Who Is Georgie Farmer Girlfriend? He Talks About His Romantic Dates

January 2, 2023   | January 2, 2023  | 

    Georgie Farmer is a British actor who suddenly became a sensation following the release of the Netflix series Wednesday. In the series, he played a character named Ajax Petropolus, a shy gorgon student at Nevermore Academy.

    The fame that he has achieved has not only raised concerns about his career, but also his love life. There are several young female fans that are concerned about Georgie Farmer girlfriend in real life?

    Well, here we are to find answers to all the questions about his love affairs, girlfriends, & much more.

    Who Is Georgie Farmer Girlfriend In 2023?

    Georgie aka Ajax from Wednesday is not dating a girlfriend at present. The actor is single and is rather more focused on his career. 

    Moreover, his social media posts also pretty much signals towards the fact that he is not in a committed relationships in 2023. Most of his social media post are about his professional life, which indicated his dedication towards work instead of romantic relationship.

    Georgie Farmer Talks About His Worst Dating Experiences

    Though Farmer is single at present, he has been in a few dates in the past, which seemingly turned out to be his worst experience. He talked about his worst dating experience during his interview with Hollywire. 

    Georgie Farmer Is Not Dating A Girlfriend In 2023

    When asked about his worst date, Georgie started by saying that he has had a couple of them. He talked about one of his worst dates where he along with the girl went for a movie together but none of them talked to each other on their way to the theatre and neither in the theatre. Later after the movie they simply hugged each other before saying goodbye and never talking again.

    He said,

    I have had a couple of bad dates. I think my worst date was, I remember going to the the cinema with a girl and we didn’t really talk on the way to the movie theatre, we didn’t talk within the movie. And we came out and we just said “wow, that was a good movie” and then she was like yes and then we sort of hugged and then that was it and we never spoke to each other again.

    Moreover, when the interviewer asked if they still don’t talk since he is already so famous, he simply said.

    No. I don’t know about that.

    Well, here is the clip, if you would like to check.

    Video: Georgie Farmer Talks About His Worst Dates

    His Past Affairs & Girlfriends

    While Georgie has confirmed about his worst dating experiences, he has not opened up whether he ever had an actual girlfriend in the past.

    However, considering the fact that he went on dates, we can assume that he must have had a few girlfriends. But unfortunately, the Wednesday actor Farmer has not revealed their names yet. Hopefully, he talks about his romantic relationships in the future.

    Georgie Farmer Gained Fame Because Of “Wednesday”

    Born on May 26, 2002, Georgie primarily gained fame after his role Ajax Petropolus in the Netflix series Wednesday. In the series, he portrays a shy gorgon student at Nevermore Academy who is also the crush of another character Enid.

    Talking about Wednesday, it is an American supernatural comedy horror show, primarily based on the character Wednesday Addams. The story begins with Addams being expelled from school as she tries to harm fellow students by dumping piranhas in the swimming pool.

    After the incident she is admitted in Nevermore Academy, which is a school for monstrous students. It is after this the story picks up a pace. Well, the series also stars other which include Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, Emma Myers, Jamie McShane, Joy Sunday, Iman Marson, & more

    His Other Works

    Though Georgie only achieved major fame with Wednesday, he has a decent portfolio of works in the past. Prior to this, he appeared in 2014 TV series Evermoor, and 2019 TV series Treadstone