggie wants her fans to be true to who they are

    Like any responsible influencer, Maggie has always said that she wants her fans to stick to what they are truly from the inside and not fake show off. The Texas native is someone who has been a victim of bullying while growing up and she wants her fans to fan out all the negative opinions others might have of them.

    Why is Maggie Lindemann famous
    Maggie Lindemann dated Brandon Arreaga in the past.

    In an interview with Teen Vogue, she mentioned, “I just want my supporters to learn that they are so much better than how people in their lives might treat them, because people can really suck. Be true to yourself and be who YOU are, not who someone else wants you to be.”

    To be honest, her nature of always helping out others is something that really answers the question, why is Maggie Lindemann famous?

    1) She is dating an NBA Player

    As of 2023, she is in a relationship with Utah Jazz’ Point Guard, Jordan Clarkson. The couple started dating in September 2022. Maggie first saw her boyfriend on Instagram but it was only after meeting in person at a party that they started following each other on Instagram.

    Previously, she was dating social media star and singer, Brandon Arreaga. They dated from 2019 to 2022.