What Is Richard Irvin Net Worth? His Salary, & Professional Details

January 31, 2023   | January 31, 2023  | 

    Richard Irvin, born Richard C. Irvin, is a successful American lawyer, & politician who currently serves as the mayor of Aurora, Illinois. While he has made potential changes as a mayor and has been hugely appreciated for his works, there has also been a lot of curiosity concerning Richard Irvin’s net worth.

    Over the years, the governor has received numerous financial benefits from businessmen during his political campaigns. Anyway, what is his status in terms of finances in 2023? Further, we will also talk about his salary & more about his professional life.

    Continue reading to find out the details.

    What Is Richard Irvin’s Net Worth?

    As of 2023, Irvin has a net worth of $5 million. His huge fortune is also an outcome of the strong familial background he comes from. 

    Likewise, he has also been an attorney for a large part of his life where he pretty much earned a good salary. In fact, he was even appointed as assistant state’s attorney for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office and also served as the Kane County State’s Attorney’s office for a decent period of time, which also had him back financially.

    What Is Richard Irvin’s Salary?

    As far as Richard’s salary as a mayor is concerned, he receives around $158,369. Back in 2011, when he was an Alderman, he had a salary of around $16,749.98.

    Likewise, as we said earlier, he also worked as an assistant attorney general, where he received a remuneration of around $87,654, which was back when he was appointed on January 22, 2008.

    His Professional Career In Short

     While Richard serves as a mayor at present, he has had an array of careers over his life thus far. He started his career as a substitute teacher in the East Aurora School District. Eventually, he served as an adjunct professor at Robert Morris College & Northern Illinois University.

    Eventually, after he finished his graduation in law, he started working as an assistant state’s attorney for Cook County State’s Attorney’s office. Not only this but he also worked for the Kane County State’s Attorney’s office. 

    Richard Irvin As A Governor In His Office
    Richard Irvin In His Office

    Later in the year 2001, he was appointed as Aurora’s first community prosecutor, which aimed at implementing strategies to elevate the relationship of the public with police and cope up with the misuse of drugs, crimes, & prostitution in society.

    As a community prosecutor, he was appointed particularly for U.S. Department of Justice’s “Weed and Seed” program. Throughout his time in the position, he made several improvements in the area and even convinced Woodlands Apartments to make necessary security improvements to the complex. Well, to those who are unaware, Woodlands Apartments was at the time a hub for notorious crimes, prostitution, & other crimes.

    Well, in 2002, Irvin was removed from the position of community prosecutor and in 2003, he resigned from Kane County State’s Attorney’s office after he decided to open his own law office.

    Short Bio of Richard Irvin

    Richard Irvin was born on March 29, 1970, in Aurora, Illinois, U.S., to a single mother. He grew up in his hometown and graduated from East Aurora High School.

    Shortly after high school, he served in the Gulf War as a part of the U.S. army. Eventually, he continued his studies and graduated with a B.A. from Robert Morris College. Likewise, he joined the Northern Illinois University College of Law from where he received a J.D. in 1998. 

    Talking about his personal life, Richard was married to Crystal Rollins but they divorced. He is also father of two children.