Who Is Devon Bostick’s Girlfriend? His Love Life, Wedding Plans

July 31, 2023   | July 31, 2023  | 

    Devon Bostick, a talented and versatile actor, garnered fame and attention for his ability to play in comedic films like “The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” and also serious movies like “Oppenheimer”. His fans are always curious if he is dating a girlfriend or in fact, is a married man.

    So, who is his girlfriend? Is he planning a wedding already? We have all the answers for you so keep reading.

    Key Takeaways

    • Devon is rumored to being a relationship with an actress named Dylan Gelula.
    • Although their relationship hasn’t been officially confirmed, Devon exclusively shares content about her on his Instagram.
    • The couple frequently posts each other on their respective social media handles.
    • Bostick has previously been linked to model Alexandra Burman, and the reason for their breakup is undisclosed.

    Does Devon Bostick Have a Girlfriend?

    If rumors are to be believed, Devon Bostick’s girlfriend is Dylan Gelula. Though they have not disclosed the exact commencement and status of their relationship, in August 2021, Devon publicly shared a picture of Dylan on his social media platform. In the post, he even affectionately referred to her as a “fashion icon.”

    Devon and Dylan spend a lot of time together.
    Rumors suggest that Devon and Dylan are dating.

    This post sparked speculation about their romantic involvement. It indicated that they were spending time together and likely dating at that time. But their relationship status was surely confirmed when he posted Dylan’s photo recently on 7th May 2023, calling her the “light of his life.”

    Devon and Dylan’s Relationship

    The pair seem to have a unique blend of a public yet private love life. While they maintain a certain level of privacy when it comes to discussing their dating life openly, they are not shy about showing affection for each other on their social media platforms.

    Moreover, their social media handles like Instagram and Twitter offer glimpses into their relationship, as they frequently share posts featuring each other, expressing their love and admiration.

    Devon Frequently Posts Dylan’s Pictures

    As mentioned above, Bostick doesn’t really post any other women except Gelula. On May 6, 2021, he praised her acting skills by sharing her Snapchat series titled “Everything’s Fine,” showcasing his support for her work.

    Devon posts Dylan's photos quite often.
    Devon frequently features Dylan’s photos on his Instagram.

    His most recent post about her was on 9 June 2023, where he celebrated their acceptance into the Tribeca Creators Market

    Additionally, in almost all of the posts featuring Dylan, fans congratulate them and comment about how cute they are. For instance, one fan commented, “She fr won the lottery”. Another fan jokingly commented, “Noooo!!!! Should have been meee!!!! Babe I thought we had something special.”

    His Wedding Plans

    As of now, Bostick appears to be prioritizing both his relationship and career, with no public mentions of immediate plans for marriage.

    He appears content with the current state of his romantic connection and is likely focusing on nurturing his bond with his rumored girlfriend, Dylan.

    Who is Devon Bostick’s girlfriend Dylan Gelula?

    Dylan Gelula, born on May 7, 1994, is an actress who shares a similar profession as her bf Devon. Having appeared in a total of 28 movies and series, she has already established herself as a versatile talent in the entertainment industry.

    Her first onscreen credit dates back to a 2010 short film titled “Recycle Me,” marking the beginning of her acting career. In the early stages of her journey, she also took on minor roles in popular series such as “Are We There Yet?” and “NCIS.”

    Dylan is an actress just like Bostick.
    Dylan has acted in 28 different projects.

    However, it was in 2014 that she made her notable acting debut in the TV series “Jennifer Falls.” From there, she continued to expand her acting portfolio, gaining roles in well-received shows like “Shameless,” “Loot,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and many others.

    The Couple Is Working Together On A Show

    Bostick and Gelula collaborate on the comedy show “Everything’s Fine,” intertwining their professional and personal lives. Since 2021, “Everything’s Fine” has been providing them with the opportunity to showcase their comedic skills and chemistry together on screen.

    Bostick’s Past Relationship

    Devon was previously in a relationship with model Alexandra Burman. She is a Swedish model born on 6 July 1990 in Malmo.

    The former flames separated after dating for some time. They didn’t disclose the exact reasons for their breakup to the public. But it is evident that both individuals chose to move on relatively swiftly after they ended their romantic involvement.