Who Is Armon Warren Parents? 5 Interesting Facts

February 26, 2023   | February 26, 2023  | 

    With millions of followers on social media platforms, Armon Warren has become fans’ favorite. Though he pretty much has revealed everything about his life, details about Armon Warren’s parents seem to be underserved in the media.

    In fact, the situation is such that only a handful of people are aware of his dad’s name. Well, in this article, we have brought to you some interesting details about Armon’s father & mother.

    Stay with us to find out.

    Armon Warren’s Parents, Father’s Name

    Well, Armon was born on May 18, 1997, in Detroit, MI, to his parents. His father’s name is Brian Maurice Brown, whereas his mother’s name is Shiquita Hathaway. 

    Armon Warren With Father Brian Maurice Brown
    Armon Warren With Father Brian Maurice Brown

    One of the six children of his parents, Armon is very close to his dad and mom. In fact, both his mother and father, who he calls “Pops’ often appear on his YouTube videos.

    Armon Warren’s Dad Is A Businessman 

    Not many know but Warren’s dad Brian is a successful businessman. Passionate about entrepreneurship, Brian has been making a huge impact in the music industry. 

    Brian With His Car
    Brian With His Car

    He has been working in the field of documentary filmmaking as an executive producer. Likewise, he is also an author, and angel investor and runs a records company named BMB Records. Aimed at re-establishing artists, BMB records has a partnership with Omnis Player, where he manages funds for short filmmaking.

    Brian Maurice Brown Is A Former Drug Kingpin

    Armon’s father has a legacy in the world of drugs. His dad is a former drug lord and was listed as America’s Most Wanted as a suspect in numerous crimes including murder & narcotics.

    A five-year fugitive, however, shifted his career in the better direction. Despite his bitter past, he is widely respected, especially in Detroit and California. We came across a YouTube comment which very much describes how much people respect him. 

    Here is the screenshot of the comment here.

    Screenshot of comment on Brian Maurice
    Screenshot of comment on Brian Maurice

    This clearly shows the kind of love people have for him.

    Armon Warren Father’s Documentary

    A documentary named Living for the Sacrifice based on the life of Armon’s father was released in 2021. The documentary reflects on Brian’s journey from a drug lord to becoming a Grammy-nominated music executive.

    Starring Ray J, Lauren B. Mosley, and Monti Washington, the documentary was directed by Treavion Davenport and produced by Brown himself.

    Armon Warren’s Mom Is A Housewife

    He is also very close to his mother Shiquita Hathaway. She is a housewife but she also assists Warren in his YouTube works. Moreover, she has also made multiple appearances on his channel.