Who Is Deborah Lin? Some Unknown Details on James Gandolfini’s Second Wife

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    Deborah Lin is a former model and actress originally from Hawaii, Honolulu. However, she is mostly recognized as the wife of the late American actor James Gandolfini. Married in 2008, they remained together only for half-decades due to the sudden death of The Sopranos actor in 2013.

    So, what was the reason behind her husband’s death? Did she remarry post her hubby’s demise or is she still his widow? Get to know everything in detail about Deborah in the following article.

    Key Takeaways

    • Deborah Lin is the wife of the late American actor James Gandolfini.
    • She is a former actress and model who has acted in a couple of movies.
    • She got married to James in 2008. Their marriage lasted until the death of her hubby in 2013.
    • Deborah shares one daughter with her late spouse.

    Deborah Lin Is A Honolulu Native

    Deborah was born in January 1968 in Honolulu, Hawaii. As per reports, her parents are Chinese and immigrated to America before Lin’s birth.

    Asian-American actor Deborah with her mother
    Deborah with her mom. Source: Daily Mail

    The Honolulu native then grew up together with her family members. As for ethnicity, she is Asian-American and holds American nationality.

    Deborah Lin Has Acted In Couple Of Movies

    The celebrity wife, Deborah, who began as a model for a different agency, ended up as an actress in the early 90s. However, her acting career couldn’t last for a long time. As per IMDb, she has only two acting credits to her name.

    In the year 1993, Lin portrayed a small role as a Runway Model in the TV Series Red Shoe Diaries. Later, in 1996, she again played a model character in two episodes of the 1996 series The Bold and the Beautiful.

    Deborah Lin’s Wedding Details; She Was Married To James Gandolfini

    After dating for almost two years, Deborah and her now-late husband James got married on Saturday in August 2008 in an intimate wedding ceremony held in Honolulu. At their wedding, the bride Lin wore a white gown made up of Italian lace, and her groom dressed in tuxedos, and their wedding venue was decorated with white lilies and rhododendrons.

    Deborah and her late husband James on the wedding day
    Deborah and her groom on her wedding day

    At their marriage, James’ son Michael Gandolfini, who at the time was 8 years old, served as a best man. Regarding their marriage ceremony, the guests of their wedding revealed some exquisite details to People magazine and said,

    There was a nice big kiss at the end with both hands on the cheeks” as The Sopranos star and Lin officially became husband and wife

    Post their marriage, they threw a huge reception party, double the size of their marriage. Around 200 guests were present at the resort near their wedding venue.

    Deborah’s Marriage With Her Husband Lasted Till His Death

    Lin’s marriage with her beloved husband had a beautiful marital relationship that lasted for only five decades. On June 19, 2013, The Sopranos star unexpectedly died at the age of 51 which obliged them to part their ways.

    Even after his death, the Honolulu native had only good things to say about her late spouse. At his funeral, she was the first person to deliver the eulogy and she said,

    ‘Jim, one of the things I loved the most was watching you be the father that you were to Michael and Lily,  ‘Thank you for the memories of the beautiful life we shared together. I love you Jim and I always will. Rest in Peace.

    As of now, it’s already been seven years since the actor passed away.

    Truth be told, James was found unconscious by his then 14-year-old son Michael at the hotel bathroom after spending a day sightseeing in the sweltering heat in Rome. He was announced dead 20 minutes later which left his wife and other family members completely in grief. He died of a heart attack.

    Did Lin Remarry After James’ Demise? Where Is She Today?

    Well, Deborah hasn’t married yet. She is still the widow of her late husband. But, based on the article published in Daily Mail back in 2020, there’s a probability that she is seeing someone. On her late hubby’s 7th death anniversary, she was spotted together with a mystery man and her daughter in Los Angeles.

    Moving on to her whereabouts, she currently seems to divide her time between Los Angeles and New York.

    Deborah Lin Has A Daughter Together With Her Late-Spouse

    Deborah and her deceased husband James welcomed a daughter Liliana Gandolfini now 11 years old, on October 10, 2012, in Los Angeles. At the time of her birth, she weighed  7 lbs. 9 oz. She was just 8 months old when her father left the world.

    Deborah is a mother
    Deborah with her daughter

    Further, Lin also has a stepson Michael Gandolfini from her husband’s first marriage to Marcy Wudarski. Following in the footsteps of his father, Michael pursued his career in acting, and not only that, but he showed courage in portraying his father’s famous character Tony Soprano younger version. Seeing this, Deborah really felt proud. Expressing her thoughts on it, she told

    It was almost surreal to see Michael in the trailer,” I know it took a lot of courage for him to take this role. It was very emotional. But the whole family is just so proud of him. His father would be very proud.

    The stepmother and stepson share a beautiful relationship.

    Did Deborah Lin Received Some Part From Her Husband’s Fortune?

    Definitely. As per reports, Deborah received 30% of her late husband James’ fortune who had an estimated net worth of $70 million at the time of his death. Like her late hubby, she is also a multi-millionaire with a net amount of $20 million.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Deborah Lin
    Popular Name Deborah
    Birth Place Hawaii, Honolulu
    Birthday January 1968
    Age 56 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Asian-American.
    Profession Former actress and model
    Net Worth $20 million
    Height 5 feet 9 inches
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Widow
    Spouse James Gandolfini
    Children Liliana Gandolfini