Where Is Mark Jackson, Jr.? All You Need To Know About Mo’Nique’s Adopted Son

October 3, 2023   | October 4, 2023  | 

    Mark Jackson, Jr. is one among four children of an American stand-up comedian and actress Monique Angela Hicks, famously known by the name Mo’Nique. While his other siblings often become the talk of the town for several reasons, Mark Jr.’s life is comparatively out of media scrutiny.

    So today, in this article, we have done our best to explore Mark’s life as much as possible. 

    Key Takeaways

    • Mark Jackson, Jr., rose to prominence as Mo’Nique’s adopted son. he considers a lady named DeAdriean Meme Walker his mom.
    • Based on his Facebook post, he was raised by his father Mark Jackson.
    • Mark Jr. has three siblings from his adoptive mom’s side.
    • He is currently a Manufacturing Engineer at Eaton.
    • The 29-year-old star kid now resides in Houston, Texas.

    Mark Jackson, Jr. Is Mo’Nique’s Adopted Son; When Did He Born?

    Mark Jr. is the adopted son of actress Mo’Nique and her second husband Mark Jackson. Born in the year 1992, he celebrates his birthday on March 21. As of 2024, he is 32 years old.

    Mark is now 30 years old
    Mark Jackson, Jr. is in the frame. Source: Facebook

    He was raised by his adoptive parents until they separated in the year 2001. After that, Jackson Jr. was raised by his father Mark Jackson Sr. He had a decent upbringing alongside his dad and older brother.

    Mark Jr.’s Adopted Mother Went Through Two Failed Marriages

    His mom Mo’Nique has been happily married to her third husband Sidney Hicks since the year 2006. It’s been more than two decades of their marriage and still, they share a beautiful bonding as a husband and wife. Angela’s now stable life with better understanding and clarity didn’t come her way easily. It came out of her two failed marriage experiences.

    The Parkers famed actress was first married to Shalon Watkins who was said to be abusive towards her. Later, Mark Jr.’s mom went on to tie the knot with his father Mark Jackson in 1997 but their nuptial lasted for only 4 years. The reason behind their separation is believed to have been Angela’s passion for her career.

    Jackson’s Younger Brother Is Estranged From Their Mom 

    He has a younger brother named Shalon Calvin Jackson who was born in June 1992. Like Mark, his younger brother also opted for an ordinary life, however, he once got wide media attention after his mom publicly expressed her guilt over their estranged relationship.

    Mark has three siblings
    Mark’s brother Shalon with their mom Mo’Nique

    During her appearances in The David Banner Podcast show, she admitted that her priority was fully over name and fame at the time when her son Shalon needed her the most, and now she regrets that. She also apologized to her son saying that she paid an expensive price for what she did to her son and now wants to present as his mother.

    Based on this, we believe that not only did Shalon lack his mom’s presence in his childhood but Mark did too after all they grew up together. Due to this reason, Older Jackson has also cut off ties with his mom but hopefully, the two brothers share a close relationship as they grew up together in their home in Baltimore.

    Mark Has Twin Brothers As Well

    From his mother’s third marriage with actor Sidney, Mark welcomed twin adoptive half-siblings, Jonathan Hicks and David Hicks. Both of them arrived in this world on October 3, 2005, and are currently 18 years old.

    Both of Mark’s younger brothers often get featured on their mom’s social media handles.

    Mark Considers His Father Mark Jackson His Mentor

    Since he was raised under the guidance of his adoptive father Mark, Junior Jackson completely adores what his dad did for him and acknowledges him for everything.

    Mark is close to his father
    Little Mark with his dad Mark Senior. Source: Facebook

    On the occasion of Father’s Day back in 2019, he shared a post on his Facebook dedicating beautiful words to his dad. He wrote,

    “Happy Fathers Day Mark Jackson .. Really wouldn’t know where I’d be if i didn’t have you in my corner guiding me and showing me how to become a man. You and all the hard lessons are greatly appreciated being they made me who i am today. Enjoy your day!”

    Who is Mark Jackson, Jr,s Biological Mom?

    Though Mark is recognized as Mo’nique’s adopted son which makes a lot of people curious about his biological mom. Well, there is a lady named DeAdriean Meme Walker whom Jackson fondly called his mama.

    Back in 2018, Jackson shared a picture with his mom Walker when he uploaded a picture from his graduation day standing next to her and wrote in the caption, “Coming home because she misses me !

    Mark with the lady who he considers his mom
    Mark pictured with his mama DeAdriean Meme. Source: Facebook

    In a similar manner, DeAdriean also shared his image on her Facebook once writing, “My handsome son.” Below the post, in the comment section, Mark left the comment, “Love you, Mama.”

    It is highly possible that DeAdriean was in a relationship with Mark Jackson Sr., and she gave birth to Mark Jr., while they were together.

    Mark Graduated From Lamar University In 2018

    The star kid enrolled at Lamar University in the year 2013. In 2018, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. During the course of his study period, he was active in societies like Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., N.S.B.E., and Man-Up as well.

    Mark Jackson, Jr., Is A Manufacturing Engineer By Profession

    As per his LinkedIn information, he currently works as a Manufacturing Engineer at Eaton, an Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing company based in Houston. He has been serving in the position since July 2020.

    Jackson previously worked as a Production Supervisor at Eaton in its Grapevine branch for more than one year. He joined the company as a Quality Supervisor right after his graduation from Lamar.

    Is Mark Jackson, Jr. Married Or In A Relationship In 2023?

    Well, he is definitely not married at present. Regarding being in a relationship, it seems like he is single. None of his posts on his social points towards a possible romantic partner. Further, he hasn’t addressed anyone as his girlfriend in the public domain.

     His Net Worth

    Mark is reported to have a net worth of $800k in 2023. Meanwhile, his famous adoptive mother Mo’Nique has a fortune of $9 million as of 2023.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Mark Jackson, Jr.
    Popular Name Mark Jackson
    Birth Place United States
    Birthday March 21, 1992
    Age 32 years
    Zodiac Aries
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity African-American
    Father Mark Jackson Sr.
    Mother Mo'Nique (Adopted Mom)
    Siblings Shalon, Jonathan Hicks and David Hicks
    College Lamar University
    Profession Engineer
    Net Worth $800k
    Height 5 feet and 6 inches
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Single