Where Is Emily Wickersham’s Ex-Husband Blake Anderson Hanley Now? Full Bio

October 3, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Famous for being the ex-husband of Emily Wickersham, Blake Anderson Hanley is the leader of the American rock band Ghost Lion. He is well-recognized as a music producer.

    Aside from that, Blake is also an attorney who helps families.

    Key Takeaways

    • Blake Anderson, better known as the ex-husband of famed actress Emily Wickersham, has led a peaceful and fulfilling life.
    • Blake and Emily were great friends and were quite close before they married in November 2010.
    • After their divorce in 2018, Hanley married a lovely girl named Mumbi.
    • Blake has been with Bruce Law Firm since June 2023 as a divorce and family law attorney. He has been in the legal profession since 2015.

    Emily Wickersham’s Ex-Husband, Blake Anderson Hanley Lives a Content Life

    Hanley has been living a calm and wonderful life. He now lives in the very same place he grew up as a kid, Palm Beach in South Florida. Blake used to live in Palm Beach until he had to move to New York for his new journey in life.

    Presumably, he moved back to South Florida after his divorce from Wickersham. He now lives there with his 2nd wife Mumbi and his daughter Muoni.

    Blake Hanley is a Florida Native

    He was born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida. He was born on March 2, 1984, to Denise Hanley, his father’s name is not know but he lives well with his family in Palm Beach and enjoys his day with all of his grandkids.

    Talking more about his family, Hanley also has a brother who goes by the name of Drew Hanley.

    Emily Wickersham's ex-husband Blake Anderson Hanley.
    Hanley has lived in South Palm Beach almost all his life.

    He Studied Law at the College

    Blake graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach. He holds a degree in Communication and Media Studies from the university.

    Prior to attending the University, he was a student at Palm Beach State College. After his graduation, he moved to New York and Los Angeles. Hanley attended Southwestern Law School while he was in Los Angeles. While still in school, he was the Vice President of the Music Law Society.

    Blake Anderson Hanley and Emily Wickersham Married in 2010

    Hanley and Emily were best friends before they walked down the aisle. The former couple got married on November 23, 2010. Their marriage Ceremony was held at Blake’s home town Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys.

    As a matter of fact, their wedding was officiated by the brother of the bridegroom, Drew Hanley who was also a pastor.

    Emily and Blake back in 2017
    Emily Wickersham with her ex-husband Blake back in 2017.

    The event was attended by 150 guests which were mainly family and friends. About four days after their big day, they organized their reception party for the guests at the Bath & Tennis Club.

    They Divorced in 2018

    Although the duo went well initially, it couldn’t go for a long. Blake and Wickersham divorced in 2018, about eight years after their nuptial.

    Hanley has moved on with his new wife

    Blake Hanley, after his divorce from Emily has moved on with his life and has remarried a beautiful lady named Mumbi. Her full name is Mumbi O.Brien and she works as a visual artist and a designer.

    Blake and his new wife
    Blake Anderson and his 2nd spouse Mumbi

    Mumbi and Blake seem to have been together since late 2019. For the first time on January 9, 2020, Blake was featured on Mumbi’s Instagram.

    Besides, O.Brien is a graduate of UCLA. She graduated with a Master’s in Costume Design.

    Blake and Mumbi have a daughter together

    They had their first baby girl named Muoni on May 2, 2020. Her name means peace. Muoni brought forth peace in her parent’s lives and happiness they can’t compare anything with.

    Blake has remarried and even has a daughter
    Blake Hanley with his wife Mumbi and their daughter Muoni.

    Hanley is the front face of the band Ghostlion

    Blake’s music career is determined by the band Ghostlion. While he was in New York and Los Angeles, he started working in the music business and would occasionally tour.

    He has also played music in theatres of over a thousand people. He hopes that with his music he can create a welcoming space that will represent different cultures harmoniously coexisting.

    In his music, Blake unites different music traditions and cultures, which can especially be seen in Ghost Lion’s debut album.

    Blake crosses even more gaps with his generally relatable, emotional songs about anxieties, faith, loneliness and loss, and existential inquiry. “By going straight for the heart, I try to subvert the listeners’ biases and reasoning.” “That’s how I feel like I can connect and break down barriers,” Blake explains.

    Blake Anderson Hanley also works as an Attorney

    Aside from his music career, he has also been working as a divorce and family law attorney at Bruce Law Firm since June 2023. He has been in the Law business since the year 2015.

    Blake first worked as a Law Clerk at Inner City Law Center when he was in Los Angeles. Furthermore, he worked the same job in a different company which was named Fine Law PC.

    Blake is an Divorce and Family Law Attorney
    Hanley is an attorney at Bruce Law Firm.

    Blake has also worked as a Business and Legal Affairs Extern in the company, BMG – The New Music Company.

    From, Dec 2018 – Jul 2023, he worked with the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, where he acquired the role of an attorney. Blake while working at the company was responsible for the Family Law & Domestic Violence project. He would also advise and represent clients in marriage dissolution.

    Networth of Blake Hanley

    Blake has a net worth of over a million. He amassed millions of dollars through his work as an attorney and being a music artist and the front face of Ghost Lion.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Blake Anderson Hanley
    Popular Name Blake Hansolo
    Birth Place Palm Beach, South Florida
    Birthday March 1, 1984
    Age 40 years
    Zodiac Pisces
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Father Daniel Hanley
    Mother Inger Anderson
    Siblings Kent Anderson
    College Palm Beach Atlantic University, Southwestern Law School
    Profession Attorney, song writer
    Net Worth $1 million
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Brunette
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Mumbi O. Brian, Ex- Emily Wickershack
    Children Muoni