Who is Bishop Vance Oldes? About His Wife, Age, Net Worth, Drugs Addiction

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    Bishop Vance Oldes is one of the most dynamic personalities, who has forged quite a successful path for himself in several respective fields. He is a renowned preacher, teacher, singer, mentor, author, digital creator, and more. However, before starting it all, Bishop’s voyage was quite challenging as the man of all seasons spent most of his adolescence on drugs and marijuana.

    But, later, it all changed into faith and Oldes even credits his belief in God for helping him to overcome the drug addiction. He is now ideal to millions out there.

    Besides, let’s also explore something interesting about Bishop Vance Oldes’ wife and their daughter in the following article.

    Who is Bishop Vance Oldes?

    Vance is a multifaceted personality. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Bishop accepted salvation in 1975. He was just 10 at the time of his salvation.

    About two decades after Bishop received Christ, the preacher began preaching but it wasn’t until 1998 that Oldes was officially ordained through the Baptist Church.

    Bishop Vance Oldes, a preacher. 

    He is also a member of Liberty House Ministries, a Baptist church in Prince George’s County, Maryland. And Vance’s main motive for the Baptist church is “To save and liberate the lost and captive through lifestyle evangelism. And to provide a seeker sensitive service, where needs are met and true freedom lives.”

    In October 2019, Oldes became Bishop under the fellow Bishop and a member of the Temple Of Praise International Fellowship of Churches Inc., Glenn A. Staples.

    Besides, Vance is raising digital/content creators in the DMV.

    Bishop Is a Teacher and a Singer

    In addition to being a preacher, Oldes is also a teacher and singer. With his unique combination of ministry and music, Bishop considers a dynamic preacher who is in love with his life and connects millions via his modernity.

    Oldes is an Author

    Bishop is a writer too. He published a book titled ‘From Cocaine to Collar: There is hope for everyone to recover’ in November 2020. He is inspired by his own life to write a book. It mostly documents his years of drug addiction and how the power of God helped him to overcome it.

    Its main motive is “how a life of struggle can become a life of success through the power of God.”

    Who is Bishop Vance Oldes Wife? His Married Life

    Vance Oldes is now married to his wife named Nicole C. Oldes. The couple has been married for several years now. However, like many married couples, Oldes and his wife Nicole have also kept their marriage details off the radar.

    Bishop and his spouse Nicole. 

    But, they are quite open about themselves on their social media handles. The husband and wife frequently share each other’s photos on their Instagram.

    They mostly make funny videos of themselves on their Instagram.

    Bishop Oldes’ Wife Nicole is a Chief Administrative Officer

    His spouse Nicole Oldes is now a Chief Administrative Officer of Liberty House International Ministries. Her duties as a CAO are “overseeing personnel benefits, facility acquisition and maintenance, construction management, budgeting, accounting and stewardship.”

    Born and raised in Washington D.C., Oldes is a former nurse who spent about 20 years in nursing. He is now also on a Board of Directors for Liberty House Bed Space Fund. It was founded by her husband Bishop in 2006.

    Bishop with the love of his life. 

    Further, Bishop’s wife Nicole is a co-partner of Business for Billionaires (B4B), a group of developers. She likewise has worked as a director and administrator for the Stewardship/Accounting Ministry for over a decade now.

    Moreover, Bishop’s spouse Oldes serves as the Leader of the Women’s Ministry at Liberty.

    Bishop Vance Oldes Daughter Is a Grown-Up

    Along with his wife, Vance also has a daughter named Lundyne Oldes. She is now a grown-up. However, other details about Vance’s daughter are still missing.

    The preacher occasionally shares his dancing video with his daughter on his Facebook reels. Once, the father and daughter duo were seen dancing together at a party.

    Bishop, dancing with his daughter. 

    He also revealed in the caption that his girl Lundyne is the youngest minister in their church and is already a college graduate.

    His High School and College

    He attended Eugene Burroughs High School. Bishop later went to the Washington Baptist Seminary, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology in May 2012.

    Bishop Vance Oldes Was Into Drugs

    Vance Oldes has come a long way. In the past, Oldes went through drug addiction. Raised in Fort Washington, Oldes actually started smoking marijuana by the age of 12. Not only Vance but most of his family members and friends were also weed addicted at that time.

    It further influenced Bishop to be into the habit as the preacher thought of the hash as it allowed in society too. While struggling with Marihuana and drugs, Bishop even faced an emotional disbalance.

    But, while in the ninth grade, Oldes moved to North Carolina with his family, where they owned a funeral home. However, the business soon dissolved and they moved back to Fort Washington.

    Arrest and Drug Sobertity

    Shortly after there, Bishop made his way to Siouxland, Maryland, and began playing drums and keyboard. Later on, the preacher and author form a musical band with one of his cousins and friends. The group then went to Los Angeles to meet Stevie Wonder, who was supposed to be their executive producer.

    With his growing music career, Bishop was also selling drugs side by side to make his pocket money. Meanwhile, Oldes was arrested for selling drugs and even spent some time in prison.

    Following his release, the preacher was even placed in a rehab center to quit all the bad habits. He eventually clean himself up from all addictions.

    Bishop Vance Oldes Dreadful Car Accident

    Back in 2014, Oldes experienced a terrible car accident. It all happened when Oldes’ car was at a high speed during the downpour and it suddenly hit a puddle of water and then uncontrollably crashed down into the road guardrail.

    Although the car was largely damaged, Bishop was unhurt with only minor injuries.

    Later on, Oldes shared his horrific experience on Youtube and was looking quite thankful to God for saving his life.

    What is Bishop Vance Oldes Net Worth?

    Bishop Oldes has a net worth of $5 million in 2023. He is a renowned preacher, author, and businessman. So, Vance has undoubtedly made his money via his multiple professions.

    He has decent followers on his Instagram which is also his major source of income.

    What is His Age? His Ethnicity

    In 2023, Bisho is 57 years of age. He was born on Sept 15, 1965, in Washington to Christian parents. On the other hand, Bishop’s wife Nicole is a year older than her husband. She was born on 9th June 1966.

    Besides, Oldes belongs to the Afro-American nationality and has an American nationality.

    Where is Bishop Vane Now?

    At present, Bishop resides in Washington. D.C. with his wife and a daughter.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Bishop Vance Oldes
    Popular Name Bishop Vance Oldes
    Birth Place Washington D.C.
    Birthday September 15, 1965
    Age 58 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Afro-African
    Profession Preacher
    Net Worth $5 million
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Nicole C. Oldes
    Children Daughter