Who Are Emma Myers Parents? Her Family Details, Siblings, & More

January 19, 2023   | January 19, 2023  | 

    Emma Myers is an American actress famous for her work in the series, A Taste of Christmas and Wednesday. She started her career in the year 2010 and since then she has been an active member of the entertainment industry.

    In the year 2022, she gained worldwide fame after her role as Enin Sinclair in the Netflix series, Wednesday. As someone who is doing exceptionally well, it becomes quite prominent to know who her parents are. 

    Here in this article, we are going to talk in-depth about Emma Myers parents and know who her mother and father are. In addition, we will also discuss her family, siblings, and more!

    Who are Emma Myers parents?

    She is the daughter of Jeremy Myers and Nicole Cassimatis. Born on April 2nd, 2002, in Orlando, Florida, U.S. There’s not much information available about her mom and dad but we can say for sure that they are incredibly supportive of their daughter.

    There are not many parents who allow their children to be whatever they want to be. In this case, Emma, whose net worth has been steadily increasing, is incredibly grateful that her mom and dad supported her the way they did.

    Emma and her family partied after she got the role on Wednesday

    Just like how every parent is proud whenever their kid does something great in their professional life, Emma’s mom and dad also became elated after she got the part.

    In an interview with Grazia Magazine, Emma talked about she got the part in the hit Netflix series. While revealing how it all went down. She said,

     “My manager likes to play this prank on me whenever she tells me I booked a role. She’ll call me and call me by the name of the character, but this time, she called and was like, ‘There’s something wrong with my phone. I’ll call you back.’ She called me back and said, ‘Do you think your phone will have this problem in Romania?’ It completely went over my head and then I realized what she was saying.”

    Furthermore, she also stated how her parents reacted to the news. As soon as Myers found out she will be playing the deuteragonist character of Enid Sinclair, she ran to her mom screaming.

    She said,

    “I ran to my mom screaming and then we went out to dinner to celebrate.”

    Before bagging one of the main roles in the hit series, Myers had to go through a long grueling process. Initially, she auditioned for the role in February 2021 and it wasn’t until June of the same year that she got the part.

    Emma’s sister is also an actress

    Emma Myers parents have four daughters in total including Emma. Apart from the beautiful actress, Jeremy and Nicole Myers are the father and mother of Avery, Olivia, and Isabel.

    While there’s not much is known about Emma’s siblings Avery and Olivia, we have found out about Isabel. Apparently, she is also an actress, just like her sis Emma. She reportedly debuted with the movie, Ravenswood (2013). Her other famous work includes Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings (2019) and 15 Minutes of Faye (2020).

    Emma with her sister
    Emma Myers parents share four children.

    Isabel is active on Instagram where she shares a lot of photos from her day-to-day life. Additionally, she has shares pictures with her family a handful of times. In one of the photos, it looks like she added a picture with her mom and dad, but we cannot be sure of that.

    Emma’s Mother was reportedly born in Korea

    In a video shared by Emma’s sister Isabell on her Instagram, she divulged why she loves the Korean culture. According to her, her maternal grandfather was a Greek engineer who traveled to Korea following the Korean war to help with the post-war restoration.

    Their grandfather eventually settled in Busan and this is where Emma’s mother Nicole was born. This is why from their early childhood the Myers sisters were exposed to Korean culture and food.

    Isabell is quite fluent in Korean as is evident from her social media profile.

    Emma was homeschooled by her Parents

    Emma, who featured in Wednesday alongside Hunter Doohan and Percy Hynes White, was born on April 2nd, 2002, in Orlando, Florida, United States. As for her education, she didn’t attend a traditional school because of which she didn’t get a normal school experience.

    Her parents homeschooled her throughout her adolescence and currently, she has not enrolled in any college or high school.