Who Is Zach Bryan’s Wife? Facts About Girlfriend, Relationships, Cheating Scandal

January 11, 2023   | August 30, 2023  | 

    Zach Bryan is a singer-songwriter who began his musical journey in the late 2010s but the triumph the artist has gained within a short period of time is quite astonishing. He released his major-label debut—a triple album, American Heartbreak in mid-2022, which also made it to No.5 on the US Billboard 200. In fact, before embarking on music, Bryan was enlisted in the United States Navy.

    Well, since his skyrocketing fame as a solo artist, many people are also eager to know about his love life. So, let’s find out Is the artist married? If yes, who is Zach Bryan’s wife?

    We are here with numerous intriguing facts about his love life from Bryan’s wedding during COVID-19, his divorce from his better half, to his new girlfriend!

    Key Takeaways:

    • Bryan previously married his ex-wife Rose Madden.
    • His former spouse is now a passionate floral designer and a professional golfer.
    • They had a mountain wedding.
    • Bryan reportedly cheated on his life partner Rose when she was on deployment in Italy.
    • Zach then began dating a girlfriend named Deb. The two also broke up in May 2023.
    • At present, Bryan is dating a girl named Brianna Chickenfry.

    Who is Zach Bryan’s Wife?

    Bryan was previously married to his wife Elizabeth Rose Madden. Like him, his ex-spouse Rose was also in the United States Navy and it was where they met for the first time.

    zach bryan's ex-wife rose madden
    Zach Bryan’s Wife Rose

    Talking more about his former wife, Madden is from Lancaster, Ohio, and graduated from Arizona State University. She has mentioned herself as an outdoor enthusiast, photographer, and professional golfer on her Facebook.

    Besides, Rose is also a passionate floral designer.

    Rose Is a Naval Aviator

    Zach Bryan’s wife Rose first landed her military role as a Naval Aviator at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, the air station in Island County, Washington in August 2017. She has held the position ever since.

    At present, Madden is also a ground safety petty officer in Patrol Squadron 46 (aka Grey Knights). She started working as a petty officer in 2021.

    She now resides in Oak Harbor, Washington.

    Zach and His Wife Rose’s Wedding Was Postponed A Couple of Times Due to COVID-19

    As said above, Zach and his Navy girlfriend had to forcefully postpone their wedding a couple of times because of COVID-19. They first planned to marry at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. However, it was the chaotic times when COVID-19 just spread out and the US-Canadian border was closed. As a result, the duo canceled their nuptials.

    For the second time, they planned to hold their wedding ceremony at Glacier National Park in Montana, Zachary’s favorite state. Nevertheless, the lovebirds again had to postpone their marriage since the Department of Defense announced a travel restriction limiting movement within a 350-mile radius. And the venue the two choose for their big day was almost double the distance at 640 miles, leaving them with no option to cancel their plan.

    They Finally Wed in Colchuck Lake

    Eventually, for the third time, Zach and his future wife Madden choose Colchuck Lake in Leavenworth, Washington with no possibility of an unusual circumstance. It was about 150 miles away from their home.

    After their wedding was confirmed, Bryan and his girlfriend-turned fiance who were engaged for nearly four months met at Iron Creek Falls in Mt. St. Helens, Washington for their big day. Rose later contacted Carla Schier of Honey Crumb Cake Studio to design the wedding cake.

    The duo actually planned for a mountaintop wedding, for which, they had to complete an 11-mile uphill hike. And the duo was at the Safeway in Leavenworth before began their hiking.

    After an exhausting hike to over 2,200ft in altitude, the couple eventually could make it to their destination early enough to prepare for their wedding. They first exchanged their handwritten vows and custom rings.

     zach bryan's spouse Rose
    Bryan’s Former Spouse Rose At Their Wedding 

    For their mountaintop elopement, the husband and wife lived there for two weeks and later they held their reception on their 5-acre homestead in rural Island County. Due to the COVID pandemic, there were limited guests only their closest family and friends.

    Despite the immense love the two initially shared, it didn’t go as expected afterward.

    Is He Still Married to Rose Madden? Did Zach Bryan Cheat On His Wife?

    No, Zach and his spouse Rose are no more together. The couple divorced shortly after their marriage. As per some sources, the former flames went their separate ways after Bryan reportedly cheated on his wife when Rose was on deployment in Italy.

    Supporting the cheating hearsay, a source close to Bryan’s ex-wife Rose once told,

    “I knew both Zach and Rose personally… I know that I have no credibility being a random account on the internet, and I’m sure not many will believe me, but I had spoken with Rose and apparently Zach cheated on her while she was on deployment in Italy. And then continued to forcibly divorce her while she was in the middle of her deployment.”

    Apparently, there were also rumors the two split after Bryan’s music career took off. As of now, they have also deleted each other’s photos on their social media handles.

    What Happened to Zach Bryan and Elizabeth Rose Madden?

    As said above, the former couple who had a pre-planned lavish mountain wedding couldn’t hold their marriage for long. Whatever happened with their relationship, both Zach and his wife Rose have now moved on with their lives.

    While Bryan is publically dating his new girlfriend, his former spouse Madden has remained tight-lipped regarding her relationship status. She hasn’t since come forward with her dating life.

    Zach Bryan’s Girlfriend After His Divorce From His Ex-Spouse

    After his split with his better half Rose, Zach began dating his girlfriend Deb Peifer. The couple had been in a relationship for quite some time before things turned south.

    On 3rd Jan 2023, Bryan’s gf posted a series of photos with her boyfriend on her Instagram. She wrote the caption,

    “one whole year of me and you and that smol little brown bear. To many more road trips and sunsets and people asking me to break up with you.”

     zach bryan girlfriend now
     Bryan’s gf Debra Peifer

    Further, a few days after, Bryan was seen watching a football game with his girlfriend at Lincoln Financial Philadelphia Eagles Stadium.

    So, at the time, the duo looked like they were enjoying every moment together. While everything seemed to be okay between the two, Bryan announced his break-up with his new partner Debra via Twitter at the end of May.

    Soon after, they also unfollowed each other on their respective social media handles. Even more so, they deleted each other’s photos on their Instagram and Facebook

    Bryan’s Bike Accident With His Gf

    In addition to their smoldering romance, the lovebirds also experienced a terrific bike accident when they were on a motorcycle ride.

    The incident occurred only a couple of weeks after his breakthrough album American Heartbreak was released in May 2022. At the time, the singer lost control and the bike crashed down on the road, resulting in severe injury for Zach. The left side of his head as well as his right hand were severely wounded in the accident.

    Fortunately, Bryan’s then-girlfriend Peifer wasn’t that injured.

    Zach Bryan’s New Girlfriend in 2023

    After his split with his ex, Peifer, Bryan moved on with a TikToker Brianna Chickenfry. The couple came out publically in July 2023. The first time, they came across each other at the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2023.

    Zach’s new-girlfriend Brianna confirmed her relationship with him in late July of the year.