Who Is Jessica Kirson’s Wife? Married Life, Girlfriend

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    Jessica Kirson, an American stand-up comedian and actress is claimed to be married to her wife Danielle Sweeney. Though the stand-up comedian has been very open about her marriage with a woman multiple times, Kirson seems to be a bit reserved in opening her partner’s identity lately. So, who exactly her spouse is?

    Here is the truth is Jessica actually married to a woman named Danielle or not?

    Key Takeaways

    • Jessica is married to her wife Danielle Sweeney-Kirson for several years now. Her spouse is mental health counselor by profession.
    • Kirson tied the knot with Sweeney in September 2014.
    • Before Danielle, Jessica was already married once and dealt with divorce. With her ex, she even has a daughter. As of now, she is a parent to four daughters named Zoe, Bella, and twins.
    • Prior to her marriage, Kirson is reported to have been in a relationship with her girlfriends named Susan Powter and  Rachel Feinstein.

    Who Is Jessica Kirson’s Wife?

    Well, Jessica is undoubtedly married to her wife Danielle Sweeney- Kirson. As per her LinkedIn account, Kirson’s spouse Danielle is a licensed mental health counselor practicing in West Hempstead, New York.

    She has been working in New York for several years now. Mrs. Kirson treats clients with various mental and emotional health issues.

    Besides, Danielle also has served in the position of Director at Outreach Development Corporation, a non-profit organization that provides service and training for drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

    As for education, Sweeney has a master’s degree in Counselling. She earned her master’s degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling from St. John’s University in 2003.

    How Long Have Jessica Kirson and Danielle Been Married?

    Well, the exact detail about their marriage is yet to find out. However, as per sources, Jessica walked down the aisle with her wife Danielle in September 2014 in a low-key wedding ceremony.

    Jessica with her wife
    Jessica with her wife on her wedding day

    Three years later, the stand-up comedian publicly announced her marriage with a woman through her Twitter. Regarding her nuptial, Kirson tweeted back on November 11, 2017, where she wrote,

    I’m a Jewish woman, married to another woman. I’m in my 40s. Sit at the table and love it. I’m respected and the @NYCComedycellaris family to me. They treat me like gold. Get a ton of stage time there and have for yrs. This is my experience. I’m grateful.

    Coming up to 2023,  it’s been almost 9 years since Kirson is leading a happy life with her better half.

    Kirson Was Previously Married To An Unknown Woman 

    While having an exclusive talk with Forbes in April 2021, Jessica opened up about her past marriages and divorce. Without revealing her ex-wife’s identity, she stated,

     I have four daughters from two different women have two baby mamas. I deal with divorce. I deal with co-parenting.

    In spite of being very outspoken about her identity, the comedian seems to be very respectful in maintaining the privacy of her other half.

    She Shares Four Children With Her Wives

    From her two marriages, Kirson has four daughters in total. Her elder daughter is Zoe Calii who is currently 16 years old. She is an actress by profession.

    Further, her second daughter Bella is 6 years old now. Also, she has two twins whose name is yet to divulge in the media. Her twin’s daughter is about 3 years old at present.

    Jessica and her first-born daughter
    Jessica with her first-born daughter. Source: Twitter

    Back in 2021, Jessica very fondly talked about her children with the magazine The Spokesman and said that her daughters are very goofy and sweet and she loves them with all her heart.

    Among four, one of her daughters has a serious heart disease about which she conversated with the interrobang. She said of one of her daughters,

     she has a very damaged heart and it’s not ok.” I mean, she’s ok right now but she needs more surgery and she might need more than one or two. Her doctor is very good, thank God. He wanted to take her case because it’s so rare.

    Besides, looking at her daughter’s age, Bella and her twins are probably her children with her current wife Danielle.

    Jessica Kirson’s Girlfriends

    As per sources, Jessica has had a couple of affairs in the past. She reportedly dated an Australian fitness guru Susan Powter from the year 2007 to 2008.

    Further, her other rumored relationship was with a lady named Rachel Feinstein.