Who is Areva Martin Husband? Her Children and Marriage Life

March 1, 2023   | March 1, 2023  | 

    Areva Martin is an attorney and media expert. She is also a political commentator who has appeared in several TV shows and even authored numerous books.

    But we are not here to discuss her professional life but her marriage front. Who is Areva Martin’s husband? Does she share any children with her spouse?

    Here today we shall find out many interesting facts about her marriage life.

    Who is Areva Martin husband? 

    Her spouse is Ernest Martin Jr. He is also an attorney just like his wife, Areva. Although there are not many details in regard to their wedding, we can safely say they are married for several years.

    In addition to being partners for life, they also work together in their professional life as well. Together, they have founded Los Angeles-based civil rights firm, Martin & Martin, LLP.

    How did Areva Martin meet her hubby for the first time?

    The pair reportedly came across each other while studying at Harvard University. The pair remained in a relationship for some time now before taking their relationship further.

    The pair currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

    Areva and her spouse have appeared in a series

    The dynamic duo has even appeared in a TV series as a couple. They featured in the fifth season of Black Love on the OWN network.

    Well, does the pair share any children? Let’s find out!

    Areva Martin Children

    She has three children in total, Morgan, Michael, and Ernest Martin III. Her son Ernest III is autistic. Their son was diagnosed with a developmental disease when he was 18 months old. After his diagnosis, his mother and father both had to step in to take care of their son.

    Currently, Areva and her husband run Martin & Martin LLP whose sole purpose is to help individuals with autism and those marginalized by society. This firm is a way for Areva to help out those who cannot afford to treat disorders.

    Besides, her daughter Morgan and Michael both are super talented individuals. Back in June 2019, she revealed that her middle daughter Morgan graduated with Summa cum laude honors. In the same post, she mentioned that her oldest Michael had also finished college Summa Cum Laude, some time ago.

    Areva with her daughters
    Areva with her two beautiful daughters.

    Well, it is evident that Areva’s daughter got their mental acumen from their mom.

    Areva has done Commendable Work When it comes to raising her son

    When she first found out that her son has autism, she didn’t know how to react. In an interview with The Art of Autism, when asked about the challenges she faced while raising her son, she said,

    “When I first learned my son’s diagnosis, I couldn’t even say the word ‘autism’ without breaking down and crying. I felt fear and guilt. It took me months to go to a specialist, hoping that Marty’s autism would just go away.”

    Later on, she sought professional help that helps made her realize what she was lacking on the subject. She then took it upon herself and learned everything about this developmental disease. Martin added,

    “I learned that autism is not something that is cured but requires therapy. Instead of looking for a cure you should focus on using therapy to help your child learn basic skills and develop speech and social skills.”

    Areva and her spouse Martin Jr. were adamant about giving their son the best life possible, regardless of what disorder he has. She educated herself on the matter and went on a mission to find the best possible solution for her son Marty.

    When asked what advice would she give to parents whose child also faces the same predicament, Areva said,

    “Find your village to help you. This is not a journey that parents should undertake on their own. There is no glory in going at it alone. Seek help from family members, friends, and other parents to help with tasks from housework to medical appointments.”

    Currently, her son is doing his best to live this beautiful life, all thanks to his mothers.