Where is Etieno Ekiko Now? All About Desmond Bane’s Father and Their Relationship

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    Etieno Ekiko is the father of a professional basketball player Desmond Bane who currently plays as a shooting guard for the Memphis Grizzlies of (the NBA). At present, Ekiko is the Chairman and CEO of Damuze Ventures. 

    In fact, when Desmond Bane’s parents gave birth to him, they were still in high school. Shortly after his birth, Desmond’s father Etieno left the family and wasn’t there while Bane and his siblings were growing up. So, how is the relationship between Etieno and his son Bane at present? Also, know about his relationship status after his separation from Desmond’s mom. 

    Well, here we have come up with every major and minor fact regarding Ekiko that includes his current job, love life, and more! Let’s take a look! 

    Who is Desmond Bane’s Father Etieno Ekiko? His Birth Details and Age 

    Etieno is a businessman from Nigeria. He was born on 31st August 2080, in Uya Oro, an Oron Community and Town in Nigeria. As for his age, the celebrity father is 42 years old as of 2023. 

    He has Nigerian nationality and belongs to the Afro-African ethnicity. However, the information about his parents and childhood is out of the media.  

    Etieno’s Brother Is a

    His older brother Imo Ekiko was a Sr. business application expert at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina from May 2019 – Jan 2020. He first worked as a senior consultant II at TriZetto Healthcare Products for over 11 years from Jan 2005 – August 2016.

    Furthermore, Imo who graduated from Regis University was also a Sr. Consultant at IQVIA. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics Minor in Business Administration from the University of Colorado Boulder.

    Needless to say, Desmond Bane’s uncle Imo has a close relationship with his nephew. Back in November 2022, Bane also posted his uncle’s photo on his Instagram and both of them are looking quite happy with each other in the post.

    Desmond Bane’s Parents Etieno Ekiko and His Partner Marissa Were Teenagers At The Time of His Birth

    Yes, both of Desmond Bane’s parents Etieno and his partner Marissa Bane were teenagers in high school when they gave birth to their first child, a son. As per sources, both the duo was 18 years old when their son Desmond came into this world. 

    However, a few years after their son’s birth, Etieno vanished from the family and it was only when Bane was 13, the NBA star discovered his dad in Nigeria. 

    Etieno Ekiko's girlfriend in high school
    Etieno Ekiko’s former girlfriend Marissa

    After Ekiko abandoned the family, it was hard for Marissa to raise her kids single-handedly so Desmond began living with his maternal great-grandparents while their daughter Anna found a home in their Aunt’s house. 

    Despite that, Desmond and his father are now reportedly on good terms. 

    Etieno Also Has Two More Kids With His High School Partner 

    In addition to Desmond and Anna, the former flames also have two more kids Ariyah Tanae Wright and Jaylyn Chantal Janae Wright. After their father left the family, they stayed with their mother in Indianapolis. 

    As of now, all of them are grown up and doing pretty well in their own right. Etieno’s daughter Anna was also pretty into sports like soccer and basketball. She even won a state championship in mid-2017. Besides, Anna earned her Physiology degree from Colorado State University in 2022. 

    Etieno Ekiko son and daughters
    Etieno has a son and three daughters with his former love of life. 

    On the other hand, their other daughter Ariyah, born on 27th Jan 2003 graduated from Richmond High School in 2021. And Jaylyn Wright, a University of Pennsylvania graduate is now a Sales Associate at Victoria’s Secret and Finish Line. 

    Who is Etieno Ekiko Dating Now? His Love Life After His Split From Desmond’s Mom

    At present, Ekiko is engaged to his girlfriend-turned-fiancee as per his Facebook profile. Yes, his relationship status on his FB is “Engaged.”

    However, the celebrity father hasn’t revealed the name of his new partner nor posted a single photo of her. So, they look like they are leading a highly-secretive love life out of the media. 

    On the other hand, Etieno’s former partner Marissa has also moved on with her new partner. She is currently dating a guy named Terrill Haley. The two have been together since December 2013. 

    What Does Etieno Ekiko Do For a Living Now? Details On His Career

    Etieno Ekiko is now the CEO of his own company named Demuze Ventures. He also serves as the Chairman of the company, founded in Sept 2012. At present, Ekiko is too a Sr. business development manager at Nuseed, a global seeds business. 

    Etieno Ekiko bio
    Etieno is now a CEO of Damuze Ventures. 

    In addition, Etieno is also the Chairman and CEO of Damu Resources Limited since August 2012. Once, Desmond Bane’s dad worked for Zefa Investment Limited at Shelter Afrique, in ABUJA, Nigeria. He began working for Zefa in April 2012 but the current status of the company is unknown. 

    Where is Etieno Ekiko Now? 

    He now resides in Abuja, Nigeria with his family including his fiancee. In the past, Desmond’s father used to live in Denver, Colorado with his older brother Imo.

    While they were in Denver, they even signed an online petition/position paper to redeploy the State Resident Electoral Commissioner Mr. Austin Okojie and the state Commissioner of Police Gabriel Achong for their wrongdoing during the 2015 Presidential election.  

    His Net Worth in 2023

    As per sources, Ekiko’s estimated net worth is $250,000. In the meantime, his son Desmond has a fortune of $9.1 million while his salary is $2,486,231. 

    FAQ About Etieno Ekiko 

    • He is the father of popular basketball player Desmond Bane. 
    • Ekiko had his son Bane with his high school girlfriend Marissa Bane.
    • He has three other children with Marissa. 
    • Etieno Ekiko’s son Desmond currently plays for the Memphis Grizzlies. 
    • He is also active on social media handles like Facebook and Twitter. He has over 4k followers on his Facebook as of 2023. 
    • At present, Ekiko lives in Abuja, Nigeria. 
    • His current net worth is $250,000. 
    • Etieno’s age is 42. 

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Etieno Ekiko
    Birth Place Nigeria
    Birthday August 31, 1980
    Age 43 years
    Nationality Nigerian
    Ethnicity Afro-African
    Siblings Older Brother Imo
    Profession Chairman/CEO
    Net Worth $250,000
    Marital Status Dating
    Spouse Marissa Bane
    Children Son Desmond Bane and three daughters