Who Is Diana Espinoza Aguilar? Everything About Rafael Caro’s Wife

August 30, 2023   | August 30, 2023  | 

    Diana Espinoza Aguilar is famously known as the literal “partner in crime” to the infamous drug lord, Rafael Caro Quintero. Rafael Caro, a Mexican drug dealer, was the co-founder of the now-fallen, Guadalajara Cartel. For many years now, his wife and he have been bonded in holy matrimony. Even more so, during Caro’s active days as a criminal, his wife, Diana Espinoza also helped him build his grand illegal empire.

    So now, apart from being known as the better half of a notorious criminal, who is Diana? Does she have a great hand in the Guadalajara Cartel as well? How and when did she meet her drug lord hubby? Also, what was Aguilar’s life like before marrying the Mexican drug dealer? In this article, we will be giving you answers to all the mentioned questions.

    Therefore, without delay, let’s jump right into the life of Rafael Caro’s wife!

    Rafael Caro’s Wife, Diana Espinoza Aguilar Is In Her 50s

    Diana Aguilar was born on 17th July 1970. As of 2024, she is 54 years old. Furthermore, she is a citizen of Mexico, born and brought up in the city of Chihuahua.

    Information on her life before entering the illegal world of drugs with her hubby is under wraps to this date. With that being said, we are not so clear about who Diana’s parents were or if she grew up alongside siblings during childhood.

    An old picture of Quintero's wife Diana
    An old picture of Quintero’s wife Diana

    On the other hand, many people have speculated Espinoza of having mixed ethnic backgrounds. However, not much can be found on this topic as well. It seems Diana did her very best to protect her past life after marrying Quintero.

    Diana Espinoza Aguilar Is A Former Beauty Pageant Winner

    Before even coming across her notorious hubby, Aguilar was known for her true beauty. Around the year 2010, she won a beauty contest that was held in a prison in Jalisco. In the Puente Grade Jail, Diana competed against a few female convicts and not only won the pageant but also won the heart of her future-to-be partner, Rafael. In that bargain, it was only after that that the two hit it off and got married.

    Aguilar Met Her Hubby Rafael Caro At Prison

    Now that you learned how Espinoza made Quintero fall in love with her, let’s take a deeper look at their love story.

    So, in 2008, Caro’s present partner was arrested with charges of drug trafficking. At the same time, he was also serving his 40-year-long jail sentence for the murder of the ex-Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Enrique Camerena Salazar. Now, fast forward to 2 years later, Rafael noticed Diana on TV and in some photos after she won the beauty contest at Jalisco jail. Thus, as soon as he saw her, he was mesmerized and knew that he had to meet her at least once.

    Rafael And His Wife Diana Together
    Diana Espinoza Aguilar With Her Husband Rafael Caro

    After a lot of failed attempts, the Mexican drug lord finally found a way to meet the woman who later would become his wife. Furthermore, through another woman who used to work as a TV host, Quintero met Aguilar. The lovebirds felt a spark between them in their first meeting. Therefore, their infamous yet beautiful love story began!

    Diana And Rafael Married As Soon As He Was Released From Jail

    For many years, as the husband and wife separately served their jail sentence, Espinoza and Caro stayed in touch. As time went by, their love and bond grew even stronger. Hence, the couple decided to get married as soon as Rafael was released from prison.

    In that bargain, the pair kept their promise and got married. However, to this date, it is unknown when and where the marriage took place. Both Diana and her criminal partner have done a great job of keeping their personal affairs to themselves.

    Do The Notorious Couple Share Any Children?

    In the many years that they’ve been married, there has not once been mention of a child between the Mexican drug dealer Rafael and Diana. On the other hand, some sources have claimed a baby girl that the 52-year-old welcomed, shortly after marrying her husband. Nonetheless, this could simply be a rumor. So, until and unless we have a concrete answer, it would be right of us to believe that Diana does not have any kids with Rafael.

    Diana Espinoza Aguilar Was Her Partner’s 2nd Wife

    Around the 1970s, the co-founder of the Guadalajara Cartel was married to his first wife, Elizabeth Eenes Lerma. Moreover, with his first wife, Caro also became a dad to 4 kids – Hector Rafael Caro Elenes, Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes, Mario Yibran Caro Elenes, and Henoch Emilio Caro Elenes. Despite having a family of 6 to look after, the former couple went on separate paths after some years of their marriage.

    Furthermore, as Diana married Rafael, she also took in his kids from his last marriage as her step-children. So, even if she might or might not have kids of her own, Espinoza will always have the kids her husband came with when they married each other.

    Aguilar Was Also Involved In Her Partner’s Drug Business

    For many of you wondering if Aguila also had a hand in her partner’s drug empire, the answer is “yes”. In a finding published by the US Department of Treasury on 11 May 2016, she was described as a part of the illegal movement of money through her husband’s drug cartel.

    Furthermore, they have also reported that she “acted on her husband’s behalf” and “owns certain assets” linked with Rafael Caro’s drug business.

    Despite the allegations, Diana has never agreed to help her partner in building his massive illegal business. She has also denied that her hubby is not an active part of the cartel that he founded himself.

    Is Diana Espinoza Aguilar Still Married To Her Husband Rafael Caro? Where Is She Today?

    As far as we know, Aguila and Quintero are still married to each other to this date. Since no news hinting at their separation has aired, we believe that the notorious couple is still in love with each other. On the other hand, some sources have claimed a divorce between the two, but neither of the two parties has confirmed this yet.

    Now, talking about where Diana Espinoza is today, there are assumptions that she could still be in Mexico. Contrary to this, her infamous better half was recently arrested on 15th July 2022. This could also mean that Aguila is in hiding because she is one of the partners in Quintero’s illegal business.

    Diana Aguilar’s Net Worth

    As previously mentioned, Mrs. Quintero had a few assets to her name associated with her husband’s business. However, after debunking Rafael’s drug cartel, the US government ordered the freezing of any asset that he and his wife owned in the country. With this in mind, we are not sure what Diana Aguilar’s net worth is in 2023. Regardless of this, many sources believe that she has a net worth of $650 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Diana Espinoza Aguilar
    Birth Place Chihuahua, Mexico
    Birthday July 15, 1970
    Age 54 years
    Nationality Mexican
    Net Worth $650 million
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Rafael Caro Quintero