Where is Millie Blackmore Now? Her Current Whereabouts, Husband, Parents

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    Millie Blackmore is one of at least three Canadian minors who married the infamous convicted child rapist Warren Jeffs. He is a religious leader and the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church). The notorious polygamist sect leader Warren married Millie when the girl was only 13 years old. Not only her, but Jeffs also married two more girls from Canada who were merely 12 years old at the time of their marriage.

    At present, Warren serving life imprisonment in a Texas prison for multiple felonies including two counts of rape, sexual assault of a minor, and aggravated sexual assault against a child. Besides, did you know Millie’s parents were also charged by Canadian authorities with reported child trafficking offenses?

    So, let’s find out how is Millie’s life after it all happened. Where is Millie Blackmore now? Here is everything you need to know about Warren Jeffs’ underage wife!

    Quick Tips About Millie Blackmore

    • Millie was only 13 years old at the time of her marriage to polygamous leader Warren Jeffs.
    • She was taken to the United States by her own parents along with two other minors.
    • Both her FLDS Church’s president husband and parents are now in prison.
    • She was once living with her mother in Bountiful.
    • Blackmore holds Canadian nationality.
    • Her polygamist husband Warren’s favorite wife was Naomi Jessop.
    • Warren has at least 60 children.

    Millie Blackmore Married Warren Jeffs At The Age of 13

    As said before, Millie and her notorious polygamous leader husband Warren Jeff exchanged their vows on March 1, 2004. They wed in a spiritual ceremony in Colorado City, Ariz. As per records from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Blackmore was only 13 years old at the time of their nuptial.

    According to her half-brother Brandon S Blackmore, a member of a Mormon splinter group (FLDS) told the authorities that her other sister named Annie Mae Blackmore also married Warren at an unknown date.

    Similarly, Jeffs married two other Canadian girls named Alyshia Rae Blackmore and Nolita Collen Blackmore. Both of them were only 12 years old at the time. Warren married both of them in December 2005, at the Yearning for Zion ranch, an FLDS compound near Eldorado, Texas.

    Millie’s Parents Were Found Guilty Of Child Trafficking

    Yes, both Millie Blackmore’s father and mother Brandon J Blackmore and Gail Blackmore were charged with child smuggling. A Canadian court found them guilty of taking their own daughter to America to be married to Jeffs at an early age in 2004.

    millie blackmore dad
    Millie’s father Brandon J.

    In an interview with Vice, Rachel Jeffs from his second marriage told the tabloid that a number of underage girls including Millie arrived in her father’s household. She said it was really inhuman but she couldn’t say anything to her dad. She explained the reason,

    “If you do, then you lose your place in the church. I wasn’t so worried about losing my place in the church. I just would never get to see my family again.”

    She also explained that Millie was really in pain and cried a lot. Rachel further said of the girl,

    “I saw her struggle emotionally a lot. She wasn’t really stable.”

    After that, three members including Millie’s parents and James Oler were charged with one count each of removing a child from Canada for sexual purposes. They were involved in the child smuggling that took place between 2004 and 2005. At the time, they reportedly took three under-aged girls including Millie, Alyshia, and Nolita to the United States to be FLDS leader Warren Jeffs’ wife

    Blackmore’s parents were set to send to jail in April 2017 while Oler didn’t find guilty of the same charge. Winston Blackmore, one of the biggest polygamists in Canada was also prosecuted by the authorities for polygamy. As per sources, Blackmore is the husband of 27 wives and is the father of 150 children so far.

    Warren’s Daughter Rachel Married His Wife Millie’s Brother Brandon

    As said above Rachel Jeff, Warren’s daughter is now married to his wife Millie’s half-brother Brandon. The couple exchanged their vows in Sept 2017 in a private wedding ceremony. In the past, Rachel was married to another guy Richard Allred.

    Besides Rachel, Millie’s husband is the father of at least 60 children including Becky and Roy Jeffs from his several wives. In fact, Jeff is said to have over 70 wives including Merrianne Jessop who was Warren’s reported first wife Naomi Jessop’s sister.

    Warren Jeffs Was Sentenced to Life Imprisonment + 20 Years

    Jeffs, the son of the late President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) Rulon Jeffs is now serving life imprisonment plus 20 years for a series of misdeeds. He was found guilty of sexually assaulting two girls, ages 12 and 15, two counts of rape as an accomplice, and aggravated sexual assault.

    He was sentenced to life in prison in August 2011 with possible parole in July 2038.

    Where is Millie Blackmore Now? Her Current Whereabouts

    Millie Blackmore who is from the FLDS community called Bountiful in Lister, British Columbia has been entirely out of the media since her parents and her former husband Warren’s imprisonment. While the Canadian authorities had been searching Millie for her parents’ investigation, one of her half-brothers, Brandon S. Blackmore told he saw her in Bountiful, a city in Davis County, Utah in early late 2016.

    He said Blackmore still opted for an FLDS attire and appeared to be Warren’s and the church’s loyalist. S. Blackmore didn’t even try to talk to her as Millie was contactless with him since 2009.

    At the time, Millie was reportedly living with her mother in Bountiful.

    Millie Along With Warren’s Two Other Wives Were Presumed to be Living in FLDS Homes

    While the Canadian Government was searching for Warren’s three wives – Millie, Alyshia, and Nolita, they were said to be living on one of the FLDS compounds somewhere in the western United States or Canada.

    Alyshia Rae Blackmore
    Alyshia Rae Blackmore was only 12 years old when She married Warren.

    Some sources say they were at secret locations known among FLDS members as “Houses of Hiding.” However, there isn’t a single clue about where exactly Millie Blackmore is now or what does the girl do for a living as of 2023?

    Is Millie Remarried? Her Life After Warren’s Life Imprisonment

    As said above, Millie has never been seen publically since her association with FLDS leader Warren Jeffs. She is neither on any kind of social media handles nor any online tabloids have reported about her current whereabouts.

    Thus, we can’t say anything about whether Millie has remarried now or is single.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Mildred “Millie” Blackmore
    Popular Name Millie Blackmore
    Birth Place British Columbia, Canada
    Birthday 1991
    Age 33 years
    Nationality Canadian
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Brandon J. Blackmore
    Mother Emily Ruth Gail Blackmore
    Siblings One Sister and One Half-Brother Brandon
    Net Worth N/A
    Eye Color Light Brown
    Hair Color Brown
    Marital Status Married, Divorced
    Spouse Warren Jeffs
    Children N/A