Who is Tammy Allen Husband? Details on her Children and Dating Life

February 27, 2023   | February 27, 2023  | 

    Tammy Allen is a famous Automobile collector who operates the Allen Distinctive Auto’s. In addition to that, she is the daughter of Bill Allen, the late American businessman, who was the founder of the oilfield service company, VECO Corporation.

    The majority of motor enthusiasts out there are eager to know their personal front of Tammy. A lot of questions have been asked about who is Tammy Allen’ husband. 

    In this article, we are going to find out many interesting details about Tammy Allen’s marriage life, the death of one of her children, and more!

    Who is Tammy Allen’ husband?

    Currently, Tammy is single and doesn’t seem to have a husband. Moreover, she doesn’t have a boyfriend as well, but due to her secretive nature, we cannot say that for certainty.

    Previously, Tammy was married to someone with the surname, Kerrigan. Moreover, after marrying her hubby, she even adopted her partner’s surname and was known as Tammy Kerrigan. However, it looks like she has since been divorced from her spouse.

    Is Tammy dating someone currently?

    No, she is not dating someone as of now, not that we know of. Going through her social media profile, it is evident that she is not in a relationship with anyone. 

    She is relishing her single life. Tammy shares a lot on her Facebook profile about her day-to-day activities. In her old age, she is being kept company by her pet dogs, whom she loves a lot. 

    We can safely say Tammy is enjoying her life without any man in her life. 

    How many children does Tammy have?

    From her relationships throughout the years, Tammy became a mother of three beautiful children, Landon Alexander, Kasey Gallegos, Misty Allen, and Skylar Baldwin.

    Her son Landon Alexander was born on October 25th, 1978, in Colorado. He studied at Cornerstone Christian K-12 and Parker High School. During his time at the Cornerstone Christian, he got into a fight with a guy who was messing with his sister Kasey, despite warning him multiple times.

    Tammy with her daughter
    Tammy with her daughter Kasey.

    Tammy’s daughter Kasey is currently married to Sam Rivera. They exchanged vows on 5th April 2017, in an intimate ceremony. From Kasey’s side, Tammy is a grandmother of three beautiful kids including the oldest Shelbey Kerrigan.

    Misty is also a married woman. She tied the knot with her boyfriend Jace Casey in 2016. From their marriage, they became a parent of two children, both of them daughters.

    Tammy Allen’s Son Died in 2015: What was his cause of death?

    Tammy’s oldest and only son tragically passed away on June 20, 2015. At the time of his death, he was 36 years old. The reason behind his death has not been revealed.

    We all know how tragic it is to bury your own child. Sadly, Tammy had to bear this burden. Taking to her Facebook account, she mentioned how devastated she has become after her baby boy passed away at such a ripe age. On her Facebook, she had written,

    “My heart is broken in to a million pieces. It’ll never be the same with out my curly haired baby.”

    Tammy's son died in 2015
    Tammy’s late son with his pet dog.

    Who is Tammy Allen?

    She was born on February 22nd, 1960, in Colorado, United States. She is one of three children of Bill Allen, the former CEO of VECO Corporation, a now-defunct Alaskan-based oil pipeline service. Her dad, originally from New Mexico, moved to the Alaskan state at the age of 16 and became a welder to support his family. 

    Tammy Allen Bill Allen daughter
    Tammy with her late son.

    Apart from Tammy, Bill was the father to two more kids, Mark Allen and Shannon West. When Bill was arrested in 2007 after he pleaded guilty to Alaska political corruption probe. Soon, he resigned from VECO and his daughter Tammy took over as the Chairman of the Board. She then negotiated the sale of VECO to Colorado-based CH2M Hill corporation. From the sale, all three of Bill’s kids each received a staggering $30 million.

    Nowadays Tammy is famous for her incredible car collections, which have been featured in several documentaries and shows. For the past several years now, Tammy has been purchasing many collectible cars and adding to her already huge list of cars.