Who is Abigail Shapiro husband? She is married and has kids

January 13, 2023   | December 14, 2023  | 

    Abigail Shapiro is famous around the country for her association with Ben Shapiro. She is the sister of the controversial right-wing political commentator Ben. Her brother often makes headlines thanks to his controversial take on pretty much everything that is going around in the world.

    However, Ben isn’t the only Shapiro family member who has attracted significant public attention. Abigail, who calls herself a conservative influencer, is active on a couple of social media platforms. Ever since rising to fame, there has been a lot of curiosity regarding Abigail’s life.

    Here today we will take a look at the life of the celebrity sibling. We will find out if Abigail Shapiro is married or not, who is her husband, her dating life, and her past affairs!

    Is Abigail Shapiro Married?

    Yes, Abigail is a married woman. Since 2018, she has been enjoying marital bliss with her hubby, Jacob William Roth. Shapiro has talked about her husband a handful of times.

    Although we don’t know for sure how the pair first met, the lovebirds look as if they have known each other for a long time. Whatever the case may be, as fans, we’re so glad for Abigail to have such a loving partner in her life.

    The duo exchanged vows on 27th May 2018 in Roslyn, New York. The nuptials was held in a traditional Jewish ceremony at Shelter Rock Jewish Center. Moreover, just like how the traditional ceremony is done, the bride and groom requested the guests to dress modestly.

    Abigail Husband
    Abigail with her husband.

    Initially, the couple started dating in 2017 when they met in May of the year. Around the time, Roth was a first-year law student while his future girlfriend was studying at the Manhattan School of Music. One of their mutual friends introduced them to each other.

    Only after dating for a year, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

    Who is her Husband Jacob?

    Talking about her husband Jacob Roth, well, he is a reputed attorney. As of 2023, Jacob is currently working at Dhillon Law Group Inc. At the firm, he specifically specializes in political and election law, focusing on First and Fourteenth Amendment Litigation.

    Previously, he has worked in several conservative and libertarian institutions. He worked at Young America’s Foundation, a conservative youth activism group. During his time at the foundation, he helped youths fight for their rights to advocate for traditional American values by standing up against their overcritical peers and college administrators. Before this, Roth also interned for several liberty groups.

    Talking about his education, Abigal Shapiro’s husband studied at the University of Virginia School of Law, J.D. (Journal of Law and Politics) and Northwestern University from where he graduated with a degree in Slavic Studies.

    Does Abigail Shapiro share any children with her spouse?

    Yes, the conservative Jew couple is a proud parent of one son. They welcomed their son Jacob Roth on March 19th, 2022. After the arrival of their son, Ben Shapiro’s sister took to her Instagram to announce the great news.

    Abigail with her son.
    Abigal with her baby boy, Roth.

    Now we’re sure many of you might be dying to know what is their son’s name. Well, unfortunately, the pair have decided not to share their offspring’s name. Furthermore, they have also made it clear that they won’t be sharing their son’s picture online except for the first few days of his life.

    Abigail loves being a stay-at-home wife

    If you have been following her for quite a while, Abigail has been an open advocate of the traditional Jewish value of a wife being subservient to her husband. In many of her videos, she mentions how she relishes being a housewife.

    Abigail marriage
    Abigail is married to her partner since 2018.

    She also has a conservative stance when it comes to dating. Abigail, who is considerably vocal about her values, says that hooking up is not good for women. Whenever she is asked how she feels as a housewife, the majority of the time her response is, ‘And I’m loving it.’

    Was Abigail in a relationship before marrying her current husband?

    Well according to our research, Abigail didn’t have any relationship prior to her current marital relationship. It looks like she didn’t find any good Jewish men to date.