Who Is Eva Zafira Zion? Know About Dr. Miami’s Wife In Detail

October 6, 2023   | October 6, 2023  | 

    Eva Zafira Zion is the wife of the famous American celebrity plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer, popularly known as Dr. Miami. The couple has been married for almost three decades now.

    In this article, let’s dive more into Eva’s marital relationship alongside her family life and career.

    Key Takeaways

    • Eva Zafira Zion, famously known as Dr. Miami’s wife, is a Ph.D. holder.
    • She accompanied her husband in his cosmetic clinics.
    • Eva has been married to Miami since the mid-1990s and they share children together.
    • Eva currently resides in Bal Harbour, Florida with her family.

    Eva Zafira Zion Is Dr. Miami’s Wife Of 27 Years; When Did They Get Married?

    Eva and her now-famous husband Michael tied the knot on July 9, 1995, in a wedding ceremony held at Temple Israel of Lawrence in Long Island.

    Their marriage was attended by both the groom’s and bride’s close family and friends. Rabbi Chananya Elbaz was a special guest who gave a special performance on their special day.

    Eva is a married man
    Eva and her husband on their wedding day

    Coming up to 2024, the couple has already celebrated their 29th marriage anniversary. Almost three decades of togetherness and still, they share a great union together.

    Some years back, the pair took part in a Marathon for the first time and while posting their pictures on socials, the plastic surgeon mentioned his wife as his ‘soulmate—my incredible, gorgeous and talented wife.”

    How Did Eva Meet Her Partner?

    Eva and her spouse first came across each other while they were studying at Brooklyn College in New York. Precisely telling, they met during the dining at the college cafeteria as per IMDb.

    Beginning with casual conversation, the strangers started having frequent visits to each other and slowly became close friends.

    Their relationship deepened after they found a lot of similarities between them, especially their common love for travel and their preference to wander around the beaches of Southern Florida. After dating each other for about 5 years, the young couple eventually walked down the aisle when they were just 23 years old.

    They Are Of Opposite Nature

    In Eva’s understanding, she is completely opposite of her husband Dr. Miami. While having an exclusive talk with Complex magazine, Zion opened up on her quiet nature and compared it with her spouse’s. She said,

     “I’m a very quiet, private person and he’s been the opposite since the day we met.” He was always the big, loud, attention-getting person,”

    Eva and her husband are opposite in nature
    Eva with her husband

    Further, her better half is very fond of social networking sites and she isn’t. Despite all these contraries, Eva absolutely doesn’t find it annoying instead she finds funny whatever her better half does. In this regard, she added, “I think it’s funny, I laugh, [even though] it’s not my style.”

    Eva Zafira Zion’s Early Life And Parents

    Eva was born in June 1972. She is the daughter of Mr. Israel Zion and Mrs. Mireille Zion Of Brooklyn, New York.

    Similarly, the celebrity wife grew up in her hometown alongside her Jewish family. As for ethnicity, she belongs to Middle Eastern Jewish heritage and holds American nationality.

    She Holds Ph.D. Degree In Industrial-Organizational Psychology 

    The New York native is a well-educated individual. Having been born Jewish, she always valued education highly and went on to pursue higher education. She did a Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of Missouri at St. Louis.

    Before, she majored in Psychology at Brooklyn College. She graduated from Brooklyn with magna cum laude.

    What Does Eva Zafira Zion Do For A Living?

    Well, Eva is currently a co-director of her husband’s cosmetic clinic Operation Chappah, Inc. In the same way, she also is an authorized person at Kane Concourse Medical Offices, LLC, owned by her hubby.

    As per the article published in Complex, she previously was an office manager at Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates. But in 2008, she left the position to give full-time to her children and house.

    After several years, Zion made a comeback as a working woman. Besides accompanying her partner in his professional endeavors, she also has a record of serving in a vice-presidential position at Yeshivah College Inc.

    Eva Was A Real Force Behind Why Her Spouse Choose To Become A Plastic Surgeon

    Her husband, Dr. Miami is an internationally acclaimed plastic surgeon. But if looked back, Miami wouldn’t be a plastic surgeon if his now wife Zion wasn’t there.

    Actually what happened was, while they were seeing each other, Eva had a car accident in which her lower lips got cut. Though it was later sewed, the scar that was in her lips made Eva worried.

    So, Miami made a visit to a plastic surgeon and it was when, he came up with the idea to study plastic surgery. Regarding this, he once said,

     I took her into Manhattan, and we went into a plastic surgeon’s office. I saw an album of before and after pictures in his waiting room and it was the first time that I really saw what plastic surgery was.

    He added,

    I was blown away. It looked like magic to me. I said to myself, ‘I want to learn how to do that!’”

    Eva Zafira Zion Is A Mother Of Five

    Together with her life partner Miami, Eva welcomed five children named Tzvika, David, Aleah, Coby, and Yonatan. Though their exact birth details are not available, all of Salzhauer’s kids are quite grown up now.

    Eva is a mother of five
    Eva’s husband with their sons. Source: Instagram

    Among five, their youngest son is into singing and their daughter Aleah has already ventured into writing. Back in 2012, with the help of her mother, her book entitled The Grumpy Tree was published. She also helped in raising money for a nonprofit organization, Chai Lifeline. She is currently married to Chosson Joseph and is reportedly going to be a mother soon.

    Her Net Worth

    Eva is reported to have a net worth of $1 million in 2024. Meanwhile, her famous partner Dr. Miami has an estimated net amount of $25 million which he earned through his career as a plastic surgeon. His other profession as an author and singer also has contributed to his fortune.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Eva Z. Salzhauer
    Popular Name Eva Zafira Zion
    Birth Place Brooklyn, New York
    Birthday June 1972
    Age 52 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Jewish
    Father Israel Zion
    Mother Mireille Zion
    College Brooklyn College and University of Missouri
    Profession Director
    Net Worth $1 million
    Height 5 ft 9 in
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Michael Salzhauer (Dr. Miami)
    Children Aleah, Tzvika, David, Coby, and Yonatan